Configured 5/20/18, Low Numbered VIN Just Got Assigned

Configured 5/20/18, Low Numbered VIN Just Got Assigned

I configured on 5/20/18 (pearl white, no EAP or FSD, 19" sport wheels). Just found out today I was assigned a VIN of 12XXX. Anything in particular I should be concerned about with such a relatively low VIN? I recall reading on here that the rear seats were more thin on early cars, there were paint matching issues with early cars, etc. But I have no idea whether those are issues that might be present on car with a VIN in the 12XXX range, or whether there are other issues to be concerned about with a relatively low VIN.

Thanks in advance for any info anyone can provide!

djharrington | 5 juillet 2018

Here we go again...

AJPHL | 5 juillet 2018

Watch for paint mismatch on the bumpers. You probably will have the updated suspension. You may though have the old style rear seats as they’ve been reported to be installed in VINs as low as 14XXX.

CST | 5 juillet 2018

Check your door sticker - might be a recent build, but that is an oddly low VIN for this time of year. Someone recently reported a June build with a low VIN though.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 5 juillet 2018

Though a VIN may be numerical, it is not necessarily sequential in nature of build or assignment. I believe every Model 3 built so far is a 2018 Model Year vehicle. That includes the ~2,500 or so that were Delivered in 2017.

jamey.winchester | 5 juillet 2018

Peeking at the White VIN waiting room, there are a lot of people waiting with no VIN's. I wonder if they registered a batch in the 13xxx range and didn't have enough orders to make a production run until recently.

jamey.winchester | 5 juillet 2018

*12xxx range

rxlawdude | 5 juillet 2018

@ReD, nope. Ours is a '17, delivered 12/28 with a VIN code of 2017.