Will autopilot software be released in Norway?

Will autopilot software be released in Norway?

Do you think the autopilot software will be released in Norway and every other country at the time of release in USA? Or does the autopilot software need government approval of some kind. Or do you think that this wouldn’t be an issue since the driver will have full responsibility and should be prepared to take control of the car at any time?


tony.orr | 3 août 2015

I believe it will be released everywhere at the same time. Elon was recently asked the same question on Twitter and his response was that it will be for all regions. There aren't any government approval requirements, its just a drivers aid, same as cruise control and despite the marketing, it exists on lots of cars already so should be absolutely 'approval' free :)


anders | 3 août 2015

Thanks @tony.orr

prp | 3 août 2015

@tony.orr, so exactly which cars do hands free lane keeping for extended periods exist on?