Signed contract for Power Panels/Wall

Signed contract for Power Panels/Wall

We just signed our contract for Power Panels/Wall for our Florida home in Winter Park. We will be the first home in the Lake Killarny area, we are very excited. We have a 1946 craftsman home surrounded by some old growth, which we would hate to loose, so we are pretty much paneling 75% of the roof.

Our home is only 951 sqft & it's just two of us, so we are only in need of 1 x Powerwall, but I plan on getting more down the road for more electrical storage. We work with Duke Energy Florida and it seems they are all on board with net zero, electrical storage and pay-backs.

We have site design next week and our Power-Wall is slated for March 2019. We are so very excited.

Tesla-David | 17 août 2018

Congratulations @jett, you have every reason to be excited, and I wish you the very best going forward. We installed 13.2 kWh solar in 2012, and finally got our 2-PW2 installation in June of 2018, and they work incredibly well together in Self-Powered mode, we have been independent of the grid since turning on our batteries, running our 2000 sqft all electric home, charging our two Tesla's, and have been exporting about 64 percent of our solar generated electricity back to grid. IMHO the PW2's are an excellent complement to solar.

What size solar are your contemplating installing on your 951 sqft home with your 1 PW2? Do you have heat pump for your AC or do you have conventional AC? Heat pumps are so much more efficient. There are a lot of things we have done to reduce our energy demand, which has lead us to average 180+ percent solar production/total energy demand over last 6 years.

egalan1 | 17 août 2018

Congratulations!!! I live a few minutes away from Winter Park in Casselberry. My install happened in June of 2018. Have a 10 kwh system with two powerwalls.Got it in before they ran out of batteries.Gonna love it! My grid fails alot especially during the summer.Seems like everyone is running their A/C and boom transformer blows.5 power outages in July alone.Good luck with everything!!

jett | 17 août 2018

Thanks for the input David and Egalan in Cassleberry!

We moved into our home about 3 months ago and so far we had 1 power outage that lasted about 3 hrs. It was however enough for it to get pretty darn hot in the house, even though it was 10pm to 1am. Dogs did not dig it at all.

It's a small footprint of a house David and we have a lot of old growth that I wish to keep (I need my shade...lived in Alaska for 17 yrs). So they planned it out with 10.7 panels pretty much on all three corners of the roof. I wanted the flat-black panels with the beveled edges as well as the whole front of the house will be paneled and I want to to look nice for the hood.

So far, they said 1 x power wall will run the house for 20 hrs if the power fails. We have a 2-ton heatpump & tankless. Only have 1 bath, 1 kitchen and 2 bedrooms. The 3rd bedroom is a voice over studio for my wife's business.

jett | 17 août 2018

The 10.7 is Kilowatts, no idea how many panels it will be. And I really don't wish to remove any trees as we have a oasis of a back-yard, which is the best part of this little house.

jett | 17 août 2018

Oh and one more thing. I was so impressed with the presentation of this system and the ease of getting on board, I sold some Nvidia stock and purchased 50 shares of Tesla today. I went to bed with the intention to do so and boy, was I jazzed when the stock opened 8 percent down.

And before you even "think it", no, I don't work for Tesla, this was purely a coincidence. I go with the Buffet rule when self-trading, "Buy what you know"...and I'm impressed with this product & I don't even have it in hand yet.

Tesla-David | 17 août 2018

@jett, I am a tree hugger mysel and would never advise you to remove trees, as they provide a lot of benefits. The 10.7 kWh solar seems adequate to me for your smaller sized home and should work well with the PW2. Sounds like you are only considering using the PW2 in backup mode. I am using ours in Self-Powered mode with backup set at 30 percent, which still gives us 8 kWh of battery in case of a brownout or blackout. You could use your power wall like I am to increase your energy independence, while still covering potential blackouts.

I also buy stocks like TSLA that I have personal experience with (2 MS’s, M3, PW2), and strongly believe in their mission, to advance the adoption of renewable energy and electric transportation. Tesla products rock.