Setting up Wife's Phone as Key

Setting up Wife's Phone as Key

Not clear on how I set up my wife's phone as a "second" mobile phone key. I have downloaded the Tesla app on her phone but it seems to require that the login info be my login info. If I log in using her phone, will the phone be set up as a second mobile key or does she need to set up a separate Tesla account?

hokiegir1 | 28 septembre 2018

You log in on her phone (same account), but you will need to use the key card in the car to add her phone as a key as well. It only takes a couple minutes to do it.

paul.kreutz | 28 septembre 2018

@hokiegirl1 Thank you.

Taz | 28 septembre 2018

@hokiegir1, thanks for the response I had the same question. And to be clear the other person must use the same login for the car; i.e. one login/Tesla account for all mobile keys for the same car? You cannot have separate logins?

garibaldi | 28 septembre 2018

So weird. What if the family has more than one Tesla? Is there a way to have different logins?
What about bluetooth connectivity - does one phone have priority over the other one?

wayne | 28 septembre 2018

I was told a second account can be added for the other phone but it was more complicated without any advantage. So my wife just logged in with my name and password. Had to initialize her phone as a second key. Seemed to work fine.

dalesmith1962 | 28 septembre 2018

@wayne “I was told a second account can be added for the other phone but it was more complicated without any advantage.”

I had heard this too. The advantage is for each person to have his/her own account. The way it should be. One should never share one’s login credentials with anyone, to include one’s spouse.

dalesmith1962 | 28 septembre 2018

Each vehicle should have a primary account linked to it. This would be the owner’s account, an admin account, with full authorization. The owner should be allowed to authorize additional accounts to be linked to his/her vehicle for the purpose of operating the vehicle.

The owner should also be able to temporarily or permanently disable any linked accounts.

Hot.Rod | 28 septembre 2018

You can use both options ... (1) secondary user may use the primary user's login info to use the app OR (2) the primary user request Tesla to authorize the secondary user (email ID & VIN required) to use his/her own login info to use the app individually.

I just got my wife authorized to use her own login info to use the app separately. Initially, she was using my login credentials to use the app.

asterix007 | 22 mars 2019

I'm wondering about the same thing.

We need two different settings for seat, steering wheel height, mirrors, climate, etc. How will the car apply different settings if we both use the same account from our phones?

ken.lunde | 22 mars 2019

We are a two Model 3 family, use one Tesla account, and have separate in-vehicle settings. Works like a charm. In each vehicle, you need to set up separate profiles. There is no way to switch between profiles using the mobile app. It is done in each vehicle. We also set up separate profiles for Easy Entry and Valet.

Bighorn | 23 mars 2019

You tap the proper profile on the big screen. Only the Model S/X has a fob that denotes the user with their individual settings. Phone and 3 fobs are agnostic.

beaver | 23 mars 2019

Major privacy concerns here, should be separate accounts and wipe it clean

PECo CT | 23 mars 2019

My wife and I each have our own login for our one Model 3. I purchased the car using my email address and had to contact Tesla to create a second account using her email address.

We originally planned to buy it jointly, but my wife was on a business trip on our scheduled delivery date and Tesla required all owners to be present at delivery, so we changed it at the last minute to just me.

PECo CT | 23 mars 2019

BTW, it’s HER car, not mine. I tow a bass boat.

Clenz | 18 juin 2019

Just sharing this since it looks like the way you can add a second account that can be used in the mobile app as a key has changed. There is no need to contact Tesla anymore.

To do this, log into the Tesla website and go to the Tesla Account page (right side of the upper menu bar). Then click on 'Account'. On the account page, click on the 'Contact' section and add a secondary contact. This will result in them getting an email to set up their tesla account.

Once setup they can then use it in the mobile app and set it up as mobile app key for you Model 3.

pcrz | 18 juin 2019

Thank you @Clenz!

gottsmanb | 17 juillet 2019

Great post Clenz! Thank you!!

Joseb | 17 juillet 2019

Thank you Clenz, this is great to know!!

brandon | 11 octobre 2019

I had the same problem for Model 3 recently on iPhone with iOS 13.1.2. For me, uninstalling the app, reinstalling it, then setting up phone as key worked. In fact, I didn't have to go through the entire process of setting up the phone. Once I unlocked the door with credit card key, the car recognized the phone again quickly. Another reminder to always bring your credit card key.

mirken65 | 12 octobre 2019

What would happen if I set up my phone as the primary key, add my wife's phone as a secondary, but we were both in the car with our phones? Will my phone get priority?

apodbdrs | 12 octobre 2019

FYI, a disadvantage with separate accounts, is if you earn free reward miles they are tied to one or the other account. Free reward miles are against an account not a car.

EVRider | 12 octobre 2019

@mirken65: There’s no primary key. The car will use whichever phone it detects first. Same is true for Bluetooth phone pairing for calls and media.

mirken65 | 13 octobre 2019

Thank you @ EVRider. I guess I'll just have to walk ahead of my wife, when approaching the car, to ensure it detects my phone first. That should give me time to open and hold the door for her.

toddhylton | 15 octobre 2019

Thank you!!

hugh | 19 novembre 2019

@mirken65 Good to know there are still gentlemen around!