$5,000 refund!

$5,000 refund!

I am a proud P3D owner! Absolutely hands down best car in the world! Elon and his team deserve much praise! In addition, this latest move by Elon to reimburse 5K to early P3D owners shows his deep compassion and rational insight for his Tesla customers. I will reinvest my 5K back into Tesla stock...
Thanks for an amazing product Tesla!

djharrington | 27 octobre 2018

First, P3D+ owners cried about the $5k. Now that there’s an offer for a swap ($5k in exchange for paid supercharging), I expect P3D- owners to cry foul.

It’s a pretty unprecedented situation. I’d rather forgo my “refund” and they just keep the pricing where it was, but the cat’s out. Very interesting!

ODWms | 27 octobre 2018

I’ll reinvest my refund into my continued investment in the company also.

yerEVan | 27 octobre 2018

This is a bit of a mess. Is he going to now put 20” tires, lower suspension, new calipers, up the top speed of the P3D- for free? This is a silly situation.

san5man | 27 octobre 2018

My guess is there are about 10,000-15,000 P3D’s out there. Obviously not everyone will want the money... Tesla has always been a fluid company that makes changes on the fly... that’s part of their genius!

ODWms | 27 octobre 2018

That many? I’m surprised. I wonder how many out of that would be P3D Plus.

PSUin412 | 27 octobre 2018

I am looking forward to see how one goes about obtaining the refund. Other than tweeting Elon.

lpjakob | 30 octobre 2018

Current Tesla owner who purchased P3D+ and took delivery in September. I received referral credit for the P3D+ but my account still shows "Charge per use Supercharging." Multiple calls, SC Advisor promise to fix, and emails to Tesla support have resulted in no responses and free supercharging never added to M3P+. I also have not heard from anyone regarding the PUP badging, rear spoiler which I was told I should receive 4-6 weeks after purchase...way past that time line. While I never would have considered a refund, with no response and not getting what was promised, I sent an email to Customer Service asking for status and for the refund. Will just have to wait to see if any response. Love Tesla, love our MX 100D and P3D+ but this has been a bad experience.

frisbee912 | 30 octobre 2018


I’m in the same situation as yours. Please update if you hear anything back from Tesla. Thanks.

Magic 8 Ball | 30 octobre 2018

If you took delivery on this please stop calling TESLA on this late breaking development. Please give it a week or so for understanding to develop.

guinnesman | 30 octobre 2018

lpjakob, have you tried supercharging? My account says Pay per use Supercharging also but I am definitely getting it for free. I was suspicious at first too as I added a referral code after I placed the order for the car, but the proof is in the pudding. Actually I'm hoping to get the $5K refund and keep my stealth free supercharging, lol.

2015P90DI | 30 octobre 2018

Are some of you seriously saying "No Tesla, I don't want the refund, just keep it!"????? I have to be reading that wrong!!! If that's the case, please call me. I've got an ocean front property in Kansas I'd like to offer you for real cheap!!

Bighorn | 30 octobre 2018

The account doesn’t match reality. No big deal. I’ve got well over 20k miles of free SCing on my 3 despite an account that still says pay per use.

ODWms | 30 octobre 2018

“Are some of you seriously saying "No Tesla, I don't want the refund, just keep it!"?????”

Yeah, that’ll NEVER happen! Lol!!!

jacklondon413 | 30 octobre 2018

My account still says "pay per use" even though I get free SC. I asked Tesla as well and they said it would change, but its been over a month now, nothing changed. I still get free SC though wherever I go. Not a big deal.

I'll take that $5,000 though!

serendipity | 30 octobre 2018

Is the $5000 refund really for real or is that just a twitter joke? I saw the tweet but is Tesla really obligated to stand behind it?

serendipity | 30 octobre 2018

I meant "obliged", not "obligated".

lpjakob | 31 octobre 2018

guinnesman; we use our MX 100D for long trips so I have not yet supercharged the M3. Closes SC is about 50 miles away from me so I will probably get my first M3 SC during the Thanksgiving holiday. Nephews want to see the new M3. Has anyone received their rear spoiler/badge for the PUP? If yes, how long did it take from original PM3+ delivery?Tesla Service has also not responded to my asking for status. As stated, all I know is what I was told, 4-6 weeks after PM3 was delivered.

m3m3m3 | 31 octobre 2018

man I want a $5k refund :)

macphilly | 31 octobre 2018

Anyone know the process for getting the $5000 refund? I've tried a few different contacts with zero response so far.
Thanks in advance.

Firewired | 31 octobre 2018

If you keep the lifetime supercharging does it stay with the car, transferrable to future owners?

Magic 8 Ball | 31 octobre 2018

Lifetime SC is not transferable to future owners for the M3, yet. It's TESLA so..............................

burdogg | 31 octobre 2018

Lifetime SC being transferred to new owners even for X or S ended a long time no, they are not going to bring back what they put to rest...but you are right it is Tesla - I just wouldn't hold your breath on that one.

Carl Thompson | 31 octobre 2018

" I meant 'obliged,' not 'obligated.' "

FWIW both are fine in American English, though some will tell you their meaning is slightly different (with "obligated" having a more compulsory meaning).

johnw | 31 octobre 2018

I supposedly have fusc but my credit card doesn’t agree- getting charged and not happy. I think I’ll start doing chargebacks next month. Maybe that will get their attention

jbarabad | 1 novembre 2018

Curious to see what the outcome is. I took delivery of my P3D a month ago and got in on the free supercharging before it ended. Honestly i've only supercharged maybe 5 times in the month i've had the car. Installed the 220v Tesla wall connector in my garage which is super convenient. Leaning towards the refund but that free supercharging is a nice thing to have as well.

SteveWin1 | 1 novembre 2018

Only way free supercharging is better than $5K cash now is if FSD, Tesla Network and self-charging at superchargers becomes a reality in the next 3-8 years. In that case, demand for supercharging will go up and prices are likely to go up as well. When your car gets older, instead of selling it and taking the $5K hit on extra depreciation, you can have your car just drive people around and make you money -- supercharging for free! If supercharging prices go up due to increased demand from everyone else doing the same thing, it won't affect you. That's a pretty big IF though. True driverless FSD seems pretty far away.

ModernTriDad | 1 novembre 2018

Although there may not be an easy way to determine whether people are using their supercharging for commercial use, but it can result in being scolded by Tesla or even getting blocked from Superchargers. I also agree that true FSD is a few years out, especially to get insured and authorized for your car to do it autonomously!

I have yet to read about any P3D- buyers getting a $5000 refund or trade for their free supercharging. Has someone with P3D- had anything more than their account "noted"?

ODWms | 1 novembre 2018

I’m PD3+, and I haven’t had anything noted on my account.

Bighorn | 1 novembre 2018

Free supercharging is already a win for me. Didn’t require anything more than frequent road trips. FSD not required.

Bob.Calvo | 1 novembre 2018

This puts us in limbo. I don’t want to supercharge the 3 because I got charged when I tried. I was was leaning towards keeping it, but am now considering taking the cash instead. I understand if they feel that it’s necessary to give up Supercharging for Life as part of the cash back, but then I believe that we should still get to keep Supercharging for the first year at least since we helped to pad the Q3 numbers by about $28M. (~10% of the 55000 3’s in the third quarter).

lpjakob | 1 novembre 2018

Update: Visited Van Nuys SC today for my MX. Spoke to Mary regarding PM3+ $5K refund and was advised that they just received training today that customers with pending orders that have the PUP $5K charge on their order, will get a $5K deduction on their order. No information has been given regarding any refunds for customers who already took delivery of PM3+. I am scheduled for my PM3+ to have service in Van Nuys on 11/19. Will let you know if any further updates. Also regarding the rear spoiler and badging; was told that they would not arrive until 2019.

jacklondon413 | 1 novembre 2018

lpjakob - thanks for the update, sounds reasonable. I wonder how they plan to address, if at all, the P3D+ owners who recently took delivery within the last month or two (me included).

SteveWin1 | 2 novembre 2018

Maybe they'll let us keep the supercharging due to the ridiculous wait on the spoiler?

joe.lynn.atp | 2 novembre 2018

@SteveWin1: I think you are entitled to a $5k refund, free supercharging, free FSD, and a $10,000 discount on a Model Y for enduring such a hardship of driving without a spoiler.

The level of entitlement on this forum is unbelievable.

a1travis | 16 novembre 2018

P3D+ owner, contacted support, got this reply a few weeks ago:

"Thanks for reaching out. Currently, we don’t have additional information beyond Elon’s tweets. We will be providing additional information regarding the refund and Supercharging change shortly, and can notify you at that time. Have a great weekend."

Newstvguy | 16 novembre 2018
jacklondon413 | 16 novembre 2018

I called Tesla today and they indicated they still have no additional details but that someone from tesla will be reaching out to people. They made a note in my account.

yudansha™ | 16 novembre 2018

Why is it 5k? What happens with taxes we paid on that 5k?

Magic 8 Ball | 16 novembre 2018

Aye yai yai

SUN 2 DRV | 16 novembre 2018

"What happens with taxes we paid on that 5k?"

The state has it, go ask them...

ODWms | 16 novembre 2018

What about our gas money? Oh. Nevermind.

SteveWin1 | 16 novembre 2018

@joe.lynn.atp, so true.. So many entitled people! They need to learn to be more enlightened, like you. Don't they know waiting 5 or more months for something and getting charged $5K more for it is an honor? They should be thanking Tesla for giving away stuff that they paid $5k for and for making them wait for it! Duh! You're, like ,waiting on, like, a Tesla part....yahhh bro... that's, like, totally, like, a first world, like, problem. You should, like, only be concerned about feeding homeless people. If you like really cared about the environment, you'd give Tesla an extra $5K, instead of asking for what you paid for or asking for the same price others are not getting without having to put down a deposit. Asking for what you paid for in the same year that you paid for it is totally being, like, entitled! /s

jjgunn | 16 novembre 2018

joe.lynn.atp | November 2, 2018
@SteveWin1: I think you are entitled to a $5k refund, free supercharging, free FSD, and a $10,000 discount on a Model Y for enduring such a hardship of driving without a spoiler.

The level of entitlement on this forum is unbelievable.

I want my cake & eat it too!!

SteveWin1 | 17 novembre 2018

@jjgun, if we get cake, you can just sit there and stare at it if you want. I'm diving in -- especially if it's pistachio cake!

Magic 8 Ball | 17 novembre 2018

Big difference in getting free cake vs expecting it .

SteveWin1 | 17 novembre 2018

@M8B, you must have had some mean parents growing up if you don't expect cake even when you've been told that you're getting cake. Sorry man...:(

Magic 8 Ball | 17 novembre 2018

When were you told you were getting cake?
It is ambiguous still if Musk made the "promise" to just Lambert or everyone.

SteveWin1 | 17 novembre 2018

Dang! You're parents would sit you and your sister down, and announce "you can either have a cake or we can go to the zoo," and you had to assume they might just be talking to your sister? You'd have to watch her eat cake or go to the zoo without you? I hope you learned from that and teach your kids the importance of trying to be fair.

Although...I guess it did give you the superhero-like ability to keep a smile on your face while Tesla sharts all over you. Most people would be at least a little upset that someone can pay the same amount as you, and get $5K worth of upgrades that you didn't get as a reservation holder. Tesla made a change that greatly and unexpectedly added additional depreciation to your P3D-, almost immediately after you finally got your car, after waiting so long. You spend the majority of your life patrolling the forums, trying to protect Tesla, and that's how they treat you? I think you deserve better, M8B. It's ok to ask for cake sometimes. Maybe you've got diabetes and you just don't want to watch others enjoying cake? Just shoot up some extra insulin and join us!

Magic 8 Ball | 17 novembre 2018

@SteveWin1 I will set my expectations to give me max amount of personal happiness. I am not going to stew over ambiguous comments. Normal people do not waste time over being upset about ambiguous. Normal people wait for clarification before wasting any energy on whether or not there is going to be cake at the party.

Infiniti Pi | 17 novembre 2018

The cake is a lie