Rear Quarter Glass Breakage

Rear Quarter Glass Breakage

Last night out to dinner with friends on Telegraph Ave. Got back to car and noticed a lot more noise driving through the Caldecott Tunnel. Looked over my shoulder and saw the rear seat (passenger side) folded down. I first thought my teens folded it down until I saw the rear quarter window broken. The vandal didn't steal anything. However, in the SF Bay Area this is becoming common practice. Vandal shatters rear quarter glass, reaches in folds down seat to check for valuables in the trunk. I think from now on I might leave the cargo cover up so they can see there is nothing in the trunk without breaking my window. It was a disappointing end to a great evening. However, in the grand scheme of things it was just a broken window that will be replaced. | 29 mars 2019 no sentry mode for me.

Stiction | 30 mars 2019

I have taken to leaving the rear cover off....turned 90 degrees and placed on floor of trunk area. Car noise doesn't sound any louder (AFAICT) and obvious nothing in trunk.

I keep charging kit and first aid pack in frunk.

Jedfranklin | 5 avril 2019

My model 3 was broken into on 4/3/19. Sentry mode recorded it. Nothing was stolen but the window was broken. | 5 avril 2019

@Jedfranklin - Bummer, great video - you see the license place and face of the thief quite clearly.

ram.motipally | 12 avril 2019

Syrinxz is absolutely right. I had my quarter/rear glass window broken last night in SF and followed his advise and it was 100% accurate. Primer Auto Glass - Frank is a good guy and helped me out. Wait time as of now is 10 days. Terrible feeling to have this happen but what can we do, such is life. All the best for others if you have the same issue.

Thanks Syrinxz!

pradeep_spce | 22 avril 2019

another broken quarter window broken, seats down but nothing stolen. This happen in busy parking lot of hmart near deanza and hwy 85. Sadly I did not turn on sentry mode so no footage. Such a sad end to a great dinner with kids.

hhm8152 | 10 mai 2019

Quarter window breakin at AMC Mercado 20 in Bay Area. I heard it was a “thing” for this place so don’t bring your Tesla there. It was at night so Sentry Mode caught everything on video but resolution was too low to actually see anything. Tesla service center pointed me to Mex Glass Repair and they were amazing.

dvin2684 | 5 juin 2019

Happened to me last night on Ranch drive, we went in to eat at Banana leaf restaurant for 35 minutes.
Cops came out and told us it is very common in Milpitas area. Driver side rear quarter glass was vandalized. Rear sit was flapped down to check if I had anything in trunk. Luckily I did not have any electronics in my trunk.

Yodrak. | 5 juin 2019

Quarter window break-ins seem to have become less common - less reported anyway - since Sentry Mode was released, but I'm still wondering why people in problem areas don't leave the parcel shelf folded up or removed so that thieves can see there's nothing in the trunk without having to break the glass. Win-win for both the car owner and the would-be thief.

abhi.the.knight | 18 juillet 2019

Thanks @Syrinxz for the info at the beginning of the thread.

"In the Bay Area and possibly other areas where this happens a lot, DON"T bother with the Tesla service center; they no longer do this repair. Instead they gave me two contacts which are the repair places they used prior and recommend now. - (925) 548 0394

Precision Auto Glass - (650) 344-8442"

Both locations still handling Tesla glass replacements.
My car was broken into at a strip mall on El Camino in broad daylight yesterday!
Primer Auto Glass had time to come to my office and replace it today itself!
Precision had 3 day wait. | 19 juillet 2019

Yep, I had a breakin last week. Although from what I can tell from police reports, all premium/luxury cars are being targeted, not just Teslas. Got dashcam footage of the thief, and luckily he was scared away before anything taken. Wrote it all up, with short dashcam video, how to build a temporary cover and some ideas how to reduce your chances of a breakin:

rickrparker | 19 juillet 2019

Easy solution. Leave California and move to Texas where we have few homeless people (except Austin) and have empowered law enforcement officers. No state taxes and low sales tax. We love Tesla owners. | 19 juillet 2019

@rickrparker - Not sure Texas is immune to thieves, although sounds like laws to catch thieves is better! When is Texas going to allow Tesla to sell cars there? Seems very anti-consumer :)

Yodrak. | 20 juillet 2019

"... move to Texas .... We love Tesla owners."

Texas does not allow Tesla to sell its cars in the state. Doesn't sound like "love" to me.

TranzNDance | 20 juillet 2019

Maybe it's one of those slang phrases that mean the opposite, or simple sarcasm. Or they love Tesla owners in-so-far as they are less likely to be homeless.

rmuthuku | 15 août 2019

Today, my M3 was broken in at Lion's Market (Saratoga Ave & 280) at 6:51PM. The thieves took away my iPAD

Stiction | 17 août 2019

I live in the bay area and do the following:

Don't bother with rear shelf...make everything back there visible (a bunch of empty grocery bags in my case ;)
Don't leave ANYTHING visible in the car that looks at all valueable (or could hold something)

If you have anything that looks of value, or a bag that could hold something of value, put it in the frunk. Thieves either don't know about the frunk (think there's an engine in there ;) or consider it too difficult to open.

Yodrak. | 17 août 2019

"The thieves took away my iPAD"

Guess you won't be leaving an iPad in a car again any time soon,