Problem With the Brakes?

Problem With the Brakes?

I noticed that it takes a few seconds longer than I anticipate for my Tesla to come to a complete stop. I wonder if this is something that I should bring the car into the service center for. I know there was an issue with brakes that was addressed via the software update in May. As a comparison, I was driving a Prius previously and I find that my breaks in the Prius are way more sensitive than the Model 3.

Has anyone else noticed this issue? I know that each car model is different and was just wondering if I was used to more sensitive breaks and need to get used to braking in the Model 3.

PessimiStick | 24 juillet 2018

Were you tripping ABS? If not, push harder.

RIP ICE | 24 juillet 2018

Good grief.

Xerogas | 24 juillet 2018

Regenerative braking can only slow you down so quickly. Try pressing the brake pedal.

teslafei | 24 juillet 2018

I do hit the brake pedal. My issue is that the brakes aren't as responsive as I expect. I think the issue was with the "creep" mode and things are much better this morning since I turned it off. I thought "creep" only affects what happens when you release the brake pedal and not when you are braking. Unless I'm understanding it incorrectly?

bernard.holbrook | 24 juillet 2018

The brakes on the 3 are disappointing, so it's not in your head. Firmware version 18.13 upgraded the ABS code from horrible to ok. If your firmware is older than 18.13, call Tesla and get the latest version pushed to you.

spuzzz123 | 24 juillet 2018

Gimme a brake they are fine don’t fall prey to the Jedi mind trick from consumer reports

Kathy Applebaum | 24 juillet 2018

"The brakes on the 3 are disappointing,"

I haven't had a problem with them. But then I don't drive like a maniac. Hmmmm.....

yqduan | 19 juillet 2019

My 3 is new and only two month I had, but from the first day I experienced the same problem - long braking distance. I turn off the creep mode, the brake was still "soft" and the response of braking at above 50 miles/h was disappointing.

I made a service schedule at Tesla Pomona center in CA, a technician did a test driving and recognized the issue of long braking distance. He checked the brake oil and brake pads, and told me this is normal for M3 and keep a safe distance when driving, should be okay. I knew this is not okay, compared to my Prius that has a responsive brake.

any suggestion from who has the same experience? Thank you

garretn | 19 juillet 2019

The only issue I have is sometimes they are a little noisy on that last 10' of braking I do with the actual brakes. You must drive a lot harder than I do since I very seldom use the brakes to stop the car except for the last few feet before coming to a complete stop.

I didn't notice any brake issue on the track when hard braking was required. I have the performance model with upgraded brakes so that might be different as well.

Joshan | 19 juillet 2019

I almost never use the brakes, you do have regen braking on, right?

Joshan | 19 juillet 2019

and its a bumped 1 year old thread, assuredly FUD...

Magic 8 Ball | 19 juillet 2019

Not calling FUD and you made a good call @Joshan, check regen mode. Those that have track mode engaged enjoy the most awesome regen slowdowns ever.

Lonestar10_1999 | 19 juillet 2019

If the brakes are working as designed per the Tesla SC, then the OP needs to learn the idiosyncrasies of the M3. Most of us bought the M3 sight unseen. I wonder if the OP would have found the braking unacceptable if there was an opportunity for a pre-sale test drive.

BuffaloBillsFan | 19 juillet 2019

Honest question. Why would you NOT use standard regenerative breaking? Is there a downside that I don’t know about, or is it just personal preference to wear your actual breaks out?

I am really not aware of a downside to standard regen breaking . . .

eplaskett | 19 juillet 2019

I do recall thinking, when I first got my car just over a year ago, that the brakes felt a bit weak and less "grabby" than those on my prior car. It took me just a few weeks to get used to them, and I eventually realized that they're not weaker, just that they feel different. They will indeed stop the car quite quickly if you give them a good hard press.

As others have said, regen takes care of most of my deceleration needs, with the brakes mostly used only for those final few feet in most situations.

Pepperidge | 19 juillet 2019

At least better than 2007 Prius. LR RWD with 18" PS-4S

yqduan | 19 juillet 2019

Yes, I had a regenerative brake on at standard level

Magic 8 Ball | 19 juillet 2019

Next up what was your SOC, outside temperatures, etc. Are you familiar with conditions that will limit regen?

yqduan | 19 juillet 2019

A tesla tech had a test driving on my m3, at 50/60mile/h speed, the the braking distance is about 20 ' to a completely stop. The outside temp is 90 F

Magic 8 Ball | 19 juillet 2019

1-800 Karz 4 Kids

Kary993 | 19 juillet 2019

I love my Model 3 P but the brakes are not my favorite. They do work well, but does require a firm push to get the most out of them. My favorite brakes are Porsche brakes, the feel and ability to modulate them so precisely makes them perfect.

lordmiller | 19 juillet 2019

"They do work well, but does require a firm push to get the most out of them."

Jesus. The harder you push the faster you stop, what hell are some of you talking about.

Magic 8 Ball | 19 juillet 2019

If you have come to at least one hard stop with your brakes check for glazed pads or rotors.

Kary993 | 19 juillet 2019

@lordmiller - what am I talking about? read the rest of my post.........I guess that escaped you.

Magic 8 Ball | 19 juillet 2019

Riding the brake will also glaze pad and rotors.

lbowroom | 19 juillet 2019

You shouldn't compare absolute pedal pressure to another car and say one is lacking vs the other. Some brakes are tuned to light pedal pressure, others take a firmer foot. This doesn't translate to absolute braking distance in a panic stop. You will adjust to the more linear brake force required to stop your testa and then your Prius will seem over sensitive. This happens between all makes of cars.

edhchoe | 19 juillet 2019

I hardly ever touch the brake pedal unless i come to a complete stop.

Xerogas | 20 juillet 2019

@yqduan: "A tesla tech had a test driving on my m3, at 50/60mile/h speed, the the braking distance is about 20 ' to a completely stop. The outside temp is 90 F"
That’s incredibly good braking distance; 20’ is about the length of my kitchen.

copplej | 21 juillet 2019

I don't think I've used my model 3 brakes above 10mph yet. Regen is plenty slowy downy for me. But I might go out and try hitting the brakes at a higher speed to see what they are like. If they are not amazingly good I'll post a follow-up.

Tronguy | 21 juillet 2019

@yqduan, others: Hm. Consumers Reports, which has a mixed following around here, did identify an issue with the brakes (I think) on the M3 back when they did their initial testing, where, if memory serves, there was excessive fade.
This was brought to Tesla's attention, verified, and a (based upon Musk's tweets?) fix was rolled out in very short order. My reading at the time said it had something to do with a "calibration" step in the braking system. CU noted the update, re-tested, and was then very happy.
I've frankly noticed zero problems with the brakes on the M3 I drive; but, given a zillion cars being built, eventually every defect one can dream of is going to come out the door. One involving a missing wire/bad computer/what-have-you is not outside the bounds of reason.
Suggestion: Test it yourself. You'll have to find a large, Sunday-empty parking lot, bring a SO, get it up to 60, and slam on the brakes. Repeat two or three times in short order, then look at that CU article to get the stopping distance. Compare. Note: "slamming on the brakes" pretty much overrides anything the regen braking might be doing; you'd actually be using the real, no-kidding disk brakes on the car.
If your stopping distances are off by more than 20' or so, bring your data back to the dealership and raise a stink. If it's in line with what CU found after the fix, go on with your life.
And, no, regen braking, while cool, is not a substitute for the disk brakes.
So, the service manager says, "Normal".

lbowroom | 21 juillet 2019

I think it just comes down to adapting to different pedal pressure required on previous car.

raqball | 21 juillet 2019

I wonder if after a while we get so use to regen braking that when it's not used the brakes 'feel' soft even though they are not. I noticed this the other day. I hardly ever use the brakes except as the final stop, at slow speed. Yesterday I charged up to 100% for a trip and I noticed a HUGE difference in braking. This is of course all in my head as the brakes worked fine but I am so use to using no pedal, when I finally had to, they felt inadequate...

Food for thought...

roger.klurfeld | 22 juillet 2019

My brakes are fine. There are two reasons brakes get soft: water contamination and air in the lines. If you are concerned, get a brake fluid tester to see if your brake fluid is contaminated. Cost is $7 on Amazon. Your brakes also might need to be bled. A long shot but possible. The problem that Consumer Reports pointed out involved the ABS system that was fixed in June 2018, over a year ago. The fix made the car stop 20 feet shorter from 60 mph.

Syed.Hosain | 22 juillet 2019

@raqball "Yesterday I charged up to 100% for a trip and I noticed a HUGE difference in braking."

This is normal. When the car is charged to 100% (actually anything over 90%), regen braking capability is reduced since the motor must not send charge back to a full battery apparently ... till you get back down to about 90%.

There is a notice that pops up to tell you about this and offers to reduce the charging limit you have selected.

Syed.Hosain | 22 juillet 2019

BTW, if your regen braking is reduced, you will see a line of dots at the top left of the screen instead of a solid line that would normally show. Means that the regen braking is reduced.

raqball | 22 juillet 2019


Yes I am aware of that but I wonder if people get so use to never using the brakes that when they have to actually use them, they feel slightly inadequate...

Overall the brakes are fine but since regen braking is so awesome I don't think many use the brakes very often. When they do use them it's a different feel..

I could be wrong but that's my take on it after having to use them in full for the 1st time in a month of ownership..

Syed.Hosain | 22 juillet 2019


Oh, I see what you mean. Yes, all cars have different braking points and sensitivities to some degree.

And the regen braking takes getting used to as well - I almost had two low speed accident in the beginning of my Model 3 ownership days. The car was slowing when I lifted off the accelerator and I "assumed" that my foot was on the "brake" pedal. So, I pressed the "brake pedal" harder to come to a final stop - needless to say, the resulting acceleration was quite a surprise! Luckily, I caught the error in time ... since then, I have been far more careful.

When I drive my wife's Acura TSX after having been in mine, it is a bit disconcerting to see the car continue to roll when lifting off the accelerator. I have to get used to the lack of regen braking and it takes a few minutes of driving ...