maps update over WiFi

maps update over WiFi

A message popped up that said I must be connected to WiFi for maps update. I live in a condo where getting wifi isn't possible. If I drive to somewhere that I can connect my car to a wifi hotspot, how do I start the update and how long should it take to download?


david | 21 septembre 2018

A message popped up that said I must be connected to WiFi for maps update. I live in a condo where getting wifi isn't possible. If I drive to somewhere that I can connect my car to a wifi hotspot, how do I start the update and how long should it take to download?

davidahn | 21 septembre 2018

Same for me, I don't know how good my wifi signal is in my garage. I'll find out tonight. Non-apartment dwellers can just put another wifi AP in the garage.

You may have to use a mobile hotspot or hotspot from your phone if you have unlimited data. Just not sure how long these map downloads take, so a mobile hotspot would be better.

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 21 septembre 2018

I bought a ZTE Mobley OBD II port WiFi hotspot for my X with a $10/mo UNLIMITED data plan from AT&T. It’s great. I get all updates and maps. Maps are 7 GB!! Plus you don’t know WHEN you’re getting the maps. So you’ll have to park near a Starbucks forever or sit in your car with your phone hotspot forever. Not worth it. Just get an OBDII hotspot. I love mine.

davidahn | 22 septembre 2018

That ZTE Mobley sounds cool, FLOTUS! But... cursory research shows:

1) I hear those ZTE Mobleys are hard to come by, and your $10/mo plan isn't available any more;
2) I don't see such an option for Verizon!

But my Netgear AC791L's charging cable plugs right into the MX's USB port and plugs, plus it has a 22 hour battery. $20 a month for unlimited data if you have a Verizon unlimited data plan. This is a no-brainer if you already have to pay for Tesla data. If not, also easier to swallow if you're a business owner (and I know both of us are!).

david | 22 septembre 2018

I have to check to see if I would receive a signal from the above hotspots when parked underground in my condo. anyone have any experience with underground parking and these hotspots?

jjgunn | 22 septembre 2018

If you have Xfinity/Comcrap you might be able to find a signal & use your Xfinity account. Just a thought....

jjgunn | 22 septembre 2018

I got it too.....

My_MMS_75D | 22 septembre 2018

I got the same msg. In my case the car is always on wifi when parked in the garage.

mamunurikamal | 22 septembre 2018

I got this message while I was driving and asked me to connect to wifi.After that I didn't see any update related to maps even after connected to wifi.
Did any one got updated. I have called Tesla service and they don't even have any clue about maps update.

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 22 septembre 2018

@david YES where I live in Los Angeles, my Verizon cell phone has NO service in underground garage but ATT has 4 bars LTE (thank goodness Tesla uses ATT!). You should test before ordering. Eh?

scotteeboy71 | 22 septembre 2018

I got the same message and I've got wi-fi no problem. Sounds like it's effecting lots of folks, and may be a bug of some type.

LTO2 | 23 septembre 2018

Left town on Friday morning, returned this afternoon (Sunday). X was in airport garage while I was away. Returned home, attached charging cable for re-juicing to 90%. Left home a few hours later; on return, turned into my street and noticed on the map that what had been erroneous street information has been changed to the correct name for my street! (I had sent audible and email messages about the error.) Not sure when the map update was installed. WiFi reception while X is in the garage is quite fine, so updates load without difficulty—with but one exception so far. On that occasion I called the SC and they promptly pushed the update to my X and it installed without further difficulty.

lyleaustin | 24 septembre 2018

Be careful, I would't recommend using an unsecure or public wifi. Why give someone the possibility to hack into your car.

jjgunn | 24 septembre 2018

Someone has the root password to Tesla's fleet & OS's? Besides Tesla employees?

jerryk | 24 septembre 2018

I am not too worried about man in the middle attacks and such. All packets are encrypted. And hashing is performed to verify the data is received is what was sent.

willtung8 | 26 septembre 2018

If I decide to turn on my mobile hotspot each time I drive, is there a way to initiate the map update? Or at least to confirm that the update happened? Is there a way to see the version of the maps your'e on?

jjgunn | 26 septembre 2018

That's exactly what I was going to ask. Is there a way to initiate map update??

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 27 septembre 2018

No way to initiate. That’s what sucks. You just have to wait.

Tesla told me “just park near a Starbucks and connect got their Wi-Fi and eventually it’ll load maps!” Hahahah

willtung8 | 28 septembre 2018

@MelaniaFromBrentwood Will there be a way to at least confirm that it was downloaded? Will there be a download complete screen? Or somewhere you can look at your map version?

jjgunn | 28 septembre 2018

I bought a repeater - Everytime the car is parked it connects to WiFi now. My WiFi.

No idea if the maps updated. Here's the repeater I bought if you need one.

willtung8 | 28 septembre 2018

@jjgunn Unfortunately I live in an apartment complex and park in a multi level parking garage. I can of course always bum Wifi off coffee shops etc, but would just need to have a way to know that it's being downloaded, or has completed downloading.

Teslapalooza | 28 septembre 2018

@MelaniaFromBrentwood: Since you got the map update, could you tell us what are the improvements that you see?

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 28 septembre 2018

@willtung8 Nope doesn’t say anything!!

@Teslamania no visible improvements. I bet they’re “under the hood” improvements. But also read on TMC that a lot of the incorrect navigation directions have been fixed.

chrisclub | 29 septembre 2018

How to add way points to a trip?

Tesla Tony | 6 octobre 2018

My new model X got me to the middle of the road on two occasions. Did anybody have this issue. Hopefully will be received with some updates

Teslapalooza | 6 octobre 2018

@Tesla Tony: Yes it has taken me to the middle of a parking lot which is about half a mile from the actual destination.

As for the map update, they say it is 6 GB in size. I am not sure how that woefully outdated 11g radio (slow as molasses) in my MX that keeps losing wifi connection frequently is ever going to download 6GB of map data. it is unlikely I will ever get that update with the crappy WiFi they have in my car. I doubt I will get the v9 update either since it requires WiFi. Got to wait I guess until I take it in for scheduled service next month.