Telsa App Bug? | Climate Control running after leaving vehicle

Telsa App Bug? | Climate Control running after leaving vehicle

I've experienced and replicated an issue related to the Tesla App and Climate Control that I wanted to share with my fellow Tesla owners (I emailed Tesla Support about it first).

Short summary of Issue: Climate control engages again after leaving and locking vehicle if I open the Tesla App again on my phone.

More detailed summary: It's cold out and I utilize the Tesla app function of remotely enabling Climate Control and setting my preferred temperature. When I get to my vehicle, my phone is my key, the door opens as usual (with phone in pocket), I start my drive as usual, get to destination, exit vehicle and walk away. Car locks automatically as usual (mirrors fold in and car honks briefly to confirm). Later, when using my phone, if I open my Tesla app again, I notice the Climate Control is still enabled and I have confirmed that it (at least in that moment) is enabled again in the car. First time this happened, I didn't notice it was still enabled and car sat overnight with Climate Control running (using up about 30-40 miles of range in 12 hours). Next time it happened, I happened to notice it and had to "Turn Off" climate control in the app even after "parking and locking" the vehicle. I wonder if anyone has experienced this and if it might explain some overnight range loss for those that don't realize that Climate Control continues to run in their car.

To replicate this behavior:

Step 1: Remotely use the Tesla app's "Climate" control feature and Turn-On climate control for the car (setting the desired temperature).

Step 2: Drive the car as usual.

Step 3: Depart and walk away from car. (Car auto-locks as usual)

Step 4: Open Tesla app again. You will notice that Climate Control is STILL enabled and Turns-On climate control remotely in the vehicle again. Requires you to Turn-Off on the app.

This behavior caused my climate control to run overnight while car was parked (and unplugged from a charger) causing vehicle to lose 30-40 miles of range in about 12 hours.

In my opinion, the expected behavior would be:

1. Remotely use app to Turn-On climate control.
2. Enter and drive vehicle (climate control option in app should now switch to OFF/disable)
3. Exit vehicle and walk away to lock.
4. If you open app again later, climate control is defaulted to OFF requiring you to turn back on IF desired.

I'm using the Tesla App on an iPhone 6s Plus running iOS 12.1 and latest version of Tesla App.

Any thoughts? Perhaps I'm mistaken and the way it works is "obvious" (that you have to remember to turn off climate control on your app even after your drive is complete)?

Thank you.

Bighorn | 23 novembre 2018

It shouldn’t happen, but there is probably a 4 hour limit.

BrooklynTesla | 23 novembre 2018

@Bighorn Thank you. I'm wondering about that 4 hour limit. If true, that would at least minimize the unintentional energy expenditure. But I did notice that when I entered the vehicle the next day (12 hours later) it was "warm" inside so it must have been running over the entire evening (car was parked outside).

markdavidmorris | 18 mars 2019

Same issue here on my model 3 standard plus 2019.5.15 firmware. Shouldn’t climate control auto-disable on leaving the car (unless in dog mode)?

82bert | 18 mars 2019

I’ve noticed this issue when I have sentry mode on. Will continue to monitor.

zanas2zanas | 24 mai 2019

I just experiences the same thing, Are there any updates from Tesla about it?

lmorda2 | 28 mai 2019

I have also seen unpredictable behavior with auto climate control. Thanks for posting this. Mine was turned Off and I never turned it on in the app, but for some reason when I returned to my car which was supercharing the climate was on full blast. Not an issue obviously since I was supercharging for awhile, but that is still a waste of energy. I tend to check the climate setting in the app every now and again just to make sure it's what it should be..

efuseakay | 28 mai 2019

Happened to me a few times with 16.2. Annoying.

raxshop | 2 septembre 2019

I got not new tesla model 3 two days back. I also noticed the climate control is on all the time, even I car is parked and locked. I park outside in open parking lot. It is consuming about 10% of charge overnight. Today I manually switched off the climate control from car console. I have latest update of version 2019.28.3.1.
My expect behavior - I get in car it should start automatic and when car is locked it should switch off and not engage. If any necessity comes up the phone app should alert.

Another issue I am observing today with phone app, on my iPhone with latest iOS. It is not able to connect to my car since evening 6:18pm, for last 4:30 hours, almost.

raxshop | 2 septembre 2019

Correction - I got my new Tesla Model 3 three days back, evening of August 30, 2019.