Replace 12V battery "soon" warning

Replace 12V battery "soon" warning

How long do I have to safely drive the car after first receiving this warning? I believe that some of you have been dead in the water after your 12V went bad. Light just came on yesterday for the first time. The soonest appointment I can get is in mid October. Service said I will be fine waiting. Do I need to argue with them and try to have it fixed sooner? How quick a replacement is it? I am assuming it is a very quick swap out. I have a mid 2015 vintage S85d. 78,000 miles (and not that the 12V should affect this but as of last month I 100% charged to 262 miles range - I do not remember if energy savings was on or not). Thanks.

SUN 2 DRV | 26 septembre 2018

You generally have at least several weeks...

I have 118k miles on my five year old MS-85 and have needed only one 12V battery replacement. It seems the more you drive it the longer your 12V battery lasts. I think it's because the 12v then needs to power the background electronics less of the time, and also that the 12V gets recharged while driving so it doesn't get deeply discharged as often.

p.c.mcavoy | 26 septembre 2018

@matthew.joseph - I had mine replaced in February this year. Was about 3 weeks between when notice first occurred and it was replaced without any issues. Sounds like your appointment was in a similar window of time. I’ve seen many others comment about a 2-4 week window without any issue.

Haggy | 26 septembre 2018

It should last until the appointment. If Tesla didn't feel confident, they'd have you come in. Otherwise, they'd end up paying for a tow.

Mine is a 2014, had an older generation 12V battery and the original software used a different and less optimal charging algorithm. Later batteries should last longer. Mine first showed me a message at around 49,750 miles, so I went in right away just to make sure that they knew that it happened under warranty. But it likely would have lasted a while longer.

On a 2015 85D, the battery is easier to change than it was on mine, and mine didn't take long. They did it while I waited.

RandallKeith | 26 septembre 2018

2014 October build 12 V battery lasted 3 1/2 years 37,000 miles. Ranger replaced it in my driveway 30 minutes. Yours is easier to get at. You’ll make it to mid October ranger told me it can’t go a couple of months.

RandallKeith | 26 septembre 2018

Can go

NKYTA | 26 septembre 2018

Should be fine OP.

jjgunn | 26 septembre 2018

'soon" - replace it when you get FSD per Elon

I would replace it & be done with it.

JayInJapan | 26 septembre 2018

My 12V lasted 3 years and 7 months. Tesla set up an appointment; swap took 20 minutes. It’s not a big deal.

trevor58 | 26 septembre 2018

I also had a busy service center schedule and waited between 3 and 4 weeks after the warning with no problem.

jordanrichard | 27 septembre 2018

Don't worry about it. I got the 12v warning at the begging of this past March, already had my 4th annual service scheduled for Mar 29th, so I just waited until then. I was at 107,000 miles by the time my 4th annual was done.

In an ICE car, if one gets a battery light, they are literally on borrowed time.

stevenmaifert | 27 septembre 2018

It will likely last until your appointment, but I would push to get it replaced sooner. When the 12V stops, so does the car and you are out of warranty for a Tesla paid tow.

Haggy | 27 septembre 2018

I have AAA but in addition, I added towing to my insurance policy. It costs only a few dollars. Unlike AAA, the one from the insurance company is limited to towing to the nearest repair facility. It's obviously trying to be as limiting as possible and would preclude towing to a person's favorite mechanic in many cases, but in my case it could be hundreds of miles.

Cnightengale | 28 septembre 2018

How much does it cost to replace the 12V?

RandallKeith | 28 septembre 2018

If car is under warranty it’s free. Out of warranty ranger told me about $250. It used to be more but Tesla keeps changing their prices.

Tesla-David | 29 septembre 2018

We had 12V battery replaced in March in our S85D by Ranger, took less than 20 minutes, and drove car for ~2 weeks after warning light came on with no problems.

ATCRomes | 29 septembre 2018

OP, would you say you often let your SOC drop pretty low? I've had mine replaced twice and both times it was after the SOC was very low for a couple days. First time car was in storage for a few months, second time I had cosmetic work done and shop didnt charge it. Just wondering.

sertel_rd | 10 août 2019

I have that message “Replace 12V battery "soon" warning” and i remplace the battery of my Model 3 and I have the same message, there is any way to renové that message or the car require service. Please some one that can help me | 11 août 2019

Make an appointment with your mobile service or your nearest Service Center. Don’t wait too long.

r_anbu | 7 novembre 2019

What's the warranty period for the Tesla Model S bought in 2016? It's 3 years and 2 months old. I contacted Tesla to fix my "12v battery" issue. They are charging $277. I got only 25k miles on it. | 7 novembre 2019

The standard warranty is 4 years, 50K miles for a new car and longer for the main battery and drivetrain. You'd need to look at the warranty that came with the car. I looked at the S/X/3 warranty effective Feb 1, 2019, and I don't see any exclusion for the 12v battery. I'd ask to have them show you where it is excluded.

jordanrichard | 7 novembre 2019

R_anbu, everything from the front bumper to the rear bumper is covered 100%, except tires.

john | 7 novembre 2019

I had installed a Ohmmu (formerly Battmobile) battery about three months ago. It seems to work flawlessly and it is one-third of the weight of the OEM lead acid battery.