Tesla API for software development?

Tesla API for software development?

I am building a Tesla fan website and would like to get a list of all the Superchargers with their GPS locations.
I know there are a lot of crowd sourced websites, but I would prefer to get the data from Tesla.
I only need the ones that are active.
Ideally, all the data behind this page: that also includes service centers and destination chargers.
Before I write something that scrapes all this from their website, I would like to know if anyone has information on a more reliable and supported method to getting the same data.

I tried to find a dedicated domain or website location for this and noticed that seems to return a blank page instead of a 404 error so I can imagine something is behind there.
I just can't find out how to get started with using it.

NKYTA | 9 septembre 2018

Not sure Visible Tesla is still a thing, but you’d find some hints there (link to crowdsourced APIs).
On github last I checked.

Xerogas | 9 septembre 2018

@gordy: Tesla has never published an official API

gordy | 9 septembre 2018

Thanks for the tip. I checked into it. This does look like it uses the /api URL that I discovered, but it is for application control of a vehicle linked to a user's account.

I am looking for corporate wide data - specifically all the names and GPS co-ordinates of all the Tesla locations (stores and chargers)

Xerogas | 9 septembre 2018

@gordy: you’ll likely have to scrape their website. That’s what I’m doing with my forum-reading iOS app. A bit of BeautifulSoup should help.

EVRider | 10 septembre 2018

Although Tesla doesn’t officially support their API, it has been stable and is documented here:

However, that API is all about the vehicle, so there’s nothing to help you get supercharger information.

jithesh | 19 mars 2019

There is no official API release by Tesla ever to be used by public.

Some people have reverse engineered and created a wrapper API like
But I am not sure if this supports the latest features like Supercharger list | 19 mars 2019

To get all the data you could want, you need to interface with the CAN bus. This is all proprietary and I and others have done some reverse engineering for various projects. Be aware CAN bus ports changes between models and in some cases different builds. It is very time consuming to unearth CAN bus ports and data formats for the bus, but is the best way to get anything about what the car is doing at any instant. For example, I display the percent of charge on a 144 LED array on the front of my car. I can see at a glance where it is in charging. Here's all the project details:

Jeff Hudson | 19 mars 2019

I am surprised nobody has mentioned this website. I find it very useful for tracking Supercharger locations and the progress as they are constructed. | 19 mars 2019

@Jeff - Those sites are well known. Not sure what that has to do with a software API though. Wrong thread?

framburger | 15 juillet 2019

Lots of developers are using Smartcar ( as a solution.

Xerogas | 15 juillet 2019

@framburger: "Lots of developers are using Smartcar ( ) as a solution."
Pricey, and not sure why people aren’t just going direct to Tesla’s APIs using Tom Dorr’s code