Whining sound at 60 kw's of power used

Whining sound at 60 kw's of power used

Anyone notice a whining sound when you step on the accelerator and cross the 60 kw line. it gets really loud up and until 180 kw.

DTsea | 5 janvier 2013

that's what my son calls 'the cool star trek sound' I think... is it coming from the motor?

Robert22 | 5 janvier 2013

Yep, it's a definite squeal that gets masked by the radio most of the time. It's accentuated when the motor is under heavy load. It does have similarities to a "phaser blast" come to think of it.

BYT | 6 janvier 2013

I actually look forward to making that noise in my P85 regularly. I don't know, it has an almost erotic tone to me... yah, I'm still in the honeymoon stage with my Model S as well! :D