Yacht Floor Obece Wood Matte Finish/Center Console

Yacht Floor Obece Wood Matte Finish/Center Console

I traded Beast I in for Beast II three weeks ago. Love the D with all the added goodies! I have given up waiting for my Tesla Center Console to ever be built. It's only been since December of 2013 that I've been waiting. I have officially surrendered and bought an after-market Center Console. Question now is, what do I do with the Yacht floor that I removed?? Anybody got any ideas?? It wasn't very difficult to remove and should be easy enough to install.

dborn | 16 mars 2015

Early model S did not have a yacht floor unless they specified it. Perhaps someone there wants to buy it off you. VERY easy to remove and install. Basically just a simple metal hook under the aft end rubber and lift. Install is the reverse. Put the front end in under the screen, and push the aft end down. Done! Oh, remove the centre carpet first if one is in place, although probably not essential.

wrinkledoc | 16 mars 2015

I just leave mine in the Frunk

risquared | 16 mars 2015

Will it fit regular S85 model. Is it for sale?

Robert Hodgen | 16 mars 2015

I'd be interested. PM me.

hutton17 | 16 mars 2015

I'd sell it. Have instructions Make me an offer

hutton17 | 16 mars 2015

Yacht floor Obeche Matte Finish. Should fit all S models.
Just need new velcro strips to secure to floor. Have install instructions. Took me about 3 minutes to get out. Will entertain offers.

kevinf311 | 16 mars 2015

Oh, do we get the Yacht floor included now? I must've missed that in the options shuffle over the last few months. I guess I'll find out on the 28th...

Pungoteague_Dave | 17 mars 2015

yes, yacht floor is now standard, at least in 85D's. There should be a ton of extras laying around once the center console is ready. I just got my center console installed. However, the piece of obeche is tiny, only the opening cover, so went with the pano black. Most people will leave the door open so will never see the obeche or other finish anyway. There's way more wood on the yacht floor than on that little console door. The OEM console is far superior to the aftermarket. by evanex. I had one of those too, but gave it away with my sold S85. Pure junk, amateur quality, almost zero storage.

hutton17 | 17 mars 2015

Thanks to all. Sold the yacht floor.

Bluesday Afternoon | 17 mars 2015

Is the yacht still available?

mcIary | 17 mars 2015

Really?? Really???

BarryQ | 17 mars 2015

Mclary - you're an idiot. Really!