Why is it limited to 2 weeks to get deposit back if I order the car now for April 2014?

Why is it limited to 2 weeks to get deposit back if I order the car now for April 2014?

I can see if I want the car in a month that after 2 weeks but not if I want the car in April of next year.
I guess I'll just wait till March 2014 to order. Also I'm concerned that if I order the car today for next year that if I wanted to add/remove an options that I would not be able to even in January.


mario.kadastik | 30 août 2013

That is a valid point I think. But if you wait until March you'll only get the car in July or smth :) However how come it's estimating April? For me the estimate is January and I made the reservation ca 1h ago :) Where are you from?

soma | 30 août 2013

Why are you putting in a deposit now for a car that you want in next April? It doesn't hold your place in line or anything.

Put it in when you would be ready for it to be built with no delay in Feb/March.

mario.kadastik | 30 août 2013

soma: I think he's talking about the 2000 eur / 2500 usd deposit fee. And the time when you get the car is a shifting window. So if you don't order now you won't get it the same time if you order 4 months from now. EU orders arrive January 2014 from Tilburg. Probably some who waited a long time will get before. If I wait until December it's likely I'll have to wait until April or May before the car.

Brian H | 30 août 2013

Doesn't the reservation system still apply in Europe?

mario.kadastik | 30 août 2013

Brian H: what do you mean? As far as I know it does apply as in you reserve a spot on the queue right now :) So paying the deposit of 2000 eur the 2 week clock starts after which it's "sent to factory", but the estimate right now is 5 months (i.e. January) for the build time. Therefore it's not really sent to factory, but sent to queue... So after waiting for 2 weeks (or waiving it) you get to wait 4 months with no changes to the car nor refundability of the deposit.

The changes maybe are possible because your final payment has to be done when the car is about to go to parts sourcing something around 30 days before delivery. Haven't asked that. Right now I doubt I'll want any changes unless some new nifty features appear that I absolutely need :)

Brian H | 1 septembre 2013

Hm, that's sort of a hybrid reservation system. Originally, you didn't have to 'confirm' until a few weeks before final build.