Pearl White Paint Touch-Up Kit

Pearl White Paint Touch-Up Kit

Tesla still doesn't have Pearl White Touch-Up kits available. I was going to order Dr. Rock Chip but they have a disclaimer that theirs isn't a 100% match due to the fact the original is a tri-coat. Has anyone tried this or anything else? If so, what was the result? I have 3 little rock chips on the nose cone that are driving me crazy.

walnotr | 23 novembre 2018

I’m looking for a decent touch up kit as well. The chips are expected and don’t make me crazy but would like to keep the finish looking nice.

jim | 23 novembre 2018

You might want to try Chipex

Good reputation and fast shipping.

RES IPSA | 23 novembre 2018

Does your front bumper match well with the rest of your car on your pearl white M3? Mine does not, but the back bumper is a perfect match

onetwocombo | 23 novembre 2018

Glad I did the Xpel Ultimate Plus on my car for this reason. Can't even tell the film is on there.

CASEMAN | 23 novembre 2018

@jim - Thanks for the link. I may give that a ahot.

@RES IPSA - Yes, paint is good all the way around. I'd heard about the rear bumper not matching but not the front. Did you take it to service to get it matched?

@KnightC23 - That was a good investment. Wish I would've investigated that further.

RES IPSA | 23 novembre 2018

@Caseman... I did take it to the SC, but they said white is very hard to match the metal and the plastic on the car. But I said you did it perfectly on the rear? They didn't seem to have an answer that made any sense to me. They said they would send me to a body shop, but that some cars had come back looking worse. So I decided against it and just left it alone.

Here in SD at the showroom at the mall, the pearly white Model X has a mismatched rear bumper but perfect front bumper. I pointed that out the Tesla salesman there, and he said he had never noticed the difference before but that he could see a difference.

CASEMAN | 24 novembre 2018

@ftm3 - Thanks. Were you happy with the results? The one review for our white said it wasn't a great color match.

@RES IPSA - I think ours may be the most difficult to match and I probably would've kept it also. The pictures I have seen of mismatched color on the rear from the factory were very slight and I wouldn't have noticed. I'm sure yours looks great.

ftm3 | 24 novembre 2018

@CASEMAN It is a bit tricky to work with as there are 3 layers to deal with and getting it right took some practice. Base is fine, nice bright white, second layer is the "color" which contains the pearl and that is where I made an error. I put on two coats and it seemed right but really should have done only one as the final clear coat adds to the final look more than I expected. The first ones I did are in the door jam so no one sees them. A small one I did later and did only 1 coat of the color layer came out much better, I think I did 2 layers of clear on it

CASEMAN | 24 novembre 2018

@ftm3 - Thanks for the info and the insight. I will order today.

gmr6415 | 24 novembre 2018

@CASEMAN, Touch up direct will guarantee a match. I have that in writing.

walnotr | 24 novembre 2018

What is their process for the touch up? Do they (Touch up Direct) have a video how to for their product?

gmr6415 | 24 novembre 2018

@walnotr, unfortunately they don't have a video, but they do have very good written instructions and they provide test cards.

There are several videos on youtube that address using multi-coat type touch up paints.

CASEMAN | 24 novembre 2018

I just ordered the paint kit from Touch Up Direct (through Amazon). I will update this post after I receive it and touch up the rock chips. Thanks for the responses.

@gmr6415 - Thank you for the reassurance on the color.

cblackride | 26 novembre 2018

I have had both good and bad experiences with Touch up Direct. Touch up paint from them for my 2008 Triumph Tiger is not even close. No response whatsoever from customer service.

gmr6415 | 26 novembre 2018

@caseman, Here is my conversation with Touchupdirect:

I have a 2018 pearl white Tesla Model 3. The paint code is PPSW. I noticed you have a PPSW repair kit but you don't list any 2018 Teslas in your list. Is your PPSW kit compatible with a 2018 multi cote, Pearl White Model 3?

Touch up direct:

Manufacturers will reuse colors, the only identifier that is consistent is the color code. The color should match, we send out test cards with all of our orders so you can test the color and clear coat before hand. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Thank you Sam,
I’m assuming that if I purchase it, and it doesn’t match I’m stuck with it, or do you accept returns for a lack of match? The 2018 color code on the door jam tag is PPSW, so I’m assuming it would match.

Thank you,

Touch up direct:
Good Afternoon Glenn,

You are welcome to a refund however if there is a color match issue we will definitely work with you until we find a match. Remember we send out test cards as well so you may test the color and clear coat before hand.


CΔM | 15 janvier 2019

Any updates? Hoping you guys have more info on the paint repair kits you used. I have two new ones I’d like to fix as well.

hmuesse | 26 janvier 2019

Day 57 of ownership, only 683 miles... In spite of careful parking at the local Lowe's, someone hit the front air dam (under the bumper) with one of those carts for heavy items and left a gouge and a bunch of blue-colored streaks. I was able to get the blue streaks off but there are a couple of places where the paint is gone and the black plastic is showing. So I will be following this thread to see what the consensus is for PPSW chip repair... Thanks!

nishpatwa007 | 22 mars 2019

I had this fender bender

Will touchuppaintdirect fix it?

I ordered the perfection kit for Tesla model 3 PPSW code

moosavi5 | 8 mai 2019

For those who tried Touch up direct PPSW paint. How many coats of base, mid, and clear did you need to make the perfect match?

Иг | 8 mai 2019

What's wrong with the touch up paint from Tesla store? Wrong color code? Then why it's listed in Model 3 section?

httran26 | 8 mai 2019

Tesla uses Dr. Colorchip for their touchup system. Dr colorchip can't match the white color. They will only send you the base coat. It's whiter than the top coat and it's a flat white. No metallic flakes. It doesn't match but sure beats the black coating underneath.

gmr6415 | 9 mai 2019

@moosavi5, I used 3 coats of base, 2 coats of mid and 2 coats of clear. The issue is with multiple coats it tends to build up an area thicker than original paint. It needs to be allowed to dry at least a day or two between coats and carefully wet sanded with very fine (4000) grit sandpaper between coats minimizing the area you sand as best as possible, or you end up with a raised area. There was also issues with ending up with a very small air bubble where the original chip was. I had to use a straight pin to purge the air bubbles while the paint was still wet.

I repaired 3 chips on my hood and one right next to the roof glass on the passenger side. I can still see them because I know where they are, but to the average person walking by they wouldn't notice unless the sun hit it just right. It's not perfect, but much better than the chips that were down to bare metal. The other alternative was getting the whole hood repainted because of 3 small chips and then hoping it matched.

It's tricky, but once done it's as close to an exact match as you're going to get. Because of all of the sanding I also used polishing compound on the areas after it was fully dry, which brought the shine back to original. At first I thought I had really screwed up even attempting it, but in the end after polishing compound and a few coats of wax I'm happy with it. This isn't something you are going to do in a day and get it right or you are a lot better at it than I am. I spent about a week on it. One coat at a time.

@Иг, the last time I looked Tesla isn't selling a PPSW (pearl white) paint kit. Under touchup direct it's listed under a 2017 Model S.

Jefcsympatico | 20 mai 2019

Has anyone outside of Frank used touchupdirect with the shasta white pearl?
I just ordered the M3 in pearl white but thinking about changing the colour as Tesla doesn't offer a touch up paint to match.

s.spolen | 20 août 2019

Seriously when will Tesla 2017-2019 Pearl White Multi-Coat? There is no reason a small sample could be provided since the last I checked Pearl White Multi-Coat is an upgraded paint charge. If they can’t provide a small touch up kit sample then at least offer it online in the store. This is pretty pathetic and actually petty.

ken.lunde | 20 août 2019

@s.spolen: It became available a week or two ago, but is currently out-of-stock:

jnordland | 20 août 2019

I received my Tesla Pearl White Multi-Coat touch-up paint kit yesterday. Quite the fancy packaging and the instructions seem pretty straight forward but I haven't had a chance to use it yet. I only have a couple minor nicks in the paint after 22,000 miles of driving (soft paint?? uh no) so I just got it for future use.

Tyerc | 21 août 2019

I had the rear bumper facia replaced by the SC (pearl white matches very well ).

texM3AWD | 21 août 2019

ordered the paint2fix kit from amazon for multicoat PPSW tesla S which should be the correct paint code for pearl white on model 3 (small rock chip on frunk) for $36.90. should be here tomorrow and I'll report how well it works.

michael.poos | 6 novembre 2019

Hey everyone, just re-upping this thread. Got a thumbnail size scratch on my pearl white M3 rear bumper that needs fixing. The kit sold on the Tesla website is constantly sold out. Thinking of getting the TouchUpDirect one but not sure if its meant for just small nicks and chips rather than something a bit bigger. Curious how people have gotten on with their touch ups. Thanks!

sa012 | 6 novembre 2019

I would like to know as well as I have pearl white M3 too. My car is only 3 weeks old and I must of had a few rocks kick up and hit the trunk hood. I have a few chips now. I was going to wait to see if tes!a store was going to have it soon. Do the SCs have the paint chip kits?

ftm3 | 6 novembre 2019

I use the Touchup direct one in the following manner:
Clean area with alcohol mix (50%)
2 (or more if required) coats of the pure white paint
1 thin coat of the pearl
Rubbing compound to blend in
1 thin coat of clear
Rubbing compound to blend in

CASEMAN | 6 novembre 2019

I ended up returning the Touch Up Direct (never opened it) because it seemed to complicated to use on some small chips.
I ordered from Dr. Colorchip (before Tesla began selling the pearl touch-up) and was very pleased. Dr. Colorchip provides Tesla with their paint touch-up kits from what I understand. It was super simple to use and it was a great match. They disclose there is no pearl in the paint but you’d never be able to tell.

sa012 | 7 novembre 2019


Thanks for info. I was looking to go the Dr colorful route too but that disclosure scared me away. Good to know that is an option if tesla one never comes in.

michael.poos | 7 novembre 2019

Awesome, thanks everyone. I think I'll go ahead with the TouchUpDirect one and follow ftm's method. I'll let you know how it goes. Cheers.

amirosein | 14 novembre 2019

Any updates? Today I found a rock chip on my front bumper :(

sa012 | 14 novembre 2019

I just ordered the Tesla Pearl White touch up paint 2 days ago but see its already sold out. You need to sign up for the email notification and then act fast.

amirosein | 14 novembre 2019

I'd signed up for email notification but never received an email. Now after your comment I looked it up and noticed that it's in stock. Ordered it right away. I hope I can get a decent result, although I know it won't be as before.

sa012 | 14 novembre 2019

Excellent! Glad you got it. Usually when that goes out of stock it goes for months. I am in the same boat as you. I took a few small rock chips to my hood, after taking delivery just 3 weeks ago.. Hope it looks halfway decent.

amirosein | 15 novembre 2019

Thank you! It's really annoying to see the first chips, but they're pretty much expected and inevitable. Please keep me posted on your results. I'll receive the kit in a couple of days.

sa012 | 15 novembre 2019

Will do! Keep me posted too.