Financing Options in Texas

Financing Options in Texas

I just placed my order for a Model 3. In Texas, where I live, I can't finance through Tesla. Can anyone recommend someone financing options in Texas with good low rates?


cellxz | 16 octobre 2018

Im using they have a decent rate and they have delt with Tesla before. Other creditors I have tried wont give me a loan because they do not want to deal with Tesla.

ILoveMyModel3 | 16 octobre 2018

I'm in Dallas and I used American Airlines Credit Union (Employee/Family only) and they had it done within a few few hours with a good rate.

japhule | 16 octobre 2018

Look at credit unions. I used University Federal Credit Union (UFCU). Others previously have recommend CUTX and RBFCU.

jrzapata | 16 octobre 2018

I am in the Houston area, I used

Firewired | 16 octobre 2018

I had used Alliant on my previous two Tesla. For our current two used Credit Union of Texas, I was able to get 1.99% on both cars. Very easy process.

garretn | 16 octobre 2018

Bank of America is where I got financing. Wells Fargo is supposed to be another place that offers financing for Tesla.

dahlia201 | 1 mai 2019

I just had a finance from CUTX and payment just delivered Fremont, CA today. Overall, I don't recommend but if you don't have chance to find out others, yes it is OK. I applied Autoloan on their Online website and nothing answer for more than 48 hours and finally I visited one of their branch and then I was able to talk Chad in Auto loan dept. who is processing mine. Also when I need anything, It was so hard to contact them. He never pick up the call and never replied for my email. For Autoloan assistance phone number, I have to be holding a phone at least 1 hr every time.but I am satisfying for their rate and payment. Only the problem is their processing. No update, no answer, hard contact..

azmh | 25 mai 2019

what rate did you get from CUTX and how many months?

SterlingArcherTX | 14 août 2019

im trying to finance under an LLC in texas, apparently tesla does not offer that. Has anyone else had luck on a lender here in TX? if so who and what pricing did you land? thanks