Homelink stops working, reboot car and it works, then stops again

Homelink stops working, reboot car and it works, then stops again

I didn't have the same trouble a few have had setting up homelink. I programmed the car and pressing the home icon and then my garage name opens and closes fine. The problem happens after charging overnight or sometimes after being at work. When I pull up, the house goes green, my garage name shows up but when I tap it nothing happens. The little radio signals that normally show up don't show up and the garage of course doesn't open.

I've tried re-programming it which fixes it for about the same time period but it eventually stops working. I've also tried driving away from the house and back and it doesn't work. If I hold both buttons down in park and reboot the car it starts working again... for a little while. Eventually it stops working until I reboot again.

Anyone else seen this? Maybe a bug that we can have looked at for the next update? It's pretty lame to have to get out of my brand new Model 3 and manually punch in codes to open and close my garage. I'm not sure if it's harmful to reboot the car all the time but I don't like the idea.

Waited4ever | 17 juillet 2018

I got on the forum to look for this problem. I experienced it. I got the car yesterday. Programmed Homelink. Worked well the first day. Today, I tried to get out of the garage but the Homelink names were green but no radio signal icon and it didn't send any signal out. I tried reprogramming but it's opening both garages at the same time so I will try it again tomorrow.

wade.wilson | 17 juillet 2018

Were you able to open and close the garage multiple times after the initial programming?

Tesla2018 | 17 juillet 2018

I had a GM car with homelink and a revolving code garage door. I dont think it worked using the remote. You have to hit the learn button on the opener. Also the rolling code had an extra step where you had to click the Homelink button an extra time after the door first opened in order to close it so that it learned the revolving code.

calvinrg | 17 juillet 2018

wade.wilson - yes, after the initial programming it will work for about an entire day. Yesterday I re-programmed it and it worked all day. Today when I backed out it didn't work and when I got home from work it didn't work. I rebooted the car and I've gone and come several times and it's working. My guess it tomorrow morning it will not work again. We'll see.

bryan | 17 juillet 2018

I have the same issue. Yes, I followed all of the steps including pressing the learn button on the opener. It works multiple times just fine. Up, down, several times. Everything is perfect until I come home the next day.

40milecommuter | 17 juillet 2018

Having the same problem. Works for a few days, maybe even a week, then stops. I have to reprogram the car.

calvinrg | 18 juillet 2018

Same problem this morning. Pulled out of the garage and the button shows and seems to highlight when touched but it doesn't show the radio animation and the garage doesn't close. Rebooted the car and it worked.

Tyme Traveller | 18 juillet 2018

@calvinrg- I had a similar issue. The Homelink would work sometimes but not consistently directly in front of the door. After going through the programming steps including holding the remote control only 1 inch from the front bumper it seems to be consistent now.

I have a 1 yr old Genie brand opener. Not sure if this helps you, but it seems Homelink is the culprit because I had similar issues with my Camry.

gm4gwu | 18 juillet 2018

I have seen same problem a few times over last 3 weeks and reboot was to fix. It's obviously a bug that should be fixed. I have had 3 Mercedes over past 10 years with same garage door and never had such problem.

Atoms | 19 juillet 2018

The same issue occurred with my car. A reboot fixed the issue. 2018.14.7 seems to have a LOT of bugs. HomeLink failure, sensor failures, black screen, cracking speakers, cycling reboot after using navigation for first time, reboot if touching the voice menu right after voice command. Software QC is poor. This all occurred within 24 hours of owning the vehicle.

calvinrg | 19 juillet 2018

@Tyme Traveller- interesting. Maybe I'll replace the batteries in the remote, re-program and see if that helps. The interesting thing is that every day if I reboot the car it work. It doesn't require a re-program, just a reboot.

ron369 | 23 juillet 2018

I’ve been having the same problems with my Homelink. It will just stop working, and once it stops working it will not work again until a reboot. And a reboot fixes it instantly every time which makes me think it is a software issue on Tesla’s side and not an issue with how it is programmed (or interference with light bulbs or anything else). Hopefully it will get fixed in an update soon.

picjon | 27 juillet 2018

I've seen the same issue. I did discover that if I open up Homelink settings and click to program the homelink entry again, but then just hit cancel on the programming screen that it starts working again. Saves a reboot and can be done on the fly.

Atoms | 27 juillet 2018

Clearly a programming issue. The program which communicates with the Gentex module is assuming too much and is results in a non robust interface. Maybe if you contact Tesla they could put into a debug mode and monitor the communication with the Gentex module and find out specifically what is going wrong with the handshaking. Otherwise maybe it is a defective module.

eplaskett | 28 juillet 2018

I had this issue while on 24.x. I have been on 26.1 for five days, however, and Homelink has worked flawlessly since the update. *knock on wood*

40milecommuter | 29 juillet 2018

26.1 fixed it for me. Thanks Tesla

Atoms | 29 juillet 2018

Mine did not work for weeks and just started working yesterday. I did a reboot but reboot d many times before.

thomas.g.smith.4533 | 17 octobre 2018

I have a 2014 Model S. The homelink garage door function stopped working after the recent software update. It has worked flawlessly the 5 years I have owned the car. I tried a reboot but that didn't fix it. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Very, very annoying to have to get out of the car to close/open the garage door each time I leave or arrive (especially as it starts getting colder in Wisconsin!).

KevAlex | 7 avril 2019

Mine stopped working this morning. I have a Model X 2017 (September). Firmware 2019.8.4. I have rebooted the car, tryreprogram the homelink function and even reset the garage opener itself and reprogram everything ... it still doesn't work.

My Model 3 homelink works, me remote works, my Ethernet connector (Q-link) works and my outdoor keypad works too.

It was working well since I have the car. My is that the component in charge of homelink communication is dead..

KevAlex | 7 avril 2019

fixed. Delete the profile again, open the frunk, rebooted the car. After the reboot, the homeling setup interface was different from the one before the reboot, it was exactly as the model 3 interface. I have 2019.8.4 for just a couple of days ... go figure ... cloud connected ...

MrSexyTime | 11 juin 2019

It didn't work when I got home last night. Went to reboot this morning, but tried it first, and it worked. I guess it needed to sleep. I did turn on pin to drive yesterday and turned it back off. Don't know if it was related. I did do a bug report when I found it didn't work.

SteveWin1 | 11 juin 2019

You may want to just leave it alone. Mine didn't work for about 3 days. I just left it alone and used my regular garage door opener, assuming they'd fix it with an update eventually...but it just started working again on its own. I didn't do anything special -- no car reset, no reprogramming, no software update. Its been weeks now and its worked fine since then.