Will the X have an option to be used as powerwall?

Will the X have an option to be used as powerwall?

That might be an extra USP, I suppose? Or did I miss something?

toby_wan_kenoby | 9 juin 2015

I am sure it will not be an option to start with.
Not sure if the plower flow could technically be reversed.

Quite a bit of programming would deb needed IT wise. Only energy that has gone in from a source other than SC would be allowed dot flow out.

But other than that the car could be a super peak shaver. Warranty issues would arrive as battery would be aged without driving. Not sure how that would be managed.

Nice idea, 5 years out my guess.

DTsea | 9 juin 2015


vandacca | 9 juin 2015

Very interesting idea. I like the possibilities...

Red Sage ca us | 9 juin 2015


Gert van Veen | 9 juin 2015

I heard about a standard called 'Smart Solar Charging'. I checked it. In the Netherlands some power network provider in Utrecht offers this. I thought that the first user had a model S and that it was some kind of option from Tesla. Maybe it was tailor made?

Gert van Veen | 9 juin 2015

Some more, the system used is a vehicle-to-grid charger from General Electric. I couldn't find any type or compatibility information. Maybe someone else? | 9 juin 2015

Not gonna happen.

Appropriately equipped, however, I'm planning on my MX being a hurricane shelter. Because of the conual schedule slips, Whitey, our Model S, will have to shoulder the load during this season. | 9 juin 2015

"Continual" got truncated somehow in the above post.

tpmeyer | 10 juin 2015

Even a Ford Fusion Hybrid has a 120V outlet, so it can be used as a "Power Wall" of sorts. Sadly, the Model S does not. I hope the Model X does.

Brian Vicars | 14 juin 2015

Reversing direction of electrical flow does not require complicated or expensive additional equipment. Residential solar systems designed to feed electricity back to the utility grid are becoming quite common.
I am currently installing 100 amp service to the garage to charge my Model X @ 80 amps with the HPWC already purchased. I also anticipate acquiring a similar system to the one used in solar systems. The reverse directional flow of electricity will allow me to charge my Tesla during off peak, lower rates and use Tesla power during peak, higher rates. I will also have 6 days power available from my SUV if, by chance, we have a power outage lasting that long. My house has only 100 amp service at the main panel but since we have natural gas appliances and therefore do not use the 60 amp kitchen stove outlet or 40 amp dryer outlet we should have ample capacity to charge at 80 amps during off peak. Comments?