Your Model S is more practical and 1/5th the price of this...

Your Model S is more practical and 1/5th the price of this...

olanmills | 27 septembre 2012

I hope they're not offering that guady paint job for production.

nickjhowe | 27 septembre 2012

Wow! Worse range, similar top speed, similar acceleration. Fail!

Tiebreaker | 27 septembre 2012

What makes it a supercar? The paint job?

Soflauthor | 27 septembre 2012

Let's see, for that price, I can have my Model S, buy a Model X, a next gen Roadster and a Gen III and have enough money left over to pay my electric bills for a hundred years.

Brian H | 27 septembre 2012

Oooo! Shiny! And even better than a Karma!

Advice to MB: next model year, "Powered by Tesla".

mw | 27 septembre 2012

Well, Tesla has the contract for the MB E class, don't they?

Brian H | 27 septembre 2012

I thought it was likely B class. Don't think anyone has specified.

sergiyz | 27 septembre 2012

they don't, they have a cooperation agreement with no set dates or volumes, or money paid yet

Jason S | 27 septembre 2012

That's a supercar. 750hp and an amazing color plus shape. Utterly impractical in every way.

Doubt they'll sell very many, but still very cool. Good for MB.

Brian H | 27 septembre 2012

Jason S;
Ordering yours now? Not as hot as your Sig, but $500K worth of MB would make a nice back-up.

Brian H | 27 septembre 2012

Correction, I guess it's a bit hotter, for a short range. Town car?

Nicu.Mihalache | 28 septembre 2012

Tesla could cross-polinate in the other direction now, from Model X to Model S and fit a second motor up front. If the battery can handle it (they could even use more expensive cells for that and get better power and energy, like 100kWh), we could get 832 hp with no major modifications to PEM and motors. It is already 4.4s with half the power, half the torque to wheels and half the traction (rubber contact surface + weight on top of it). This baby could sell for anywhere in the range $125k to $175k and put the AMG and so many other supercars to shame in a super-obvious way.

Brian H | 28 septembre 2012

Um, the Model X performance has two motors. 50% more torque.

Brian H | 28 septembre 2012

I think they mean torque is increased by half, not doubled. The motors don't duplicate each others' effect; the rear is most engaged at slower speeds, the front at higher. So they overlap, but there isn't a "double" result.

Nicu.Mihalache | 28 septembre 2012

Indeed, there is this on the Model X page
"Model X is offered with optional Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive. The second motor enables more than all-weather, all-road capabilities: it increases torque by 50%. When outfitted with AWD, Model X Performance accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds, outperforming the fastest SUVs and many sports cars."

The front motor could be smaller or everything limited by the battery. But if they aim for a supercar, extra cost / better cells / higher cooling needs / slightly less "opportunity console" or frunk space etc. could be acceptable for the raw performance. Not sure this is a good thing for Tesla to un-focus in this direction. But even if the cars themselves don't bring profit, the free advertising that a 5+2 electric sedan beats all Ferraris, Porches and Aston Martins on the road (forget about BMW, Audi, AMG and Jaguars, they are more or less only equivalent to the current Model S Performance), could open many eyes towards EVs in general.

Brian H | 28 septembre 2012

The X motors, I believe, are the same. But the gearing is different. A lower ratio for the front, for higher speed torque. The PEM allocates power to the two depending on circumstances.

Nicu.Mihalache | 28 septembre 2012

We'll get more info in time. Speculating on technical issues beyond this point may just turn into a sterile discussion :)

If my memory serves me well, somebody got word from Tesla's engineers that they could make a 2.6s 0-60 mph car with current tech. No idea if this is possible in a Model S body or not. For a comparison, Veyron super-turbo blah blah (1250 hp) does 2.4-2.5s 0-60 mph.

MandL | 28 septembre 2012

Yes, please don't forget the number one rule of this forum. No fact-less speculation on technical issues.

jat | 28 septembre 2012

If the e-SLS has 750hp and can only do 3.9s 0-60, then it is traction limited (or they totally screwed up the gearing)-- you could probably go faster by putting bigger tires on it.

Brian H | 28 septembre 2012

Or it weighs 3 tons? ;)

Brian H | 28 septembre 2012

Bigger tires, you say?

BYT | 29 septembre 2012

Yeah, That's totally practical! :)

jerry3 | 29 septembre 2012


Not only that, you can brag it costs more than a Model S.

MB3 | 29 septembre 2012

There is also the not-so-practical plug in hybrid Porsche 918 spyder at 845000 USD.

BYT | 29 septembre 2012

You can also drive OVER traffic! :)

July10Models | 29 septembre 2012

There is nothing about a super car that's meant to be practical. I would buy one if I could part with the funds.

BYT | 29 septembre 2012

The beauty of the Model S is it's almost Supercar status without the extra cash required and all the utility that a Model S provides. Sure it doesn't do 0-60 in 3.9 seconds, but it does it in 4.4 and I bet it has a better lower center of gravity then that Benz does. Even if I had the money to throw away, I would instead follow Soflauthor's lead and "for that price, I can have my Model S, buy a Model X, a next gen Roadster and a Gen III and have enough money left over to pay my electric bills for a hundred years."

In my case however, I would just put that extra money into TSLA... ;)

Michael23 | 29 septembre 2012

S does do 3.9 if you test like motortrend ;)

Yeah it's a super car in disguise which I like. I decided against the R8 for a similiar performance in a practical form factor.

Brian H | 29 septembre 2012

mboedigh | September 29, 2012
There is also the not-so-practical plug in hybrid Porsche 918 spyder at 845000 USD.

Yasss. Introduced 9/18, and 918 of them will be sold. Symbolism, anyone?

Brian H | 30 septembre 2012

It's the combination of that performance, especially extended into the mid-range passing speeds, with a spacious family-friendly body which defies all preconceptions. You can hear the disorientation of the testers in almost all the reviews! ;)