My model 3 is a lemon

My model 3 is a lemon

I took delivery of my Model 3 on Nov 12. I drove it home. The next morning it wouldn't start and it had to be towed to the Tesla dealer. They worked on it for 10 days and told me that the control module had to be replaced. I picked it up on Nov 23. The next day (today) I drove it and after 3 km it stopped working! I had to have it towed again. So I spent $83,000 on a new car and basically drove it from Tesla to my home twice. Tesla obviously doesn't know what's wrong with it. I want a new car!

Bighorn | 24 novembre 2018

Lemon law wouldn’t apply in most states based on your description. And it’s a $35k car with some options.

brabin | 24 novembre 2018

35Kmodel (small battery rear wheel drive no premium package) not available until next year. Dual motor long range battery with premium upgrade plus tax in Canada = $83,000 cdn

Mike UpNorth_ | 24 novembre 2018

Damn that sucks. I agree, you should get a new car.

Bighorn | 24 novembre 2018

Oh, Monopoly money. What service center are you using? Calgary was quite good for me on a trip. Not familiar with Canadian lemon laws, but you’ll trigger a lot of people with either the word “lemon” or stating a price as though we don’t know how much a Tesla costs. Your request is premature IMO.

brabin | 24 novembre 2018

You posted 35K as the price so it was obvious some clarification was in order

Bighorn | 24 novembre 2018

And I appreciate that—the first strike lay in the OP, unprovoked.

Xerogas | 24 novembre 2018

New cars for everyone!

lbowroom | 24 novembre 2018

It was a joke. He was referring to the fact that the base price of all our cars is $35,000 plus options. It's on the sticker like that. At least in the US.

RES IPSA | 24 novembre 2018

I hope Tesla permanently fixes your car or gives you a new one. I am sure they will stand behind their product.

You talking about how they sold you a car in a non-working condition and leaving you high and dry (If Tesla were to do that) on your local news would not be good for Tesla.

marym23 | 24 novembre 2018

I was just in Tesla Portland and there was a guy that just got a new Model X because his was a lemon. Here in Oregon we have a lemon law. They tried everything to fix it for 22 months but finally threw in the towel and he was picking up his new replacement. He still was super excited about the car so he didn’t “sour” him off his Tesla. But the point is, they stood behind the vehicle and finally replaced it.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 24 novembre 2018

brabin: Aren't you glad your lemon isn't a BMW?

casun | 25 novembre 2018

ask and you shall receive. the forum grants you a new car.

(but seriously, i hope they remedy the situation soon)

achan | 27 juillet 2019

Got my first model 3 in March 2019. Someone backed into it a month later and totalled it. Long story short, I just drove 3.5 hrs one way to Charlotte yesterday to pick my new Model 3 up. Woke up this am with several alerts and my vehicle unable to start. Your post is terrifying to me. Part of me wants to just return it under the 7 day policy and try again, but after this 3 month ordeal that just seems exhausting.

vmulla | 27 juillet 2019

Your choices are clear - return and get a new one, or work with the service center to resolve the issues.

The OP's situation was different - he did not have the option to return the car. AND he did not return to the forum to share what really happened. Maybe he did get a new car.

Since this thread is now active, please do us a favor an let us know what happened - preferably in another thread. The sooner you create your own thread, the sooner this one will fade into the background.

achan | 27 juillet 2019

Would love to start a new thread but do not have the privileges for that. Only allowed to comment. Maybe after owning 3 model 3s I'll be able to create threads? Sorry for hijacking. Vehicle is at the service center now. I'll keep everyone posted.

edhchoe | 27 juillet 2019

Returning is almost as cumbersome it sounds like.
I wish you good luck on the repair!

vmulla | 27 juillet 2019

Service Center and Delivery Center are different for you? For many folks, if they can take it to a service center, they can return and pick up a new vehicle too.

Why bother with service if everything on your end is straight, and you can return the vehicle for a new one? - especially since the problem occurred within 24hrs of pickup. What am I missing here?

achan | 28 juillet 2019

@vmulla I assume I will be waiting another 2 weeks at least for a new vehicle during which time I will be car-less. I also assume I will be having to apply for a new loan (my 3rd 50k auto loan in 4 months). No guarantee that my interest rate will be as good as my current one. I also assume much more paperwork, maybe my first born child? I live very far from the delivery/service center so getting there during business hours is quite the hassle for me. It is 3.5 hours from my job.

I have been 2 months without my Tesla already from the above mentioned total loss vehicle. Body shop wanted 26k for a 3 inch dent above the wheel well and insurance refused to pay. Had to go to arbitration and all sorts of fun stuff. All from someone else backing into my car, and I had footage of it. Been one of the most exhausting experiences of my life. Spent an hour or 2 every day either researching what to do or being on the phone with either the other person's insurance, my insurance, rental car company, Tesla or body shop.

I was encouraged by HQ to drop it off for service and was encouraged by the delivery guys to consider returning depending on what the service center says. I have until Friday to make this decision so I'm kind of waiting it out. I would also consider it to be the opposite of green to own 3 Teslas in 4 months. So my conscience and my exhaustion is telling me to hear the service center out.

Tyerc | 28 juillet 2019

@achan..jezzz. Luckily I haven't had those problems, my car is just over a month old.

calvin940 | 28 juillet 2019


"Luckily I haven't had those problems, my car "

The vast majority have not.

GrumpyinAZ | 28 juillet 2019

Umm... Is there a lemon law in Canada?

tri_t_to | 28 juillet 2019

You might want to ask the local service office to check to see if it's a loose ground stud. It seems to be a common issue for certain batch of Model 3's.

AWDTesla | 29 juillet 2019

@GrumpyinAZ, not federally, some provinces have their own set of rules.

We have this; Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan (CAMVAP).

vmulla | 29 juillet 2019

Flagging AWDTesla. I'm not tolerant to foul language any more. Not even in abbreviations/variations.

AWDTesla | 29 juillet 2019


achan | 29 juillet 2019

Well service center has no idea what caused it, but a fuse blew and the drive unit has to be replaced along with the 12v battery. Going to take longer than 2 weeks to repair. Financing said that they can just change the VIN on my loan paperwork because they haven't filed it yet. Vehicle just has to be delivered within 30 days of when I applied for the loan. Unclear about the return process past this point though. Hopefully my delivery guy will reach out tomorrow.
As long as I will not be out any extra money, I will probably just replace it. I'm just too nervous about the fact that they have no clue what caused the fuse to blow. Concerned about it being an underlying issue with the car.

Plus I just want to be back driving a model 3 again. It really is fun to drive.

george.elmasry | 27 novembre 2019

I have one of the earliest model 3. I was one of these people in mall lines. My model 3 got out of the 50,000 mile warantee and i started getting serious issues with it. It is in the service center and there are no parts available. The bill is close to $1200 but the parts are not there. This month, I paid $700 for car installment and $1200 for service but I can't use the car. Something is wrong. Model 3 has cheap parts. Having the break clip fall off and the clip housing broke means they are using cheap parts. Having to replace a control arm in the front means they are using cheap material. I never seen this happen with other expensive cars I owned such as Lexus and Acura.

Magic 8 Ball | 27 novembre 2019

Another necro.

Magic 8 Ball | 27 novembre 2019

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jimglas | 27 novembre 2019

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rxlawdude | 27 novembre 2019

I have one of the first M3s (VIN 138x, built Dec 2017), 46,000 miles and it drives better than it did day one.

And the OTA updates have added tons of features.

Indeed, "Something is wrong" with the fishy post. TEA score 95%.

EAPme | 27 novembre 2019

Holy necropost Batman!

Car installment control arm break clip housings, I know right?
Everybody should have a spare one, to go along with a tire plug kit.

Good grief.