Lowering springs for Model 3, any recommendations?

Lowering springs for Model 3, any recommendations?

i'm looking for a 1'' drop for my AWD M3 with 19'' wheels. so far the popular choices for lowering springs are TSportsline and Unplugged (comes in mild and moderate). i'm pretty sure they all look nice once installed and are able to maintain stock ride comfort, but which one's better fit with our factory shocks? i always do alignment for the car even for the most mild drop, do most alignment shops even do Teslas'?

httran26 | 7 novembre 2018

I did TSportsline. It is slightly more than 1" drop. I believe this is also true for Unplugged mild. One benefit of installing TSportsline is that the linear front coil is easier to install vs the Unplugged progressive front. You can use the spring compressor free rental from AutoZone.

Got my alignment done at Firestone. Went ahead and did the lifetime. They told me only the front toe can be adjusted. It wasn't too bad. I may consider installing Mountain Pass Performance camber and toe arms in the future.

Here are some photos of my car with the T Sportsline lowering spring and Gyeon Syncro ceramic coat:

e46s54 | 7 novembre 2018

@httran, thanks for the reply, i believe Unplugged Mild is 0.8'' and Modest is 1.5''. does your TSportsline fit the stock shocks like a glove? kind of weary about these new names brands of springs. i came from Lexus and Subaru communities so never heard of TSportsline and Unplugged brand names. Eibach is well known for the lowering springs, and tirerack sells them for our Model 3, wondering if that's another good choice to go with.

e46s54 | 7 novembre 2018

@httran26, saw your pictures, they're very nice. what wheels are those?

hpn | 7 novembre 2018

I installed Eibachs 1.25" all around drop. I wanted a better stance so installed 25mm front and 30mm rear BLOXsport spacers. While the car was up on stilks...decided to paint my calipers. I love the ride. I went with Eibachs over the other brand was because Eibachs are manufactures and are known for lowering springs.....the others are not...just branded for them.

I would prefer H&R Springs over Eibachs...but it's not available.

here are some photos:

Carl Thompson | 7 novembre 2018

@ e46s54:
"httran26, saw your pictures, they're very nice. what wheels are those?"

The wheels in his pictures are just the regular Aero wheels without the hubcaps!

lbowroom | 7 novembre 2018

Looks like the Tsportline AWD springs are a pre-order. They do sound the most appealing by description. One shortcoming of the Tesla damper design is the fairly short travel before hitting bump stops. The Tsports have more travel possible in the front because the single spring rate has more open coils, however, by starting an inch lower there isn't as much travel before engaging bump stops. May be fine... Stepping up to Mountain Pass Performance comfort coil overs should solve that problem but they are also only pre-order and are close to $2000.

one.more.again | 7 novembre 2018

We went with Unplugged's mild sprints on both my and my wife's model 3s. Right about 1 inch drop. It is subtle, just gets rid of the extra gap above the wheels.. My wife was coming from a Lexus, so we did hers initially for the comfort - and they made a big difference.

Once I noticed how well they stiffen up through the corners, I got mine done. Noticeable reduction in body roll around corners. I highly recommend them. Luckily, I live close to Unplugged and had them do the install for $300. While they were at it, I had them upgrade to the performance brake pads and steel brake lines. Strong improvement i stopping power, well worth the cost. Next up are the big brake rotors from Mountain Pass.

one.more.again | 7 novembre 2018

Wrong image link:

e46s54 | 7 novembre 2018

i just ordered one from TSportsline, i called they said should be ship out by end of this month. by beginning of December hopefull i'm all done with the mods: window tint, chrome delete, lowering springs.

jlangshaw | 3 mars 2019

Don't order from TSportline, they just keep pushing the date back and back!


cvillanu208 | 3 mars 2019

I have been waiting for my M3 AWD lowering springs from TSportline since Oct 2018. Here is the most recent email I received:

''Thank you for your continued patience for our AWD lowering springs. Due to a shortage of spring steel and delays with importation of material, deliveries will be delayed until March/April. Thank you for your understanding with our production challenges and sticking with the World's First Tesla Tuner.

Thank you for your continued support. ''

Copterguy | 10 avril 2019

I'm still waiting as well. Goin on vacation for 3 weeks. If I get back and still no availability, I'm goings elsewhere.

jehantk | 12 avril 2019

@hpn I've been considering Eibachs but worry about sacrificing comfort--how's the ride quality been over bumps at highway speeds?

Foxxx | 29 avril 2019

We installed D2 Racing Lowering Springs on our Dual Motor Long Range Model 3. It is about a 2-inch drop, looks and performs well with our will and tire combination. The ride is firm but comfortable and no rubbing in the wheel wells. We have to be careful of big speed bumps, steep driveways, and large potholes.

I am new to forums, and I do not know how to put a picture in this post, but there are many pictures of our Model 3 at my wife's Instagram If that does not work and you want to see photos message me.

Foxxx | 29 avril 2019

I apologize for the typo above it should read "wheel and tire" not "will and tire".

Rutrow 3 | 29 avril 2019

You can do like Ben Sullins of Teslanomics fame, who paid to lower the suspension on his Model 3, and is now paying to raise it again because the bottom keeps scraping.

ODWms | 30 avril 2019

That looks really cool, and I like the wheels. I have the PD3, with the upgrade pkg, including the lowered suspension (about a centimeter). About as low as I’d like to go. Even with my height, a supposed low profile jack can’t go under my car with the hockey puck. Something I hadn’t anticipated.

kwarren | 10 juillet 2019

Does anyone have a good recommendation for installing the TSportline Lowering Springs in Scottsdale, AZ? Thanks!

sanjuvarma | 8 août 2019

Hi all,

I’ve been following this thread for a few weeks. I have a Model 3 Performance (Non-Performance Package) that I bought in Aug 2018. I recently upgraded my stock Aero wheels to 20” TSW Aileron wheels with a Toyo Proxes 4 Plus staggered wheels, mid-to-low profile tires, so not much cushioning.

I’m having the worst ride these days, it’s super bumpy, feels every pin on the road, every small groove or ditch the car goes over, hits my brain and my ears with the cabin making noise. On high speeds and big bumps, the car goes like a horse - up and down. I am so frustrated. I keep the PSI to 41 (Cool) - 45 (Hot). I’m looking for a smooth ride, something that will cushion up much more and give me less bumpy ride.

I called Unplugged Performance, they recommended MILD springs. I ordered them on the phone (free shipping), and they’re backordered till end of August.

Did I make the right call?