Now Android Geeks Can Control Their Car From their Wrist

Now Android Geeks Can Control Their Car From their Wrist

I don't personally use Apple products and I don't currently wear a watch, but will likely buy a Wear OS watch when I get my car just to be able to use the new Tesla app. This is just too kool 4 school.

Color Dick Tracy green. He may have had a TV wristwatch but he never had an electric car.

Garyeop | 5 novembre 2018

I installed it, got nothing but a screen to hide the app so you couldn't do anything. A little suspicious so I uninstalled.

gojones | 5 novembre 2018

I have been using Remote S on my Apple Watch to control my car for a while now and love having that ability. Glad to see that Android has that option also.

hokiegir1 | 5 novembre 2018

I was looking at some of the apps out there a few days ago. Hadn't found any with decent reviews. I currently have a garmin vivoactive, but I was looking at a samsung galaxy watch that Costco is going to have on sale soon (got the costco flyer). I think I'll hold out for a few more testers/reviewers before I start looking again. :)

Lorenzryanc | 5 novembre 2018

That app looks super sketch. No need to log in? I'll wait for Tesla to approve of something. @Hokie Is the it the Rose Gold one? I have the Gear S3 and love it. Worth waiting for the sale IMO. Huge Costco fan too :D

hokiegir1 | 5 novembre 2018

@Lorenzryanc -- Yes! As far as I can tell, the sale price will be about $250 instead of the regular $320 price. My Garmin is only about a year old -- so I don't NEED a new watch, but I really like the looks on that one. Good to know you like the one you have!

BLKPM3 | 5 novembre 2018

@CoastalCruiser - nice find. I have been testing Dashboard for Tesla App ( . It has more controls (charge, temp etc.) but is not free like the app you found.

@hokiegir1 - Samsung watch is Tizen not Android WearOS and I have not yet found any Tizen apps for Tesla. But let us know if you do.

Kathy Applebaum | 5 novembre 2018

If an app is free, you are the product. Think twice about letting someone else control your car. Just saying.

hokiegir1 | 5 novembre 2018

@BLKPM3 -- thanks! I wasn't sure about that part. Obviously, controlling the car is not my primary desire for the watch, but was one of those "If I'm going to upgrade, this would also be nice" features. :) I'll keep an eye out.

Coastal Cruiser. | 5 novembre 2018

Thanx for that link BLKPM3. I am highly uneducated on these matters (for reasons already stated). Just happened to see a reference this Android app post on reddit and thought it was cool with a capital K. Have no problem paying for a better app. Don't ask me why, but being able to make the car do things by pressing a button on a wristwatch over doing same on a phone excites my inner geek to no end. :>

Carl Thompson | 5 novembre 2018

Seems like it could be legit.

The watch uses notification access which explains why it doesn't need your Tesla credentials (which I would never put into any 3rd party app or program). So it needs your phone with running Tesla app to operate. The Tesla app puts a notification in the notification drawer of your phone which allows you to lock or unlock your car or open the frunk and trunk. This app (which I haven't tried) simply clicks the buttons on the Tesla app's notification to perform those functions. You won't be able to start your car or turn on heater / AC or do anything else because those aren't controllable from the Tesla app's notification.

sosmerc | 5 novembre 2018

I've said it before and I will say it again.....wouldn't it be COOL if Tesla designed a wearable FOB that was designed specifically to work with your Tesla (s) and just happened to function as a watch as well!

Coastal Cruiser. | 5 novembre 2018

I remember you said that.

jithesh | 6 novembre 2018

@Kathy well said. I am always afraid of using third party apps so far I am happy with Tesla app. If I need more features I might just build my own app

dacastro4 | 13 février 2019

Hey guys, feel free to check my apps, It does all of that and more.

SteveWin1 | 14 février 2019

@dacastro4, it says, "Your device isn't compatible with this version." Pixel XL with Motorola 360 (V2).

hokiegir1 | 14 février 2019

@stevewin - I'd expect it's the watch not the Pixel. I have a Pixel (non-XL) and ended up with a Fossil Q Venture (Gen 3 - the one with no speaker) and it works great.

For those that do install it, I'd recommend a watch face with complications to easily access it. I ended up getting Bubble Cloud Launcher, which puts it one click away. Otherwise, it was taking me longer to get to my apps, open it, click what I wanted, etc than just opening my phone app.

SteveWin1 | 14 février 2019

Yeah, the moto 360 is a pretty old smart watch at this point, so you're probably right. Thanks Hokiegir1.

mcmack15 | 15 février 2019

hokiegirl1--------I know nothing about all this hi tech stuff, but the idea of being able to open and unlock the car from a watch just sounds cool. Do you know of any watches that are SIMPLE to use that could do this? I am looking for a watch with a big face that tells time. I don't need any other apps, etc. except the one that would allow me to play with the Tesla. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you. My daughter or grandchildren will do any downloading of the app for me.

rklokk | 13 mai 2019

DRIVE - Electric on Galaxy Store is a Tesla app for Tizen watches.

mknewman | 13 mai 2019

I have Daniel Castro's Teslawear on my Huawei watch and it works just fine. Not sure it's as easy as using the phone app but it's like Autopilot, great party piece. You can pretend you are James (or Jacqueline) Bond.