$500 Check from PG&E for M3 buyers

$500 Check from PG&E for M3 buyers

This should be a sticky and I have not seen a thread on this for a while.
This is real, buy an M3, send in application to PG&E (if you are one of their customers) and they will send you a check for $500 within a couple of weeks.

jamespompi | 28 septembre 2018

JEA in Jacksonville, FL has a similar program, but the rebate is $1000.

lynhnn | 28 septembre 2018

I got $500 from PG&E quickly after 2 weeks or so. And I'm in the Bay Area.

MP84 | 28 septembre 2018

Wow. Didn't know about this at all. Thanks!

voytres | 28 septembre 2018

Got $500 from PG&E in 10 days after submitting application.
Approved from California for $2500 in 65 days after submitting application, waiting a check

next - $7500 from federals in 2019 :)

Teslalinked | 28 septembre 2018

Silly question, but just to be sure: Only one PG&E rebate per household, yeah?

Rt002k | 28 septembre 2018

The replies sound like the spambots "I earned $20k working from home in only 1 month! You can too!"

sbutler | 28 septembre 2018


Its one rebate per car per household. No limit on # of checks per household. With Model 3, this was our 4th check!!

CST | 28 septembre 2018

Yep, one per household, once, not per year. PG&E isn't a nice company, they do the bare minimum while making a profit.

Teslalinked | 28 septembre 2018

Thanks sbutler!

Teslalinked | 28 septembre 2018

@cst, don’t doubt what you said, but it sounds like others have personally received the rebate on an additional car. Have you been turned down?

rxlawdude | 28 septembre 2018

SCE's rebate ($450) is per car, with no limit. Get a new EV, get a check.

Of course, payment, once approved, is as slow as molasses @ 0 Celsius. ;-)

ModernTriDad | 28 septembre 2018

We're likely moving to NC (and most likely temporarily until picking a state to settle in) a little after my NY delivery (expected "by Nov 2018"). The NY $2000 rebate at the delivery will be great, but then it's off to NC. In case you were wondering what amazing EV incentives NC offers for making the world a cleaner place...

+$0 rebates or incentives
-$130/year (annual EV fee)

No government incentives and no Duke Energy EV incentives that I could find. It will definitely be a factor in our decision to settle in another state. I realize some will say that the $130 annual fee will compensate for the gas tax loss, but: (1) there are taxes on the electric that we'll pay for, (2) there should be incentives for using more efficient & cleaner vehicles, not a penalty, and (3) other states are moving forward in this area, so residents & businesses that value these issues will likely choose not to stay/move there. It's not really shocking in a state like NC that doesn't seem to be moving in a positive direction on many issues aside from this. Now to convince my wife that CO isn't too many supercharging stations away from NC for the next move.

My source for NC and EVs:

SolidWhite60DX | 28 septembre 2018

@CST, it is not per year, but per vehicle. I just got approved for my second rebate for my second EV. Note that this isn't Tesla specific, any EV qualifies.

CST | 28 septembre 2018

@Pelicans , @SolidWhite60DX - agreed, per vehicle would be accepted, but some power companies give the rebate annually, PG&E doesn't.