New Owner registration

New Owner registration

I have been trying unsuccessfully to register on the Tesla server for two months now. I have already written to different mail boxes:;;
Last time I wrote to: , two weeks ago. No response.
Help me, what should I do? Where do I write to register my car on Tesla server?

EVRider | 23 mai 2018

Did you try calling anyone? If you bought your car directly from Tesla, call the person you worked with. If you bought it from a private party, call the Tesla Support number for your area.

timallen20 | 23 mai 2018

Good luck with calling. I bought my used 2014 S 85 from a 3rd party. Speed limit is governed. Immediately followed instructions and sent in my info to the . Waited 5 days and called, but after 45 min hold time gave up. I don't normally tolerate more than 15 min on hold but really wanted this. Called again a week later gave up after an hour. No response now for 2 weeks, then I had a service appt to fix rear door handle (fortunately under warranty as it was priced at $600 US to fix). Great reviews for Tesla service in Tampa FL by the way, nice folks and gave me a loaner 2014 P. They offered to intervene and get my ownership transferred. Alas, they also cannot get through. Then at 5 weeks I called and waited over an hour...finally a human picked up. She found my email. It's all in order, I sent all the proper documents, including driver license and registration. But wait, " there is another team that must review this as well to finalize, and they do not work Saturdays." It's been another 5 days. I love the car, despite the governor on speed which I am told means "valet mode" or something? Of course I am loving the car and I don't "need" the app and whatever else comes with it, but this would be shocking service level for any of the car brands I owned before, and in my experience when companies have service issues like this it is a bad omen. Not thrilled that OP is at two months...

timallen20 | 3 juin 2018

Update, at 43 days after sending email with documents to Tesla, I received my response transferring ownership and I now have access to app as well.

tony.johansen | 20 août 2019

I am also waiting. 23 days so far and no response whatsoever. Mailed 3 times. 3. party car dealer 2 times and me 1 time. Bad service. I love the car, but if this is is what to expect, I will never buy a Tesla again.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 20 août 2019

Do you really expect us to believe you resurrected this old thread with a legitimate, real complaint from a real Tesla owner? Sorry, but you sound full of shit. Go short-sell somewhere else.