Chirp and Flicker requested to alert owners of a phone key left inside the vehicle.

Chirp and Flicker requested to alert owners of a phone key left inside the vehicle.

I've left my phone in my car for the umpteenth time now.

I think the car should have a way to alert the owner if they're walking away leaving the phone-key inside the vehicle.

IF phone key inside the vehicle
AND seat sensors recently turned off
AND vehicle door recently closed
AND ultrasonic sensors detect a person walking away
THEN make an audible alarm and flash the lights

Now, the only question I have is can the car distinguish between a phone inside the car and outside the car? Does Bluetooth connection record strength of signal? Or is it binary as connected/Not-connected?

M3NOICE | 25 septembre 2018

I have a slightly different story for this:
- I walked to the car, car unlocked from my phone.
- My wife dropped off her purse and phone in the car and walked back in the house
- I went to the other car and drove away
- first car auto-locked
- my wife called me from house phone that both her phone and key card are in the locked car.
- unlocked car remotely

So yes, the car should stay unlocked if it detects a phone key inside/proximity. Maybe my wife's phone needs an upgrade ;-)

namviet.hoang | 25 septembre 2018

I have no answer to this question but I propose my homebrew solution : always carry the keycard. I always carry both card and phone.

I have had actually the reverse happen to me.

- Keycard on the console ; phone in pocket
- Go inside parent's house
- Set to leave only to realize keycard locked on console ; phone dead...

I fast charged my phone for an unlock to save the day...

M3NOICE | 25 septembre 2018

Yes, I said that to my wife, but she did not appreciate it... ;-) She had the keycard in wallet, inside purse, inside the locked car...