Why are "Next Gen" seats an expensive option?

Why are "Next Gen" seats an expensive option?

Seriously, if Tesla redesigned the crappy original seats with better ones, why do they charge a premium for them? They were $3500 and now $2500, but on a car that can be configured to $125-130K, why is this an option? If they are "Next gen" (which doesn't make sense, since we are in the current generation) why not just do what they do with other features on the MS, and just include them in every car now?

are they going to have "Next gen" headlights for $2000 or "Next gen" tail lights for $1500, then come out with a "Next gen" door handle system for $1K? How about a "Next gen" steering wheel for $1500? In 5 years the options are going to bring a loaded P model of the MS to $175K, easily at this rate.

Kpg81 | 29 mai 2015

imagine.. Design Studio updated with "Next gen" windshield wipers for $750 and "Next gen" cup holders for $500 LOL

rmg007 | 29 mai 2015

@Pee85 - See my post in your thread, DOES ANYONE ACTUALLY USE BLIND SPOT INDICATION?

Basem | 29 mai 2015

Next generation seats are 750 upgrade from regular leather seats.

This is just a price list. I am not sure what logic you are talking about.

Tesla makes more profits with added options. It is not even a secret.

Also this is True for all products. Apple improve its margins when phone upgraded to 64 - 128 GB ..

ST70 | 29 mai 2015

because they can

J.T. | 29 mai 2015

How about this: Tesla will raise the base price $3000 and include the seats at no extra charge.

Haggy | 29 mai 2015

I see his point because it's not quite the same as other options. With most options, you get something extra, or you get a more expensive material, etc. With this, you get an improved seat design and it's not clear why they still use the old ones. If there's something inherently different about this design vs the other that makes them more work to manufacture, or require more or different materials, then there might be a clear reason. Because that part isn't obvious, it's a legitimate question. I would guess that with the extra seams, it would be more labor intensive. Perhaps it costs them enough more that it's necessary to raise the price, but they don't strike me as more complex than what's on other cars in its class.

Next gen headlights could make sense if there were something inherently different about the light source that would make it a premium product compared to what's used now. It's the type of thing where I'd simply expect a design change, just as I would have expected it for the seats.

With the seats in particular, Tesla got a lot of criticism from reviewers and customers alike that they weren't up to expectations. Maybe there are some, but I don't know of manufacturers that sell cars in this price range that charge you to upgrade to leather seats and put another charge on top of that to give you seats with a nicer shape. Are there any other companies that give you an option for simpler seats but with luxury materials? I thought that went out with upgrades from bench seats.

It could come down to Tesla needing to pay more to have the seats manufactured and not wanting to raise the price across the board when cars sold fine with the old seats.

ian | 29 mai 2015

"Next Gen" is a horrible name for them. Tesla needs to rename them to properly reflect what they are, which is "Sport Seats".

The base seats aren't even the same ones (though they may look the same) as the seats they originally started with. They have changed the padding along the way.

The price for them is in line with the price for sport seats from virtually any high end brand.

AmpedRealtor | 29 mai 2015

Pee85, why does it matter? It's not like your car has any real horsepower anyway, you would have no need for such seats. :P

Bighorn | 29 mai 2015

Nothing seems to have satisfied Pee to date, including his imaginary three Teslas.

AmpedRealtor | 29 mai 2015

Seems Pee85 is angry about something. I think it must be that RS7 that blew his doors off in the other thread. Or that E Class that passed him on the freeway onramp. Or that Camry that left him in the dust on the freeway. | 29 mai 2015

There have been a lot of arguments over which seats are better. For me and my guests, the normal seats (for 2+ years) are fine and comfortable. I've tried the Next Gen seats and didn't really like them - harder to get in and out of.

Now if I traveled twisty roads at 80 MPH (I don't), the next gen seats might be a better choice.

Seat comfort has a lot of variables, mostly on your body type. If you weight a lot less or more than average, or are larger or smaller than average, one type of seat may be great and other so-so. Best to try them out and see if next gen are worth it to you.

I certainly can't say which is better for someone I don't know (or even if I do know you)! I certainly appreciate Tesla not forcing me to pay for something I'd prefer not to have (i.e. installed in all cars).

Red Sage ca us | 29 mai 2015

Haggy noted, "With this, you get an improved seat design and it's not clear why they still use the old ones."

Uh... Because the original design was literally made in-house until production grew too large, and they are now made across the street from Fremont? Someone said that Johnson Controls/Recaro seats are not necessarily imports now, but I doubt they are manufactured a stone's throw away either.

Making the Recaro seats an upgrade option covers the difference in expense, given that only a minority have continually beleaguered the absence of 'Recaros, like my...' Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc 'used to have' among seating options. And Tesla Motors probably still doesn't get the respect of such a world renowned third party supplier that would command bulk rate pricing levels and stuff.

TwinMaTesla | 29 mai 2015

+1 TeslaTap. Was all ready to pay for the Next Gen seats until i test drove a car with them. The regular leather seats are much more comfortable for me, so i'm really glad they don't force the Next Gen on all of us.

Roamer@AZ USA | 29 mai 2015

Take your meds.

dpena23 | 30 mai 2015

I tried the next-gen seats at the store, they definitely hug your sides more and make you feel steady and stable when driving more aggressively. But I can see how in casual ho-hum driving, the hugging sensation around your sides might be annoying....where as the default seats opens up a bit more and feels less restrictive.

What they really need are seats with automated side hug controls...they hug you in sport or insane mode....and release when in other modes. :)

Grinnin'.VA | 30 mai 2015


I suspect that the real reason "Next-Gen" seats are pricy is that many of the buyers of them are a PITA to deal with. Gotta cover the extra cost of pampering them.

Could I be right?

Bighorn | 30 mai 2015

Expensive? It's a $750 upgrade. My sales tax was ten times that.

AlMc | 30 mai 2015

Another way to look at it: You are helping TM achieve 25-30% GM that allows the company to accomplish their mission statement.

You are 'paying it forward'.

Pungoteague_Dave | 30 mai 2015

I agree that they should be included. However, we've got a pretty good deal - Porsche charges way more for seat options - albeit with better seats than the even our next gen. For the equivalent Panamera S, the option list shows the leather upgrade is $5,265 and the power adaptive seats add another $3,210. Like our cars, they are also made by Recaro, but I think they are of lesser quality on the Tesla. So in the same rough price league, Porsche gets roughly $9k for their seat upgrade. We have a bargain! In fairness, Porsche has about 15 seating format options, multiple shapes, sizes, and you can customize dozens of ways just on the seats alone, including specifying alternate thread colors, seat belt colors, etc., so we have a pretty limited menu by comparison. Seats aren't just seats anymore.

mattaroo2009 | 1 juin 2015

The next Gen seats were a deal breaker for me. The sales rep said that they were not foldable and so I would lose the ablity to fold down the back seats and get a lot of big items in the car

Plus I have had a similar style in an Audi and they kill my back. Those two thing and the 3k made me pass with out a second thought

steven | 2 juin 2015

Next gen back seats are perfectly foldable. The executive back seats aren't

pud2 | 2 juin 2015

Next Gen seats are front only. Just go to the design studio and select them. You'll see no change to the rear seats.

Brian H | 3 juin 2015

1" higher at the front edge folded. NBD.

Nantang | 3 juin 2015

Not everyone wants the upgraded seats. Some would rather spend $2500 less and go to plain cloth. Others might want to go part-way with leather seats but not the better ones. I do admit that I'm among the many who felt that, if it's only a $750 difference instead of $2000, I went with the upgrade.

LizzieG | 3 juin 2015

The point i see here is that they should probably discontinue the leather Next Gen seats. I'm not sure why you'd upgrade the seats and not go Next Gen unless you couldn't fit in the Next Gen seats for whatever reason :)

Pungoteague_Dave | 3 juin 2015

Next gen seats are definitely foldable. The rear next gens in my car, installed last week, are amazing, fold about 1/2 inch less than my old seats. The whole package, installed at 15k miles, truly transforms the car. We drove 31k miles on our original S85 and 15k miles so far on our P85D, wishing there were better seats. The new seats are night and day better, front and back.