Yeah, Camera back on top!

Yeah, Camera back on top!

Just got the second V9 update. Now able to have the camera view at the top, as well as other apps.

Nice move Tesla. Very quickly too.

For all those that bitch about others "complaining", this is the good that can come from people voicing their opinions. Tesla does listen and sometimes, they even respond!

Thanks Tesla

Silver2K | 30 octobre 2018

You can carefully slide it all the way to the top!AihnWpuO55swiLoZ4M8KbArecxihVA

Only GPS use will reset the position till now

Tldickerson | 30 octobre 2018

Nice looking map taking up the whole background. They can keep V9 for now.

PBEndo | 30 octobre 2018

By using the first version 9 release for a few weeks, I found the latest update to be welcome. That was a clever plan by Tesla.

iTesla | 30 octobre 2018

I'm thrilled Tesla listened to the owners and worked very hard to amend the software. I'm certain there was a lot of orthogonal testing done to get this change out so quickly. Definitely not Tesla time. I'm still a fan of the previous UI.

Yodrak. | 30 octobre 2018

"You can carefully slide it all the way to the top!AihnWpuO55swiLoZ4M8KbArecxihVA"

Rediculous seeing that sliver of map across the screen, be it at the top or across the middle, but at least tolerable as compared to the first V9 release.

Toddremark3 | 30 octobre 2018

I like that the camera can be back on top, but now I would like the Navigation on the bottom half of the screen. Anyone figure out a way to do that?

Toddremark3 | 30 octobre 2018

I like that the camera can be back on top, but now I would like the Navigation on the bottom half of the screen. Anyone figure out a way to do that?

Tldickerson | 31 octobre 2018

@PBEndo, I prefer using Tesla Waze Maps and not the factory maps unless I'm going some place new and need directions. Then I use both maps. I don't think that's going to work very well with V9 software.

sr.smr | 31 octobre 2018

I can't understand this obsession with showing the map in slivers when not needed in V9. Why waste precious viewing real estate. V8 was perfect in every respect. It was direct, convenient, intuitive and safer to use while driving. Moving windows around in V9 has now become a rubik cube operation.

Silver2K | 31 octobre 2018

Wasting memory by floating a screen and having the map move behind it.

PBEndo | 31 octobre 2018

and 3G/LTE data

jordanrichard | 31 octobre 2018

How quick people get spoiled and lose touch with how things are in the real world.

If Honda, BMW, whoever placed their back up camera or radio in "x" spot in the dash, it would stay that way until they redesign the car's interior which would take years. Tesla corrected this "issue" in 2 weeks.

Reality, don't lose sight of it.

PBEndo | 31 octobre 2018

If Honda, BMW, whoever placed their back up camera or radio in "x" spot in the dash, it would stay that way. Tesla created this issue and then fixed it in 3 weeks.

Reality, don't lose sight of that either.

Amped | 31 octobre 2018

Ugh, I liked to have Time 4 Tesla clock up in the browser with music ( At least I dont need to stare at the fing map all the time now!

jordanrichard | 31 octobre 2018

PBEndo, oh I didn't lose sight of that. This was definitely a "self inflicted wound". However my point still stands. Every car company makes a blunder in their dashboard design. The problem is, they can't do anything about it until they redo the car and that can be years. Japanese cars are typically on a 3-4 year design cycle and German cars 8 years. Though for the Germans, that 8 year cycle applies to the hard bits like the car's structural design. They typically do a "refresh" mid way through, which sometimes involves a new interior.

PBEndo | 31 octobre 2018

The blunders that other companies make should be apparent before purchase not a new blunder on the dash design that you have already purchased and driven for years. Just saying that OTA updates are a double edged sword.

Fortunately Tesla has gotten a lot more right than wrong with the updates, and the addition of new features after purchase is an incredible advantage our cars have over others. The ability (and willingness) to fix the blunder is important.

SO | 31 octobre 2018


“For all those that bitch about others "complaining", this is the good that can come from people voicing their opinions. ”

You do realize that it’s “how a person complains” is the issue...right? | 31 octobre 2018

Also ignored are the many owners that were happy with the initial V9 design and didn't see it as the end of the world. Obviously, there is no way to please everyone, but it's great Tesla went the extra mile to address concerns and did it so quickly.

Tldickerson | 31 octobre 2018

Can you tell me why they even needed to change the center screen at all in order to have the new features? Couldn't they have just left it alone and not make it like the Model 3?

Yodrak. | 31 octobre 2018

"Tesla corrected this "issue" in 2 weeks."

I have to disagree that the issue has been corrected. I can agree that there's a major improvement, but why the new overlay images don't at least go edge to edge, and better yet meet in the middle as well, is hard for me to understand. Having the underlying map act as a picture frame strikes me as a half-a$$ job.

mvotb | 31 octobre 2018

Yodrak +1 Real fix--not so much. Half ass patch job, yes. I'll stay on 8.

Mathew98 | 31 octobre 2018

Let's face it, they're never going to roll back to V8. They hurried and sent out a patch which addressed most of the uproar. Even the most prolific critics have to admit it was pretty impressive for the quick turnaround time.

Perhaps much more coding is needed to provide true customized split screens. Only time can tell.

If you haven't seen it yet, navigation resizes automatically whenever the other two apps take up 80% of the screen. You can still see the routing info from that 2" slit on top. It is a pretty cool byproduct of the triple apps screen.

worldtraveller | 31 octobre 2018

I used to have the camera in top half and map in bottom half. Is that possible to do, either with or without a loss of screen space?

PBEndo | 31 octobre 2018

No. As far as I can tell, media is the only app that can be in the bottom half when you have one of the other apps in the top half.

222 | 31 octobre 2018

The rear camera fix is much appreciated.
I said this a few years ago on this forum that having a car company listen to it's customers and make quick software updates is just brilliant and needs to be appreciated.
Nothing will ever be perfect to everyone but kudos to the software teams who read the forums and make the fixes. Thanks!

Yodrak. | 31 octobre 2018

" You can still see the routing info from that 2" slit on top. It is a pretty cool byproduct of the triple apps screen."

That's good to know, and negates part of my complaint about the 'fix'. Thanks for posting that information.

I still wish the overlaying apps would go edge to edge rather than be bordered on the sides by a thin, useless, strip of map.

tesla-rick | 31 octobre 2018

Still wish I was back on ver 8 but very happy to have camera (close) to the top of the screen again. Love driving the car again. Strange how one little thing like the camera on top effected so many people like myself but at least Tesla made a change to address it and pretty darn fast on top of that.

nsher | 31 octobre 2018

I very much appreciate that the rear camera view is back on top and the entertainment system can be on the bottom of the screen. Much less distraction and fiddling with the screen. Thanks to all of the owners who complained about Version 9 changes and to TESLA for listening to those of us who drive these cars ever day.

sr.smr | 31 octobre 2018

No one seems to be bothered with moving the main function icons from the convenient top of the screen to the slide up and find app at the bottom of the screen? I have no idea why a perfectly good interface had to be ruined. And anyone that defends this step back is drinking the Kool aid. Not everyone needs a map to go to their local grocery store. At least before, there was CHOICE.

I've written to every Tesla email available, called support and escalated to the executive team. I did receive a very nice reply, but suspect it is a canned answer for most complaints. But every little bit helps.

PBEndo | 1 novembre 2018

It is a question of significance. The new app drawer at the bottom is less convenient for me but I can still get the job done so it is not a deal breaker.

sr.smr | 1 novembre 2018

I know @PBEndo, but seeing that wasted map border and remembering how well the UI worked in V8 just kills me.

thranx | 1 novembre 2018

One wonders how much testing of V9 was done with actual owners, as opposed to simply being pushed straight out of the lab and onto everybody's car. Engineers can suffer from tunnel vision.

I've seen it in vacuum cleaner design. I'm willing to bet that 99% of vacuum cleaner designers are male.

Tldickerson | 1 novembre 2018

They should bring back the features and looks of V8 with the upgrades that V9 has in regards to blind spot warnings for the people that have the newer software and added cameras. That would have made everybody happy!!!

PBEndo | 1 novembre 2018

Not everybody. Some like the UI changes because all they ever use is Maps and media. The new version allowed them to do that with an adjustable media app and save one tap on the screen on occasion so they were happy. It seems like very little gain for the loss of the previous customization. It doesn't make sense to me but my preference for camera on top and media on bottom doesn't make sense to them.

akikiki | 1 novembre 2018

The new app drawer at the bottom is....
app stick
app twister
app brush
app straw
app wand
app toothbrush
app nail
app closet
app stool
app hose
app stalk
app house


Tldickerson | 1 novembre 2018

@PBEndo, they cannot flip the two with just one click. So many other things only require one click or maybe 2. Let's see what they change next with the next update. I like my car just the way I bought it, not they way they think it should be or look like.

kalikikopa326 | 1 novembre 2018

Please don't see this as a bashing/bitching post. I do think they made an improvement over the first iteration of the v9 release, but this is just a panacea for the loudest complainers that wanted just the camera on top. It is still a loss of choice. That being said, it is a nice step in the right direction. Thank you Tesla!

2015P90DI | 2 novembre 2018

Now, if they'll just bring back the ability to split the screen, I think EVERYONE would be happy.

That much real estate on one screen, silly to not be able to split up with the items that are important to each particular driver's needs or preferences.

Yes, this is a much appreciated improvement, but it's still a band-aide over the problem rather than an actual fix.

Here's hoping Tesla listens again.

NKYTA | 2 novembre 2018

"I think EVERYONE would be happy."

Don't overthink it.

Never say never.

PBEndo | 2 novembre 2018

I wonder if there is a correlation between political party affiliation and Tesla user interface preferences.


Tldickerson | 2 novembre 2018

It does sound like a leftest thing that they did. Took away our choices.

sentabo | 2 novembre 2018

Seems more to the right to me. You know, left being pro-choice and all.

sentabo | 2 novembre 2018

NKYTA, right you are. Tesla will never make everyone happy no matter how great they make their cars.

fbasciano | 2 novembre 2018

With revised menus I can’t seem to find a navigation setting that notifies you of the condition where you wish a return trip?

Is it me or has this dissapeared?

thranx | 2 novembre 2018

@akikiki: not applicable.