Wind noise

Wind noise


Has anyone had a problem with wind noise from the Panoramic roof? It is extremely noisy to me at highway speeds and a bit annoying. Has anyone had this problem and how did you get it resolved. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Do plan to eventually get to a Tesla Service Center. I just purchased it used be is still under warranty. Also, has anyone had an issue with the vehicle not decelerating when your foot is released from the accelerator pedal. A few times it appears as though the car maintained it's speed and possibly sped up. Appears as though the motor did not go into reverse. Any thoughts/comments on this issue?

70D-Tesla | 11 décembre 2015


i haven't had this problem personally, but i've read several threads about several folks having this exact same problem. If i recall correctly, the issues has almost always been a bad seal that needed to be replaced at the service center.

good luck.

MitchP85D | 11 décembre 2015

Yes, back in March 2014, my MS60 had a problem with the pano-roof. It would not close all the way, and air would whistle in. Water also leaked in. The diagnosis was that I had an over-arched roof. The roof was replaced and all was fine for a while. Then, some minor issues came up later. Tesla has taken care of all of my pano-roof issues, but I don't think it is worth it. My wife loves it though. I also have a P85D that I share with my sister. We split the cost. I convinced her NOT to get the roof. I'm glad my sister didn't care about the pano-roof. I recommend against having it.

MitchP85D | 11 décembre 2015

Oh, about your braking. Be sure to set your re-generative braking to normal. That way, you will get the most braking effect when you let up the accelerator pedal. The only time it doesn't work is when you have the battery charged up 100%. That is because there is nowhere for the excess charge to go. You have to consume some of the charge before you can put the re-generated charge back in.

romzekma | 13 décembre 2015

regen does not work when the battery is cold either…takes a while to warm up in cold climates

syd | 14 décembre 2015

I had a wind noise problem I thought was the roof, but it was the set-up of the windows, they were not adjusted right and caused turbulence. It was an easy adjustment at the service center. Have them check it out, they are used to it, and quite good at spotting where and what the issue is.