50 Miles in odometer

50 Miles in odometer

Received the purchase agreement for ISA for tomorrow's the delivery, everything looks normal except there are 50 miles already in the odometer. I bought several brand new vehicles before, none of them have more than 10 miles. Read several stories about unhappy delivery experience, I am worried if my M3 is a rejected one? Any suggestions for vehicle checks tomorrow? Thanks.

kram | 16 juillet 2018

Just a standard number, I have that too. Seems like the actual mileage is much less.

ravisundaramam | 16 juillet 2018

Dont worry, this is the standard number they fill in. Actual miles will be in single digits.

CharleyBC | 16 juillet 2018

Yep. They all say that. Ours in fact had 4.3 miles.

Daryl | 16 juillet 2018

Ours said 50, had 7.

Karpinski00 | 16 juillet 2018

Just picked up on Saturday, paper work said 50, but vehicle only had 7.

CharleyBC | 16 juillet 2018

New contest: whose Model 3 had the fewest actual miles at delivery? :)

M3BlueGeorgia | 16 juillet 2018

Mine says 50 as well. I originally had the same thought as dededong...
I now presume its just a standard value.
I expect it'll be less when I pick it up (later this week)

Most cars will have a handful of miles, some may have more if they have to test drive them.
Probably the most important is that the car has less then 50 when you pick it up :-)

ddusty53 | 16 juillet 2018

Legally anything with 50 miles or under can be sold as new, so they all have 50 on the paperwork. Mine had 11 at pickup.

Rocky_H | 17 juillet 2018

They have to prepare and transmit so much paperwork ahead of time that it's much easier this way. They don't want to go fill it out for some particular car that says 6 miles, and then by the time the car gets moved onto a transport truck and then moved off the transport truck and then moved to the holding lot at the service center and then moved up there for the person to take delivery it has rolled over to 7, and the customer throws a hissy fit because it's now more than what the paperwork says.

boodasmurph | 17 juillet 2018

Mine had 6.

+1 for 50 being the standard number. My DS said the exact same thing that 50 or less = new car, so the paperwork defaults to that.

Revelate | 17 juillet 2018

@ddusty53 I learn something new every day, thank you for that tidbit regarding 50 and fewer miles being sold as new!

wade.wilson | 17 juillet 2018

I had 12 miles on mine. Must be that extra "brake and roll" test? :-)

50 is just the number they put down.

Cdotpeterman | 17 juillet 2018

Our paperwork also said 50 miles when we picked up today. ....Drove 40 miles home and odometer now showing 51 miles. Don't stress about it.

Lesthanzero | 17 mars 2020

They have been doing this for quite some time. My first Model X says 50 on the paperwork and I got that in the summer of 2016. My Model 3 says it and I got that in October 2018. My new 2020 Model X has 50 as well, we will see how much it actually has at delivery on 3/18/2020..