Is there a way to turn off just phone key option?

Is there a way to turn off just phone key option?

Been trying to find a way to just disable the phone key in my Tesla app. However, seems the only way to do it is delete the phone as a key all together?

Would be nice to be able to just turn the phone key option on and off so you can still have blue tooth available for calls. Figure it's also not a bad second option in case you lose the key fob. But wouldn't want to have to go through the whole set up process any time you want to activate the phone as a key again. Not that I ever will as the key fob, I think, is enough for me. Need more time to figure out in every day circumstances, to see if I'll miss the key card (no way) or phone key (likely not).

I'm one that usually leaves the phone in the car. Problem is, renders the key fob useless as it allows the doors to be opened, even if you lock them with the fob. And, don't want to have to connect blue tooth every time I get into the car and turn it off every time I get out.

Carl Thompson | 13 novembre 2018

The pairing for calls is completely separate from the phone as a key setup. So you don't need worry about losing call ability if you disable phone as a key.

On Android it doesn't seem like there's a way to remove the phone key ability from the app without deleting and reinstalling the app or clearing the app data.

Carl Thompson | 13 novembre 2018

Once you've done that you can also delete the phone key on the car side in the security menu in the car.

2015P90DI | 13 novembre 2018

Thanks Carl.

So you do have to delete it! That sucks. While I will likely never use it, I could see the potential for an occasion where it might be nice to have it as an option. Deleting obviously takes away that option since you'd have to go through the whole set up process from inside the car again, defeating the purpose.

At least if I delete it, I can still use the Tesla app as normal, so I guess it makes sense to just go ahead and delete it. Then I'll find out if I miss having it or not.

Thanks again

3Muskateer | 19 juillet 2019

Old threak, but I just closed my App and it no longer connected. No need to delete it completely.

sheldon.mike1010 | 19 juillet 2019

Or, you can keep the app and simply turn off bluetooth. Key will no longer function til you turn bluetooth back on.

sky-pilot | 19 juillet 2019

@sheldon.mike1010, but then he couldn't make the BT calls as he notes. I thought there was a switch you could flip in the display to turn that function off.

EVRider | 19 juillet 2019

You should be able to deactivate the phone key feature but keep the Bluetooth connection for calls and media, regardless of what kind of phone you have. You don't need to delete the app.

From the manual:

"Removing a key:

When you no longer want a key to access your Model 3 (for example, you lost your phone or key card, etc.), you can remove the key.

1. On the touchscreen, touch Controls > Locks.

2. Find the key that you would like to delete in the key list, then touch the key’s associated trash icon.

3. When prompted, scan an already-authenticated key card or key fob on the key reader behind the cup holders on the top of the center console to confirm the deletion. When complete, the key list no longer includes the deleted key.
Note: Model 3 requires at least one authenticated key card or key fob at all times. If only one key card is included on the key list, this key cannot be deleted."

sky-pilot | 19 juillet 2019

Right, what EV said:


sky-pilot | 19 juillet 2019

BTW, here's a great youtube on the display: