Window control from app

Window control from app

I was wondering when the app can control the windows remotely to raise up when a passenger forgot to raise it before exiting the car.

Or the possibility of putting down the windows remotely on a hot day.

EVRider | 19 août 2018

No, you can’t control the windows remotely. Same for Model S/X.

omy.ronquillo | 19 août 2018

Thanks @EVRider. I was just curious as this feature is available in Mercedes-Benz and BMWs.

rand889 | 20 août 2018

I also wanted that feature and then I got used to using the app to turn on the AC. Much better than just roll the windows down.

andy.connor.e | 20 août 2018

Would be cool if there was a roll windows up option. That way i could keep them cracked and if it rains i dont have to go outside.

spockagain34 | 20 août 2018

It's an obsolete feature. With cabin overheat protection and the ability to remotely turn on the AC, why would you ever need to crack the window? | 20 août 2018

+1 andy --- @spock see andy's comment

andy.connor.e | 20 août 2018

So that i would not be wasting my battery maintaining the cabin temperature when im not in the cabin.

mikehen08 | 20 août 2018

I would like this feature too. More so for the rolling up but it would also save battery. Or as someone said somewhere before, have the camera detect rain and roll the windows up automatically (like the wipers turning on automatically)

andy.connor.e | 20 août 2018

agree @mike, either option would be cool

marcfirehart | 20 août 2018

I agree, with all this technical innovations in the 21st century, it should be a standard feature. I can understand that turning on the AC is a nice and helpful feature, but it would be even more beneficial to be able to roll up/down the windows to let fresh air in as desired.

Patrick | 20 août 2018

An easy addition via OTA and app updates over time...

maintreqd | 20 août 2018

@marcfirehart "fresh air", aka dirt and pollen. Leaving windows open when stationary is asking for extra dust, pollen, dirt, etc. in your car. I think automated cabin conditioning is the direction Tesla wants to keep things moving in and as such they are likely not going to implement remote window control now or in the future.

andy.connor.e | 20 août 2018

Dirt and pollen is an issue in areas that you have to be concerned with dirt and pollen. And everything is by choice. Some would rather spend the battery to condition their cabin, others dont. Some care about pollen, others dont. If its the difference of a software option, they should give us the option to do both.

johnmann | 20 août 2018

It is technically possible to raise and lower windows remotely. And someday Tesla may allow them to be lowered remotely, but I don’t see them ever allowing them to be rolled up remotely or automatically. There is too much risk of liability if someone should get their head caught in there and be strangled.

EVRider | 20 août 2018

For the record, I believe the Model S key fob did let you control the windows at one point, but Tesla removed that feature due to safety issues. The feature was gone by the time I got my Model S, so I don't know if you could both open/close the windows with the fob or just one or the other.

patelmaulik1990 | 29 août 2018

This is a must feature to save some battery during really hot days when you cannot even park your car under shade. You can quickly roll down/up windows for few seconds to keep the inside temperature down.

iandrew | 17 avril 2019

@mikehen08 | August 20, 2018
Probably the rain sensor that activates the windshield wiper can actuate the windows to roll up, when it senses rain.

phinallydone03 | 26 avril 2019

@iandrew. good idea...

gmkellogg | 26 avril 2019

@iandrew I wouldn't think the rain sensors would be active when the car is in sleep. Would be a waste of power.

hokiegir1 | 26 avril 2019

The rain sensors are just the windshield camera -- so it would be active if sentry mode is on.

EVEdriver | 26 avril 2019

+1 for remote windows control

gmkellogg | 26 avril 2019

@hokiegir1 that's true I forgot the changes made with sentry mode. At the same time though you can't use sentry mode in low battery states, and there is a cost for enabling it.

Electric_Sheeple | 26 avril 2019

I'd like that feature also! I've wondered why it wasn't part of the app.... even with cabin temp control & climate control - being able to crack, roll down, or roll up windows remotely would be nice! +1

[2019 TM3 SR+ | San Antonio, TX]

jball | 26 avril 2019

I would like an auto-rollup feature when locked. Occasionally when exiting the car the window doesn't fully roll up when the door is shut. Thankfully this hasn't happened prior to a hard TX rain.

Zsar | 26 avril 2019

I would like to have that window option too so I can check if my window roll down by it self AGAIN. I have a service appointment on may 31 for window rolling down occasionally(mind of its own).

wiscy67 | 26 avril 2019

Yes, Tesla should offer the option to remotely control windows while parked using the app.

3ngineer | 26 avril 2019

Use bug report to suggest it like I did months ago! I don't think Tesla checks forums for product ideas (someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).

billlake2000 | 26 avril 2019

johnmann, I am surprised that it didn't occur to you that when you roll your windows down and notice from the streaming camera app a person who you don't recognize sticks their ugly little head through your window, you might want to roll up the window and catch their ugly little head before you go to your car with your customer Tesla Testicle Taser.

billlake2000 | 26 avril 2019

custom, not customer, you blankety blank auto corrector.

yesthatallen | 9 mai 2019

I'd settle for just knowing if my windows are up or down, without having to wander in to the torrential rain we're having..

mtjeanne | 13 juin 2019

It's silly that you can't raise/lower the windows from the app and I also vote for Tesla adding this feature. There is no safety concern because they won't close on your head or fingers; if resistance is detected the window stops and the app could give you an error. Displaying the current window position and rain auto-close are also really great ideas.

Does anyone know how to make the rear windows go down all the way?

jluiswn | 13 juin 2019

I would also vote for this, especially a setting "Roll up windows on lock"
I'm more concerned about leaving windows rolled down

syclone | 13 juin 2019

Let's put things in perspective here. The Farting app is more important than being able to roll up the windows remotely. HUH?

Magic 8 Ball | 13 juin 2019

Let's put it in further perspective and understand car manufacturers are regulated and it is illegal to provide the feature of auto or remote window roll up.

lbowroom | 13 juin 2019

Make them go all the way down? You can’t because the bottom of the window would be in the rear fender well

bhatiat | 14 juin 2019

I would like to see this feature as well. I doubt it would be illegal as some manufacturers (as Omy mentioned) already provide this control thru apps or remotes. Original ask is not for auto roll up but to manually do it thru app, which is not much different from being done by driver from inside.

Lonestar10_1999 | 14 juin 2019

To put in yet another perspective, if you can legally summon the entire car from the app, you should be able to roll up the windows from the app.

dl512 | 27 juin 2019

This would be a really good feature. I live in Texas and it gets hot out here. We can also get torrential rain with very little notice. If I can't crack my windows, the interior of the car will reach 105 really quickly and the car will basically be in Cabin Overhead Protection mode all the time.

I also noticed that if the windows are open and you turn the AC on from the app, they don't close. Seems like they should (assuming there's an easy way to detect if they're open).

What I'd like to see is this:

- be able to crack your windows (just an inch or two) from the app
- be able to close your windows from the app
- if I don't close the windows and its raining, it would be great if the car could detect it and close them for me (if that requires sentry mode then fine)
- if you turn the fans on and the window are open, it should close them