Bluetooth phone connection constantly drops and reconnects

Bluetooth phone connection constantly drops and reconnects

Ever since the last few updates, using either a iphone 7 or iphone X on the model S bluetooth has become very unstable. Tesla bluetooth is constantly reinitializing and disconnecting -- every 15 seconds to a few minutes.

any idea what's going on? it makes using the phone while driving unusable.

thanks in advance.

EVRider | 22 mai 2018

First, if you haven't tried rebooting, do that. If that doesn't help, un-pair your phone from the car and then re-pair it; that usually fixes Bluetooth issue like this.

jerrykham | 22 mai 2018

If the reboot or unpair, re-pair doesn't get it - let us know what firmware you are on. Many of us are on very different versions so with something like this you'll want to tell us which one. For example I am still on 2018.12. The only data point I can offer is that I have never seen that behavior with m S75, but I use a Google Pixel. I know there are many iPhone users here, perhaps some of them can chime in on their experience.

MJGIBSON | 31 août 2018

Same issue with me; iPhone 6S on SW drop 32. ARGGGHH!!

MJGIBSON | 31 août 2018

Sorry Model 3...

stevelinke | 2 septembre 2018

Just picked up my M3 yesterday. Paired my Galaxy S8+ however it doesn't stay connected. Continues to drop during phone calls and streaming music. I rebooted the car, deleted and re-paired phone and still happens. Suggestions? | 2 septembre 2018

@stevelinke - Try powering the phone down and up. The Bluetooth stack/hardware can lock up and only a power-down of the phone can reset it.

Bluetooth is a very messy set of standards and there are bugs in the hardware, the OS software and apps. As a developer who has written programs for Bluetooth, it's a bit of a nightmare. You have to code around a ton of bugs in phones and hardware. The spec is massive and leaves a lot to be desired. Many versions too, which as a software developer, they foolishly don't identify the version of hardware or software to better work arround and identify issues. It's sort of amazing it works as well as it does. The more complex the application and features used, the higher risk of issues. Operation for a remote speaker or headphones is now fairly stable. As you go up the complexity of the standards, more issues occur.

I'm not blaming your phone or Tesla for the issues, but just pointing out there is plenty of areas where things can go wrong. It could even be another app in the phone that is improperly using Bluetooth and causing a hang or dropping the connections. I can only say the vast majority of owners have it working fine in the Tesla, but I still hear of a smattering of owners like yourself that has issues. I'd also try and kill every running app except for the Tesla app and see if it starts working. If so, one of those other apps is causing the problem.

stevelinke | 2 septembre 2018

@TeslaTap - Thanks for the suggestions. I have rebooted my phone, rebooted the car, unpaired the phone, re-paired the phone and nothing seems to resolve it. It connects and disconnects constantly. I’ll try changing some settings to see if I can find some item that is causing this situation and report back.

ncassler | 25 décembre 2018

Stumbled on this thread last night having the same issue. Found the answer on Reddit. Reposting for amazing fix. There's a bug in Tesla Bluetooth so if you sync your phone and allow it to see contacts, if you have special characters it will keep disconnecting and initializing. For me it was the () that were the issue. Updated those contacts and no problems. For me ., ' all seemed to be fine.

akikiki | 25 décembre 2018

Excellent catch. Who would-a thought, eh?

Peterkn | 22 mars 2019

I had the same issue with calls constantly switching bt on and off during a call on my m3 and samsung s9+.
I fixed my issue by unpairing it on my phone.
Dont worry about reconnecting because ur car will send a request immediately if you're in proximity. Just accept on phone and then go to ur car's dialer to connect to phone.

pp22 | 23 mars 2019

having the same issue. will try all the tips mentioned, but the @ncassler tip is most likely the culprit.

Roel Lamb | 29 mars 2019

Disable hd audio in your phones bluetooth settings :)