Anyone hook up a trunk mount bike rack on Model 3?

Anyone hook up a trunk mount bike rack on Model 3?

Hi Tesla community,

Was just curious if anyone used a trunk mount bike rack on the Model 3 and were there any issues. I have seen reviews and Elon recommended the SeaSucker roof racks but they're not lockable and I just feel a little worried about heavy items on top of the glass roof (I have a Priority Bike, not a lightweight carbon fiber bike). I was looking at this Thule Raceway trunk mount bike rack which allows you to lock your bikes -

Any recommendations or advice is appreciated!

ModernTriDad | 15 septembre 2018

I am curious about this also, although I have a lightweight tri bike that I'll be taking along. If I travel without the toddlers then I'll flip the back seats down and put the bike in that space w/o taking wheel off. Otherwise, I may throw caution to the wind and use the SeaSucker - . Having never used suction cups to transport a bike, I worry that it will show up in the rearview camera at some point along the trip, but I have to assume they are pretty secure.

Liferules | 16 septembre 2018

Re-SeaSucker--for that price, they better be secure! :)

Bend | 12 mai 2019

I tried my existing trunk-mounted bike rack and it worked great on my model 3. Clips at the top of the trunk fit in the gap perfectly fine, held 2 mountain bikes without problems. Bike rack is an inexpensive 'Allen' bike rack, nothing special, and is super-easy to put on/take off (<1 min). I would recommend some extra cushioning, so I put some cloths between the rack and the car just to protect it a little more.

tim.raymund | 12 mai 2019

Before we decided to buy, we did a test fit of our Saris Bones back-mount rack. All good, though I think some rubber pads for hooks and pedals might be needed.

ctmorell | 13 mai 2019

I’ve got an Allen sports. My advice: don’t use one that presses directly on the top of the trunk. Mine left marks on the paint that won’t come out.

rdavis | 13 mai 2019

I have the Thule Raceway Platform hooked up to mine. I didn't try to put the clips where the glass was up against the trunk as I didn't want to risk a glass break. I instead hooked it to the side.

Here is a video showing how to do it... Note, this is not my video or my installation, just one I found online showing the hookup method to the side instead of the top.

rdavis | 13 mai 2019

This video pop-ed up after that last one in case you want to add a hitch and do a hitch mount instead. Looks kinda cool, not sure if anyone on here has used one yet.