With all the different versions of the Model 3 coming out, I'm wondering what they plan to do about the badging. The LR/PUP has no distinctive badging. I would assume the SR/STD version would also have no badging. However, will the AWD and/or P versions have something?

I can't believe someone would be happy shelling out close to 80K and not have something obvious that clearly differentiates it from the 35K version. Rims and interior materials might be things those "in the know" are aware of, but if it doesn't say "PAWD" in big letters on the back, the average Joe will have no idea.

I personally don't care, but I'm not going to be shelling out that kind of dough. But, there are a lot of people who are hung up on status and want the most expensive version, despite the fact that they will never go 0-60 in 3.5 second nor need to drive on snow and ice. They want a badge. A big badge.

CST | 20 mai 2018

I really dislike badges... glad the M3 doesn't have them.

Madatgascar | 20 mai 2018

No badging please! If they propose any badging, I will ask for it to be removed. I love the nice clean look of just the “T”.

lilbean | 20 mai 2018

Me too, Madatgascar.

cascadiadesign | 20 mai 2018

Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

sosmerc | 20 mai 2018

Badges are just waiting for a wash mitt to snag on. If they could do something clever under the clearcoat, I might approve. | 20 mai 2018

It was notes somewhere that the Performance version will not have the Tesla T, but instead the word TESLA on the back, similar the original Roadster

moorelin | 20 mai 2018

Admit I have been glad to have 85 badge on 5 year old Model S, but looking forward to no badge/red caliper/carbon fiber spoiler Model 3P.

petemelster | 20 mai 2018

It's cool to see that people love the clean look. Personally, I love badging so I bought two badges from Abstract Ocean.

1. Model 3 long range (it literally says long range)
2. Tesla lettering in 3D form (not 2D sticker decals) to replace the T logo.

carlk | 20 mai 2018

S did not have badging in the beginning but Tesla added that later by popular demand. There are people who want it and people who don't but it's pretty certain more people buying higher variations would want it than people buying the lower ones. Tesla knows which group it wants to satisfy more. Not to mention it's easy to remove badging for ones who don't like it.

MarylandS85 | 20 mai 2018

I’ve with @sosmerc. I hate it when my wash mitt or drying rag gets snagged on a badge! I love the clean look of the Model 3.

Although I’ll admit I did like having the “85” badge on my Model S, at least until all the 85D and newer variants came out, and I was like:

TranzNDance | 22 mai 2018

Displays of wealth changes in style, such as in waist lines or tan skin. At least in Silicon Valley, you can't tell if someone is a billionaire or millionaire. Badging to show ostentation is likely to be or to go out of style.

carlk | 22 mai 2018

"Badging to show ostentation is likely to be or to go out of style."

Display of status is the human/animal nature you will never change that. Even in the Silicon Valley I've seen lot more more regular BMW with ///M badge than BMW's without badging.

On the other hand there is indeed the anti-ostentation culture here but that itself has the ostentatious undertone. I remember when I first came here people told me the dress code is no dress code. You don't look belong here if you don't wear jeans or shorts to work.

markr7 | 22 mai 2018

+1 on No Badging!

Rocky_H | 22 mai 2018

@carlk, Quote: "Display of status is the human/animal nature you will never change that."

The interesting bit is how it changes forms in different places, though. In a lot of America, wealth is shown in houses and cars. When we went to Rome to visit friends, there isn't the space for that. Everyone lives in apartment buildings that are hundreds of years old, and most people use transit instead of having a car. So how do they show their wealth? Clothes!!! Crazy expensive clothes!

RedPillSucks | 22 mai 2018

Sounds like an "after market" opportunity.

*For just 4 payments of 19.95, you can have your Model 3 badged with your choice of badging...*"

I plan on getting "Model T" on the roof, where Ford can't see it

carlk | 22 mai 2018

@Rocky_H That's how animals gain power and reproduction rights. There are many ways to display status. Showing wealth is just one of them. Also gun ownership, body building and sports activities are a few other things I can think of how human do it.

TranzNDance | 22 mai 2018

I'm not saying people will stop showing off wealth. They will change how they do it. There's a Dr Seuss story where the cool characters, the star bellied Sneetches, had an indicator of status on their bellies. Along came a businessman who sold a way for the Sneeches with no stars to get stars upon thars. The star-bellied Sneetches did not like that they no longer looked different so the businessman sold a way for them to remove the stars on their bellies. Back and forth went the Sneetches while the businessman raked in all of the cash.

MarylandS85 | 22 mai 2018

Totally unrelated to what @TranzNDance is posting, but in case anyone here wants their Tesla badge removed, shoot me a message. And if anyone wants their Tesla badged, also do the same. ;^)

Atoms | 22 mai 2018

Tesla should put the badges on the base model 35K. The higher end should be badge free.

jefjes | 22 mai 2018

No badge is fine with me as most people won't even know what a Tesla is and the ones that do will either not care or will really be informed enough to know without any badges. Just like Corvette or Viper loyalist can usually take one look and tell you the exact year and possible engine-transmission options that it has without seeing any badges.

matt80206 | 23 mai 2018

Not every P driver needs to advertise...sometimes walking softer is a way of life. Hence glad no badging on it to make it stand out...when you need the power, you know you have it and thats all that matters

carlk | 23 mai 2018

@matt80206 Are you buying a P? So you don't want the badge to make it to stand out but you still want to punch the paddle so everyone could tell what you got there and throw away your walking softer way of life?

badaman | 23 mai 2018

Badging on cars is like wearing jewelry and cologne. Some like few, some like a lot, some not at all.

tastropes | 23 mai 2018

OP "I can't believe someone would be happy shelling out close to 80K and not have something obvious that clearly differentiates it from the 35K version. "......"I personally don't care, but I'm not going to be shelling out that kind of dough."

-you obviously do care...we just got our model 3 and I could give a shit if its says "hey I bought this one, look at me!" just drive the god damn car for f-sake. WTF is the mater with people...

Haggy | 23 mai 2018

I think that for most of my life, it was rare to see badging to indicate options rather than the make and model itself. I don't see why people suddenly need it now.

There is a practical reason for AWD badging however. In chain control areas in California where AWD vehicles are exempt, the CHP uses a mirror on a pole to double check if they are not sure. With most cars, that means checking for a drive shaft, assuming that the alternative if FWD. If there's no way of telling by looking at the car and there's no badging, that will make it a pain.

carlk | 23 mai 2018

Good point about no drive shaft to check for. What if people put an AWD badge on RWD car though?

TSLAholic | 23 mai 2018


"I can't believe someone would be happy shelling out close to 80K and not have something obvious that clearly differentiates it from the 35K version."

Believe it. In fact, I'm not having the detail shop reinstall the Tesla T's on the hood and trunk once PPF goes on.

dgstan | 23 mai 2018

tastropes - You seem very angry. Are badges a sore spot for you?

I thought I was very clear that I was buying neither the "P" nor the "AWD" version. I know what my badging will be. Not an issue for me.

jordanrichard | 23 mai 2018

Badging is bragging and other “I am different” bits like ground effects, rims, spoilers etc.

I like how Tesla doesn’t follow the Mercedes route by “creating” AMG by changing the plastic bits and putting “AMG” on seemingly every conceivable surface in/on the car. The only way to know if a Tesla Model S is an entry level 75D or the top of the line 100D L costing almost twice as much, is the “100D L” on the back.

PessimiStick | 23 mai 2018

I ordered the Performance. I don't care about badging at all.

pranfire | 23 mai 2018

i want my tesla t on the hood and trunk lid (when i get a paint protection film). i dont know how they will put it exactly on the same spot, but i hope they do!

i do like the other model badging on my audi and prius prime and pretty much every single other car, but for some reason, it kind of works on the model 3. but id still take a "model 3" and a battery capacity badge. just my opinion. but model 3 is the only car i am fine with no badging. but i need tesla logo. need.

bj | 24 mai 2018

Just curious - how do you prove what options you have on the car (e.g. if you’re selling it) if there’s no badge?

Kathy Applebaum | 24 mai 2018

@bj: A screen shot of the console would show that you have long range and EAP. Exterior pic of the glass roof will show you have premium. VIN will show if you have AWD (and maybe performance?)

IIRC, Elon said last year that none of the Model 3's would have badging to indicate range/options, and that they were thinking of moving away from it on the S/X. My google-fu is failing me on this -- hopefully someone will find the source.

mamafuzbot | 24 mai 2018

Badging is like asking for star-bellied sneetches (Dr. Seuss). Big thumbs down on the badging!

bj | 24 mai 2018

@Kathy Applebaum - “A screen shot of the console would show that you have long range and EAP. Exterior pic of the glass roof will show you have premium. VIN will show if you have AWD (and maybe performance?)”

So instead of one concise point of reference you now need three? (and a degree in decoding VINs?). If no badging is now the minimalist aspiration thing then, like, whatever, but there should be a single page that can be called up on the console screen that can be shown as proof of the car configuration.

eagleeyeone | 24 mai 2018

Does it really matter? Badging can be removed in less than 10 minutes using dental floss. I removed all but the "X" and the "D" on my Model X which I then covered with 3M carbon fiber wrap. Super simple do it yourself.

matchoowh | 24 mai 2018

@bj - if you're using a badge to establish the model of the vehicle, seems like you can trick that system...

jordanrichard | 24 mai 2018

Anyone remember when VW brought out the “New Beetle” in 1998. Nowhere on it did it say New Beetle, Beetle, or Bug, yet everyone knew what it was. When they came out with the Turbo version, it just simply said Turbo on the hatch.

jordanrichard | 24 mai 2018

Oh and BTW, Frank was a junior designer on the New Beetle. Coincidence.......... hmm....

jordanrichard | 24 mai 2018

Damn auto correct. Franz.

jamilworm | 27 mai 2018

Today I got a passing glance at a red Model 3 that had badging added. On the left side it said "Model 3" and I think there was something underneath that I couldn't make out. On the right I think it said "Ruby II". Personally I don't think the badging enhanced the appearance at all, I prefer without. But the Ruby II made me wonder if they have another red car named Ruby. If that one is a Model S then I could see then I could understand the desire to have them more matching like big sis and little sis.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 15 juin 2018

carlk: Those ///M stylized badges are just as impressive when I see them on the back of a circa 1992 Honda Civic. Not.

gballant4570 | 15 juin 2018

The concept of elegance includes some level of understatement. In that spirit, I differentiate myself (either positively or negatively) with my approach to living. There may be some indication of my personal financial condition available on my person at times, but communication of that condition will not be the purpose of said indication.

As you may have guessed, badging can be skipped in my opinion, along with personalized plates, etc....

Leadership by example is the most effective form.

Please do not read any judgement on my part into these comments of those who express themselves differently - variety and diversity are truly strengths.

vmulla | 15 juin 2018

+1 for no badges. At the core, the 3 was meant to be a shareable car. What difference does a badge make when we will be driving each others' car in the future?

That said, there is only one thing I dislike more than badges - its those damn dealer stickers on cars. I did not want to buy a car from you #$#@$ dealer!! I was forced through the ordeal, and now I have to drive around advertising crappy dealership as though I was a happy customer? @#$*& you!!

badaman | 15 juin 2018

I think there will be badges on P series as most of buyers in that market have big ego :)