Anyone using run-flat tires?

Anyone using run-flat tires?

Is anyone using run=flat tires?

How do they change range?

Is there more road noise?

007bond | 4 septembre 2018

I had thought to maybe change to RFT after the current tires are done. I do have RFT on my BMW and I actually like them a lot and they have saved the day many times. But I will say they do ride harder, you feel the road more, they are more noisy, so there are trade offs. My main concern is what is the rolling resistance of the stock M3 tires vs the RFT as we don't want to kill the range of the car over the long term just for the tires. But when your wife is driving alone, in the pouring rain, on a back road with no cell coverage, there just is no substitute for RFT's.

njchillie | 4 septembre 2018

@007Bond I, too, loved the RFTs on my BMW 3, but have same concerns about impact on range.

billtphotoman | 4 septembre 2018

With the increasing prevalence of EVs which universally lack spare tires I am really hoping more RFT and self-sealing tire choices become available soon. I am surprised Michelin doesn't offer the self-sealing feature they have on their OEM Bolt tires on more tires in their line. While self-sealing tires don't cover all failure modes there doesn't seem to be a downside. In the last 35+ years of driving all of my flat tires have been due to punctures that self-sealing tires would mitigate.

nikhilm_2000 | 4 septembre 2018

I have RFTs on my BMW 5 as well and given the current state of roads in NJ, I highly recommend them. I have had 5 flats in the last 3 years with simple city driving and nails puncturing the tires. Now that my wife will take over the BMW, they will be a necessity for us to save her any trouble.

sabbia | 4 septembre 2018

I have run flat tires on Model S. Have not noticed any change in range...temperature change is by far the biggest factor.

As to road noise, they are a tad louder on certain roads only. Not a biggie.

007bond | 4 septembre 2018

nikhilm_2000 I too am in NJ and always buy from Tire Rack since in NJ you almost never wear a tire out you replace it due to a pothole. You made me think of a concern that is the shatter resistance of the M3 rims. I have had to replace the rims on my BMW a few times due to cracks after hitting a pothole. My wifes old E350 that had the frame bent from a pothole. So as you know in NJ potholes are a serious issue and I am just worried with the M3 rims said to be so light weight what happens when we hit a pothole. So we could put on RFT but will the rims take the punishment of NJ roads???

lbowroom | 4 septembre 2018

That’s funny, I thought run flats were universally panned for being heavy, harsh, and expensive with not particularly good handling.

ST70 | 4 septembre 2018

no...they suck

RES IPSA | 4 septembre 2018

Sounds like NJ has roads like here in San Diego. I am glad the M3 handles well because I am constantly dodging potholes and other road defects

63strat | 4 septembre 2018

sabbia - what brand/model of run flats do you have?

shadoh | 5 septembre 2018

@007Bond: That's one of the reasons I didn't mind trading in my BMW (one of the only reasons, actually - I did have fun in it). I have lived in the same house, and worked in the same building, through the ownership of 4 different cars. In that time, I never, ever, EVER had any issues with wheels/rims (aside from the occasional curb rash - oops). However, MONTHS into owning my brand now 2015 428i, I took it in to have the tires rotated, and I was told I had a bent rim. I said it must have been that way when I bought it, but the guy at Discount Tire said that BMW wheels are notoriously "soft" and bend easily over the slightest pothole. I mentioned my work/living situation above only as a background to show that my commute never changed, and I know for certain I never hit a pothole so hard that I was worried about it bending. I had it corrected and from that moment on, I was always super paranoid about potholes. A couple years down the road, and I'm told that two more tires are "bent." So damn annoying. Again, 4 different cars being driven in the same way on the same roads had no issues with bent rims. BMW's are definitely flawed.

Red Raven | 7 septembre 2018

Does it make sense to carry a bottle of “tire slime”? I bought a pump and plug kit for emergencies, but not sure if the slime or fix a flat would work with the OEM tires.

Daryl | 7 septembre 2018

@Red Raven "Does it make sense to carry a bottle of “tire slime”? "

Tesla sells a package that includes slime and a 12 volt air pump. That implies that yes, it would work.

I bought a similar package from Amazon for a lot less. There is some risk that the exact formulation of slime in the package I bought is not compatible with the OEM tires, but I doubt it very much.

AMAZEU | 7 septembre 2018

Slime, including the slime in the Tesla kit screws up the the TPM sensor.

CST | 7 septembre 2018

Why do you say that? Slime and research says otherwise...

dean | 8 septembre 2018

Had run flats on my BMW Z4. Hated them with a passion, made the car perform like shit. Replaced them while they were still almost new and never regretted it. Roadside assistance and a cell phone is way less stressful than driving on run flats.

davidmartinpaden | 20 octobre 2019

I've used another brand of the "slime" and it messed up the balance of my tire because it hardened before it evenly distributed itself around the inside of the tire.

ronbandel | 20 octobre 2019

Here's an alternative to no spare in the M3. A company called also on Amazon with 5 star reviews. Not cheap but may be worth the price if taking a road trip. What do you guys think?

kaffine | 20 octobre 2019

I put Bridgestone Drivegaurd run flat tires on my Tesla M3. I haven't noticed a difference in handling or ride quality vs stock tires. I have 18" rims. It might be a bit louder over expansion joints in the road but normal roads I haven't notice much difference.

I can't say about range as my commute drastically changed at about the same time.

Scrannel | 20 octobre 2019

Had RFT on my C6 Corvette and they were great.