WiFi question

WiFi question

After connecting to Wifi in the garage (in hopes of version 9 download), and verifying that streaming connectivity was good (max # of bars on the wifi indicator), and leaving the car, the next time I get in to it, it shows it's connected to cell LTS connection. Reselecting Wifi immediately reconnects to the wifi (I bought a range extender to be sure of signal strength), but it still seems to revert to cellular connection when I leave and come back later. Anyone know if this is normal behavior?

JAD | 8 octobre 2018

Normal. It is sleeping.

12Brent | 8 octobre 2018

When mine wakes up it will first connect to cell service and then switch to WiFi. However, at first I was having problems with it dropping the WiFi signal and switching to LTE too. I think this was because I also put a range extender in my garage, and it shared the same network ID and password as my main router. I think it would get confused between the two separate signals and I had to kept re-entering my password. I changed the network name for the extended network, told the car to forget the old network, and then reconnected it. It seems to be working okay now. I can see my car show up on my range extender's device list if I wake it up with the app. In fact it shows up on my device list long before I get connection/control through the app.

When the car goes to sleep the WiFi turns off, but I occasionally look at my range extender's clients and it will sometimes be connected, even though I didn't wake the car up. I was told that the download of the software updates happen progressively over several days, so I'm hoping that these occasional connections are related to downloading packets of information related to the update.

torg | 9 octobre 2018

Thanks everyone! Good info. I will dig further into the extender operation.. Waking up on LTE and then switching back to wifi makes sense.. I just haven't had the patience to see it switch back to wifi..

maintreqd | 9 octobre 2018

I keep reading about people seeing overly concerned about WiFi all of a sudden. Is it required for the V9 update? My understanding is there are some map updates that certain features of V9 specific to "Nav on Autopilot" require, and that those map updates require WiFi to download and install, but other than that, I wasn't under the impression that you needed to be on WiFi to get V9 itself. Is my understanding incorrect?

I'm concerned because I do not have a garage and my router does not reach the street where I park my Model 3. I drove around this weekend trying to connect to one of several free WiFi networks around town, but it seems they all require Ts & Cs to be agreed to, which the Model 3 cannot accommodate. I also know the updates aren't something you can force to begin once you connect to WiFi, so I'm literally screwed--I can't park the car anywhere where I can get WiFi for long enough to ensure the updates will start.

Hoping someone can tell me I shouldn't be prevented from getting V9 without WiFi?

M3BlueGeorgia | 9 octobre 2018

Consider using a range extender for WiFi. But that depends on distance of where your car is parked from where an extender can be plugged in.

Not having WiFi won't stop you getting V9, but many people think that Tesla prioritises cars which have WiFi when parked. It would make sense for multiple reasons.
The maps download is a different issue, and that seems to require WiFi. A couple of weeks after you've received v9, perhaps ask Tesla how to get the maps update?

gmr6415 | 9 octobre 2018

@maintreqd, A few years ago I installed a third solar array on a building at the back of our property that's about 500 feet from our house. All of the electrical cables, phone cables and water had been installed in 2009 when the building was built and the first array was installed. On the third installation I used Enphase micro inverters which can be viewed online through an Enphase hub and the Enphase Enlighten application.

After the fact it was just too costly to run a CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable to the building, so I started looking at long range wifi extenders. For that distance none of the common extenders you can purchase at Best Buy or Staples worked. The signal was always too week.

I found one with a mile and a half line-of-site range at and it works. In fact I can be a good 2 miles from our house and pick up the signal from it with my iPhone.

They may have a solution for you.

maintreqd | 9 octobre 2018

@gmr6415 that's impressive range. Have you had any issues getting it to rebroadcast your home network? The one I have now really sucks (link below). It doesn't seem to ever even pick up the signal from the main router, from what I can tell.

Will the one you're talking about allow you to wide the coverage area of the main wifi network, or does it require you to rename the extended range's network? Meaning, let's say your home network is called "MyWiFi"... will it let you continue that network name, or will it make you name the extended coverage area something like "MyWiFI_Extended"? This is a cumbersome issue with the NetGear one I have... though it claims to support extension of the same named network, I don't see it really working well that way. Of course, there's no way to tell since there's no way to differentiate which network a specific device is connecting to since they both share the same network name.

Anyway, I've also heard about the Google MESH wireless hubs. Those seem to work nicely as well.

gmr6415 | 9 octobre 2018

@maintreqd, the particular one I have is hard wired to my router and it works great. It came named Amp_Pro_AP, and I left it that way. I'm not sure if it can be renamed or not. I would assume you can in case you have more than one.

They have a whole range of extenders

These people are great. Call them on the phone and tell them your situation. They will tell you exactly what you need. Their customer support is great too. I lost one of their power supplies due to a lightning strike. I called them to get a replacement and they covered it under warranty although they new it was from a lightning strike.

I can't say enough about how helpful they were in fixing my situation. I have a receiver/extender on the other end at the building where my solar array is, so that I can plug my Enphase hub in using a network cable. In my case I set everything up in my living room at close range and then mounted everything in my out building and everything worked.