Blackout protection

Blackout protection

I have a Powerwall 2 and reserve 15% in case of a blackout. My hot water system will suck the battery dry very quickly if I don't switch it off when there is an outage. How can I know when there is an electricity outage, given that the switch to the battery is so effective that it doesn't cause lights etc to go out? How will I know?

bill | 2 novembre 2018

I think the fancy answer is to put your water heater on a seperate power panel that isn't backed up by the power wall, or the other way around where only some things like refrigerators are backed up. In theory the Tesla App on your cell phone will notify you of power failures but I haven't noticed it doing that. In my case I wrote software that queries the backup gateway every minute and sends me an email when the grid goes down. I then can go around and turn things off if I want to.

Patrick | 6 novembre 2018

Another idea is considering a new hybrid heat pump hot water heater. We changed ours and consumption dropped dramatically from 4500 watts to less than 1000 watts.

Tesla-David | 6 novembre 2018

I second @Patrick’srecommendation, we have heat pump and hybrid heat pump water heater and the electricity draw is very small and reasonable and works well with our 2 PW2’s.