Water leaking into the car

Water leaking into the car

I just taken the car out of the car wash (brushless), and noticed a small puddle of water on the passenger floor mat. Upon closer inspection its leaking from underneath of glove compartment. I ran ac at max to made sure its not a condensation issue and its definately a leak from the outside. I also notice a gap between the seal and my front glass at the bottom.

Taking it in to service center for check up. Had any one notice an issue with this on their car so far? The service guy told me over the phone that car wash can damage my Tesla due to high water pressure and its only recommend to hand wash.

deezeela | 18 juin 2018

damn, just so many issues....

Alex_SD | 18 juin 2018

What now??
We cannot take the car through car wash?
That’s a new one!

RedTeslaModel3 | 18 juin 2018

I wouldnt had notice this if i didnt have my all weather mat. I notice last time the meather mat has some dried out soap and didnt know why. Keep an eye out next time you guys wash your car. Im not gere to complain but to raise awareness.

Lonestar10_1999 | 18 juin 2018

If this were true then I would expect a warning about car washes in the user manual or some other official communication from Tesla. Sounds like your M3 needs servicing to calk up what’s leaking. This should be covered as a warranty repair.

deezeela | 18 juin 2018

pay attendtion to a piece of glass / plastic part on the upper right charging door when flips up, seems like it was glued on, once it falls, it won't charge.

ravisundaramam | 18 juin 2018

I thought brushless car wash was kosher for Tesla. Anyway it has not happened to me. I even had the the "Royal Spa Treatment with Triple Color Foam".

RadOne | 18 juin 2018

@deezla. Agreed. Always seem to be reading about another new issue.

Only hand wash? What about in the cold months/winter? Ridiculous already.

santadam | 18 juin 2018

Hand washed mine the other day and water got in around the windows. Not a lot but enough to have me concerned when I drive in solid rain. Quite a bit of water had pooled under the hood around the frunk but none actually got into the frunk. May need to have a 'Ranger' come out and look at the door seals!?

carlgo2 | 18 juin 2018

Most cars have cowl drain hoses that are routed down the front hinge pillars. I have found some stuck shut. Pour some water into the right cowl area and see if it comes out the bottom of the car. There is usually a bit of hose showing out the bottom of the car and some have a little flap on the end. Not at all sure if Teslas have this design.

Triple color foam is very popular in CA, CO, WA...

RedTeslaModel3 | 20 juin 2018

Got my car back and service center couldnt reproduce problem. Next time any one going through a brushless car wash, touch underneath of glove compartment to check for water leak. If we dont pay attention we’ll have a mold issue in our car. I’ll find out in another week or two.

Frank99 | 20 juin 2018

>>> its only recommend to hand wash.
Sounds like ski boat makers. These days they recommend that you don't store your boat in the water, and won't warranty any gelcoat issues caused by doing so.
A boat...can't be in the water. Amazing.

shoffman14 | 22 octobre 2018

Yep, went through a touchless wash with my P3D on Saturday. I accelerated hard out of the parking lot and a waterfall of soapy water came steaming into the passenger footwell from behind the glovebox! Soaked my girlfriend’s feet. Unbelievable.

jlebens | 21 novembre 2018

Our preferred car wash consistently causes water leaks into the passenger footwell. Approx 1 cup can accumulate on our all weather mats. It doesn’t start flowing in until the brush and wash cycle is finished and the high pressure air dry starts. At another similar wash, we see no leaks at all. This will be our first warranty issue. I’ll bet they know exactly the cause. Hand wash only is not an acceptable solution. This ought to be a recall issue.

RedTeslaModel3 | 21 novembre 2018

Im so glad you guys bump this thread. Tesla found the issue today and has already resolved this.

Technicians found water ingress from HVAC airduct. Technician secured the air duct and water tested the vehicle. No ingress found.

They also moved both of my front side glasses which fix wind boise problems. The issue was glasses were place too far back which created a small gap for air to get through. Just picked up my car 2 hrs ago.

They readjust what they called within spec

Stage 1 | 4 décembre 2018

I have to say I’m a bit shocked. I’ve never owned a car where water leaked into the car. I can confirm this exact issue. I went to a touchless car wash and afterwards I accelerated quickly and a substantial amount to water poured from behind my glovebox onto the floor mat. Very disappointing. I have an october p3d.

I have a service visit in a couple weeks. Any advice on what I should be telling them to fix?

mb1068 | 4 décembre 2018

Ahh.. leaks ... you clearly haven't owned a British Car then ! I used to have to put the umbrella up inside my triumph spitfire when it rained, the good news was that there were enough holes in the floor for the water to drain right out. Land Rover sunroof drains are known to have issues than cause water to pour down the A-Pillar and out of the bottom of the glove box - corroding the wiring loom in the sills over time. Had to get out my soldering iron and find the coroded splice one time - to get the power seats and mirrors to work again !

Yeah - if plastic cowl is not sealing to glass well, or doesn't drain well, you could also get such issues.

me | 21 janvier 2019

My car has been wet inside after rains...cannot find where it is leaking... very frustrating

lbowroom | 21 janvier 2019

What part of the interior is wet?

sameer1302 | 1 avril 2019

@RedTeslaModel3 how long did they need to fix this? Having exact same issue, just booked service

RedTeslaModel3 | 1 avril 2019

I had leak to passenger’s floormat. If i didnt have a rubber mat, i would had never realize. The root cause was the HvAC airduct wasnt sealed. It has been a long time so i’m not 100% on the timing but I think took about 3-4 days. They spent a day taking my car to car wash and high way driving. Detected water leaked and noise coming through side windows.

Took 2 visits before they pinpointed the problem.

jeromeleclerc | 17 avril 2019

Did the tesla solve your water problem under the glove box? I have exactly the same problem with my model 3 performance.

stevehimself | 21 avril 2019

This happened to my Model 3 today. I got my car in September and normally wash the car myself. I took it to a hand wash today and noticed water dripping when I got in the car. Never seen this before.

blewett22.3 | 22 avril 2019

I notice last time the meather mat has some dried out soap and didnt know why. Keep an eye out next time you guys wash your car. Im not gere to complain but to raise awareness.

jhunt | 20 mai 2019

I have a Tesla 2018 S 100 that was outside overnight in the rain. The next morning i noticed puddles of water on the passenger side floorboard. The water was coming from behind the glove compartment. The window was fully closed as was the door. You could clearly see the water dripping down from behind the dash. The car is 5 months old. Tesla service said they could not recreate it. Seriously not ok for a brand new luxury car. Does anyone have a known fix for this?

anna.aggarwal | 20 mai 2019

I have noticed puddles inside my trunk on 3 occasions on days it is raining.

coldsun | 15 août 2019

Had the same issue on my model 3, water inside cabin on Passenger side during carwash. Took the car in for service twice. Second time it said the engineering identified issue was from HVAC in-let, but they don't have parts available at this moment and provided no ETA. Need to schedule a 3rd appointment later. Not very happy.

coolesnce | 15 août 2019

@Coldsun had the same issue 2 months ago. I have yet to schedule a appointment since im traveling for work, but I will let them know about HVAC in-let to give the service techs a good starting point.

Tyerc | 15 août 2019

I’ve done both hand wash and automated wash, no problems.

Halbach | 15 août 2019

I've read elsewhere that it is the high power dryers at car washes that is blowing the water into the system...ordinarily water will drain through the air intake but it won't drain properly with the high pressure air blowing.

creativeguy | 15 août 2019

There are 3 easy rules for taking care of your tesla. No bright light. Don’t get it wet. Don’t feed it after midnight.

franky.argo55 | 26 août 2019

I have just experienced the same thing , does anyone have any experience on having it resolved ? Do they seal it ? What about the water damage inside ?

ForkLiter | 1 septembre 2019

There is a technical fix for this from Tesla. I have a September appointment for the fix. A “dam” will be inserted in the air intake duct. That duct is visible from the frunk if you unsnap a piece of cowling. I saw the repair instructions on the mobile techs iPad along with the part. Will it work? We will see. In the mean time you could try leaving the system on recirculate during wash but I still got water later that day. Also we think it’s more about the drying blower force than the water force. But still water is trapped somewhere. Hard acceleration will also bring that water in. I’ll be able to test after the part is installed since I can replicate the issue. 2nd time Tesla technician was with me.