Rejected car at pick-up

Rejected car at pick-up

Today was the day I had been waiting for since April 1, 2016. My delivery was scheduled this morning in Marina del Rey. Got there early as we were so excited. They asked for the balance due before I was even shown the car. My almost 60,000 car had one of the worst paint jobs you can even imagine. First I found bubbles on the front hood, then more on one door, more on the trunk and then the biggest and most obvious problem with the paint was a silver dollar sized (maybe larger) spot on the hood near the windshield. I almost cried. They took the car to service to see what could be done. After waiting 45 minutes or so the manager came out and gave us our options. They wanted us to take the car and then send it off to a bodyshop at our convenience to have almost the entire car repainted. Only 1 panel was acceptable. I didn't take the car. Maybe if it only had 1 small bubble on 1 panel it would have been ok but this was really bad. So now they are going to find another car that matches my configuration. However, I was told I wouldn't be able to reject a 2nd car! What? Apparently there is no system to actually stop a car from being shipped due to quality.

I am so disappointed! My advice to you all picking up cars. In your excitement of the moment, be sure to check the car over carefully. Tesla should not be dumping inferior quality cars on us. I'll give them a little time to find an acceptable car and if not, it's over for me.

Good luck.

tharrod | 15 juillet 2018

That sucks, what color was the car?

Magic 8 Ball | 15 juillet 2018

@ellahsue. You did the right thing to reject if you were not satisfied. Did you end up paying before inspecting? If so, did you ask to inspect before paying?

wiboater4 | 15 juillet 2018

Yes that sounds like it was really bad. I don't think it's right for them to say you can't reject more than 1 either. Hope that is just a result of trying to meet that 5k per week deadline and that things will improve now.

Lonestar10_1999 | 15 juillet 2018

I would like to think that Tesla would not sacrifice their reputation for delivering high quality automobiles in order to meet challenging quotas. But if these negative stories on the delivery experience continue, it could spell doom for Tesla to ever become a mainstream car manufacturer.

ellahsue | 15 juillet 2018

The car was pearl white. 19" sport wheels. Beautiful from afar! Yes, they did want my check the moment I got in the door. I said I wasn't comfortable giving them the check without seeing the car first. They made an exception and took me over there. I was just horrified when I started looking it over.

afcop2 | 15 juillet 2018

what color was the vehicle?

Magic 8 Ball | 15 juillet 2018

@Lonestar10 Or it shows the promise of tremendous success. There are over 40,000 in the wild and the relative few numbers of these "horror" stories, relative to experiences people share on other car forums, shows TESLA to way ahead of all manufacturers. Another thing to keep in mind is that:

Everything on the internet is true.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 juillet 2018

@ellahsue Of course they didn't make an "exception". They knew you had the right to inspect and you did the right thing. Everyone has the right to inspect first. So you did not pay for the car and you refused. You can rinse and repeat that as many times as you like.

Your case is unfortunate but far from the normal to be expected. There are over 40,000 now delivered and relatively few cases, such as yours, being reported. I wish you better luck next time.

Lonestar10_1999 | 15 juillet 2018

@Magic - I know in an open forum like this that some folks may exaggerate, or out right lie to push an agenda. I am cautiously optimistic that these early production M3 vehicles will ultimately be corrected to the owner’s satisfaction. I am hopeful a a long time reservation holder that the QC issues, if they exist, will be worked out by the time the SR option becomes available.

lilbean | 15 juillet 2018

This will be on the internet news.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 juillet 2018

@Lonestar10 Even going with BOD (benefit of doubt) and resign to the idea that all the horror stories reported are true the fact is that they represent a tiny tiny fraction of the 40,000 that have already taken delivery. I see no validated evidence to support that TESLA is not on par or beating the rest of industry in the QA department.

Atoms | 15 juillet 2018

You did the right thing and YES you can reject the next car. In no way is this acceptable. I had paint scraped off the edge of the rear bumper. Should just touch up, but they are indicating repainting the bumper. It was obvious and should never have made it to delivery before repair. Apparently some people are Tesla don’t have the guts and stand up and say no this is not acceptable. I’m wondering if there is an issue with the quality organization.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 juillet 2018

@Atoms Did you feed your story back directly to TESLA at ?

It really takes no guts to come onto a public forum and whine. It seems like more of an issue with the few that have a bad experience and try to paint a picture that everyone is having a bad experience.

There are more than 40,000 that have been delivered and only a tiny tiny percentage, and in my estimation much fewer that other car manufacturers, are reporting issues. This is normal and you can not satisfy all of the people all of the time.

cascadiadesign | 15 juillet 2018

ellahsue - Did they give you a time frame for finding a replacement car? I'm glad you rejected it. It will help make Tesla a better car company. From what you describe, that car should have been pulled aside for re-work at any one of 3 (at least 3) check points in the process.

peter.watson51 | 15 juillet 2018

Sorry to hear of this issue. I hope the car they find to match your config will exceed your expectations.

Are the paint booths highly automated or is there a fair amount of hand work also performed? Curious if this sort of paint problem could arise after leaving the factory? The Pearl White has clear final coats right?? Seems like QC would catch glaring problems??

cascadiadesign | 15 juillet 2018

"... It really takes no guts to come onto a public forum and whine. "

No - it's called sharing information. That's generally what OWNERS do on a car forum."

Magic 8 Ball | 15 juillet 2018

Only if you call FUD information. I call it theatre.

KP in NPT | 15 juillet 2018

There is no reason to believe the OP is spreading FUD.

These things do happen. I agree they shouldn't. Tesla will make it right - keep us posted, OP.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 juillet 2018

@ellahsue I notice this appears to be your first post on this forum yet you have been waiting all this time. Is there any reason you did not share your upcoming excitement here, while waiting, and then decide to post here with disappointment for your first post?

seymourg | 15 juillet 2018

@Magic 8 Ball - Plenty of people roam the forums for info compared to the relatively smaller cohort who frequently post (I don't know where you guys have the time). This forum is a great resource to peruse for the latest news and insights. It makes a good deal of sense for a first post to be about something bad. While of course there may be some made up stories by fear-mongerers, these kinds of experiences are important to know. I'd much rather have that than some fan-boy posting their reservation date, config , and "upcoming excitement" for the 47th time.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 juillet 2018

@seymourglass How do you know if these kinds of experiences are good to know? Why would you like knowing about reports that are not challenged for their validity. Of what use are they if they are not verified?

I noticed you left out the usefulness of "fan-boy" coming back to express their enthusiasm after taking delivery. Why would that be?

Sslnight | 15 juillet 2018

@ellahsue Im sorry to hear you had to ho through this. I know Tesla is working on improving the quality and as im also getting a white 3 this is still ber much a concern of mine.

I hope your concerns are addressed quickly and to your satisfaction. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to hearing some good news once this is resolved.

wade.wilson | 15 juillet 2018

Did you take any pictures? It would be interesting to see.

Good luck next time.

johnmann | 15 juillet 2018

“@ellahsue I notice this appears to be your first post on this forum”

Not true. I remember a few of her recent ones and a quick search shows there have been quite a few. See for yourself. Paste the following into Google. ellahsue

rxlawdude | 15 juillet 2018

Anyone smell an ex-douchey?

KP in NPT | 15 juillet 2018

Magic 8 Ball, please give it a rest.

KP in NPT | 15 juillet 2018

@rx - oh yeah.

cascadiadesign | 15 juillet 2018

rxlawdude - YES. Magic 8 Ball is indeed "douchey" back with a vengeance and a new name.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 juillet 2018

Ah the whiner and FUD apologists out in droves this evening.
Not surprising.

efuseakay | 15 juillet 2018

Tesla is REALLY dropping the ball letting these cars make it all the way to delivery. It really sucks. If they don’t get a handle on it now it’ll be too late. Sorry, OP. :(

Magic 8 Ball | 15 juillet 2018

The OP may just be a picky customer. There is nothing wrong with being a picky customer but picky customers must work and wait for what they ultimately want. It is quite possible the car that was rejected by the OP will gladly be accepted by another "average' customer that would be absolutely fine with it and deem it the most shiny beautiful car they ever owned.

There is simply no way to judge these stories to be useful without seeing what the OP considers to be 'bad".

KP in NPT | 15 juillet 2018

Seriously dude. Knock it off. You're making an ass of yourself.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 juillet 2018

And you are exposing yourself to be a fool.

feedpaula | 15 juillet 2018

@ellahsue So sorry to hear this. I hope the next one is soon and perfect.

jordanrichard | 15 juillet 2018

Today at a local car show, I met a guy with a brand new Mercedes AMG C63 convertible. The car is black, but all over the body were these white specs under the clear coat. The dealership said that apparently there was a problem at the factory. Meaning it isn’t just this guys car that has this issue. They first salad they could respray the car, but obviously this guy wasn’t happy with that. Having a brand new car and then have to get it completely repainted......

This is a company that has been making, and more specifically has been painting cars since 1886. What the hell is the problem.!!!!!

ncancilla81 | 15 juillet 2018

@Magic 8 Ball you sounds exactly like this fan boy douwie or whatever his name is...

Magic 8 Ball | 15 juillet 2018

I grew up in our family owned body shop that made good bread and butter doing new car paint remediation. This is not an excuse for how it is but an explanation. The overwhelming numbers of customers don't notice or care about the things that perfectionists care about. It is simply cheaper to let the perfectionists reject or have their cars made to "perfection" than it is to make all cars to the perfectionist standard. It is simply business and nothing personal.

The damage of doing business that way is that some kick and shout that all cars should be painted to their perfectionist standards but the cost of doing so is to raise the price of all cars because they are then being made to meet the standards that only a few care about. Why should the masses have to pay more for the quality that only a small percentage care about?

Like I said there is nothing wrong with being picky but you have to understand why companies are unable to cost effectively paint cars to meet the standards of a few percent.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 juillet 2018

Yes I changed from douwe to Magic 8 ball and made no secret about it when I did.

wqlhh | 15 juillet 2018

VIN number?

Tuning In | 15 juillet 2018

My first Model 3 at serial number 19,000 was flawless. Second car at 33,000 was chock full of issues. Door ding, door panels bulging, scratch on display and scratches on the console. The delivery prep was terrible. Same location. Not drawing any conclusions since earlier cars had delivery issues as well. Either way, don’t hand them payment and insist on inspecting before moving forward with payment and paperwork.

rxlawdude | 15 juillet 2018

Still a douche, whether "douwe" or "Magic 8 ball." Appropriate that your moniker is that of a child's toy.

bigroccrek | 15 juillet 2018 douche Clavin....back in full a$$hat form!

Tuning In | 15 juillet 2018

A P.S. Something that most people don't realize in general is that a lot of cars that arrive at dealers get damaged in transit or have defects missed at final inspection. What was stated here seemed pretty bad so I can't say that other manufacturers have the same level of issues.

However, I would say in general that if a dealer had seen these same issues, they would have sent it to a body shop prior to making it available for sale. The customer would have never known as the car would be flawless at delivery. Unfortunately, cars are passing inspection at the local Tesla Delivery Centers without being sent for repairs as needed. They however are more than willing and helpful in making arrangements to resolve the issue after discovery. The hassle, disappointment, and knowledge of issues they should avoid for their customer and their own sake.

CASEMAN | 15 juillet 2018

@ellahsue - I'm so sorry for your experience. I got pearl white as well. I would have done the same thing you did in rejecting the car.
I expect Tesla will work as quickly as possible to make it right and get you into your pristine new car. I will keep my eye out for your update. I hope it's great news because I'm sure you will love yours as much as I love mine!

wade.wilson | 15 juillet 2018

Anybody know how much time between when a car arrives at the delivery center and he actual delivery?

nathpuneet | 15 juillet 2018

Exactly same issue happened with me 2 weeks back with Pearl White Paint color, I also refused to accept the car and indeed change the color on my order from white to Red as white seems to be having lot of paint mismatch and color issues. I am still waiting for new car delivery as Tesla told me it will be sometime in AUG now.

Cdotpeterman | 15 juillet 2018

My ISA stated last Wednesday that my car had just arrived at Santa Barbara......and offered to move my delivery up to Friday.....sooooo two days?
I elected to keep my previous delivery Tuesday 7/17.
I'll be giving the paint a quick inspection before I hand over the $$$$.
Thanks Ellahsue for the heads up.

sbeggs | 16 juillet 2018

Sorry about your situation, @ellahsue.

4 o'clock in the morning is far too early for salad!

Shock | 16 juillet 2018

I am the last one here to be an apologist, but how the hell did you create this thread and not post a single picture? Did you take any pictures? And if not, why not? Who goes to pick up a $60k car with the worst paint job they've seen and doesn't have a smart phone with them?

It seems the bulk of these threads involve people who don't carry smart phones.

mos6507 | 16 juillet 2018

So chalk up one more hash-mark for problem cars and one more in the replies. And so it continues.

Good, fast, cheap, pick two.

Expect more of these sorts of reports, not less, as Musk continues to push the build count higher and higher. Anyone who thinks otherwise isn't using common sense.