Summon Feature doesn't look at curbs :(

Summon Feature doesn't look at curbs :(

Over the long weekend, I was demonstrating the Summon feature to reverse the car...the car reversed until the rims of the rear tire ran into the curb. The car was parked at a slight angle close to the curb. There's scratches on the rim. Has anyone ever gone back to Tesla for rim repairs? Or any other ideas? Is it a good idea to cover them, perhaps?

RES IPSA | 26 novembre 2018

It is a good idea not to use Summon. Not ready for prime time, in my opinion. And Tesla is not responsible for damage to your rims or any other damage caused by Summon. If Tesla won't even stand behind the feature, you probably should not use it unless you want to pay for the damages it causes

andy.connor.e | 26 novembre 2018

Stuff like this that makes me less willing to buy into the autonomous features. I'll accept if my idiot self didnt look in my mirror to see the curb im about to run over. But if my car does it by itself, i would immediately regret ever being lazy enough to let my car damage itself on my lazy behalf.

El Mirio | 26 novembre 2018

@andy.connor.e; agreed! it does taunt folks to probe capabilities and get said when it fails.

azdonna | 26 novembre 2018

You can get a touch up paint on Amazon. After filing or sanding the rim, repaint it. Looks pretty good. Here's the paint most use:

jimglas | 26 novembre 2018

I filed the rough edges and used the color above and unless you get close it looks undamaged

rsingh05 | 26 novembre 2018

Good to know. No curb rash yet but will keep the above in mind for when I do.

brisket1 | 26 novembre 2018

Thanks! I got the 19" wheels from Tesla... I don't think this color matches my rims. But I'll search for a similar color.

brisket1 | 26 novembre 2018

Thanks! I got the 19" wheels from Tesla... I don't think this color matches my rims. But I'll search for a similar there a matching color for 19" wheels that's being shared? I couldn't find one in these forums.

jdcollins5 | 26 novembre 2018

Why would you think that Summons would avoid curbs? Summons is meant to go straight forward or reverse for backing out of garages, carports or parking places.

Plus you are in control and can stop the car anytime.

anilsud73 | 26 novembre 2018

Better not use summon. I was playing with it the other day in my garage. I made it back out which worked fine. While moving forward it needlessly turns the wheels even though it back out straight. It then parked itself such that the garage door almost came down on the trunk. I had to physically stop the garage door inches above the trunk. Looks like its alpha not even beta.

douger1la | 26 novembre 2018

If you look at the sensors on your bumper you will notice that they are at knee height. This is the level that the Tesla detects objects, is things like curbs will not be detected. This is the case with all cars, i have a low Mercedes convertible and it constantly rubs on driveways and those parking bumpers, but the sensor system does not give you any feedback about those types of objects

kallian | 26 novembre 2018

Summon getting into a spot bad, summon getting out of a spot good.
Basically going from small space to big ok, going from big space to small not good.
Even with fully self driving, small spaces will never work well, only normal roads will.

billlake2000 | 26 novembre 2018

I was drunk the other night in a local bar. Apparently the bartender got my fob and summoned my model 3 to take me home. Musta worked, cuz I woke up the following day at home with a nasty hangover. I must say, I don't recall much about the drive home.

4barkie | 26 novembre 2018

I use summon occasionally and not had any mishaps yet. But it seems that when I do use it and my wheels are not completely straight the car straightens them out.

billlake2000 | 26 novembre 2018

If you are not completely straight, Tesla will straighten you out.

SCCRENDO | 26 novembre 2018

Amazon does not recommend that touch up paint either for Tesla Model S or Model 3. How close is the match

ndmlong | 27 novembre 2018

The service center sells touch up paint to match the wheels.

thedrisin | 27 novembre 2018

"If you look at the sensors on your bumper you will notice that they are at knee height. This is the level that the Tesla detects objects, is things like curbs will not be detected."

If the car was designed to be FSD ready, shouldn't it be able to detect low objects as well?

ILoveMyModel3 | 27 novembre 2018

Do you people not read the clearly displayed instructions when enabling these beta features? If you parked the car at an angle and then you use the Summons feature, it's going to move the car in the same direction that you left it in. Please read the instruction so you have a clear understanding of the use-case before you use it. You are to blame here not the car. By the way, when you release the summons button the car automatically stops, so you really are to blame if you watched the car hit the curb.

xilex | 27 novembre 2018

The only useful summon feature is trigger Homelink.

peldor427 | 27 novembre 2018

Summon has worked fine for me. The app only has forward and reverse but it steers to a limited extent to avoid obstacles. I have never had it try to hit anything but of course if it is close I stop pushing the forward/reverse button. It came in very handy when someone parked 8" from my driver's side door in a parking lot. I have used it many times to pull into and out of my garage but that is more for fun. I'll post a link to some videos later.

peldor427 | 27 novembre 2018

Here's pulling into and out of a pretty tight parking space in a garage. It was mostly line-up which is necessary, but it did some turning as required.

ODWms | 27 novembre 2018

I had it pull out of the garage, up to the rear of my Volvo, and turn to the right to avoid the car. Continuing, it then, gingerly, came to rest — at a steep angle by the Volvo, with the front right tire on the grass, and the other 3 wheels still on the driveway — and then unceremoniously shut down, like it had actually accomplished something. Like, “how you like me now?”

Yeah, it’s got a ways to go.

dr.hoadsg | 27 novembre 2018

I've had similar experience. Car can avoid my parked car and steer into two car garage..backing out is a different story.
Car will angel directly for the rear drivers quarter panel of the parked car and stop and giv"said i'm too close, you figure it out" :-)

ODWms | 27 novembre 2018

I thought I had footage of it. Here it is:

Vsanva | 20 mars 2019

Why is summon now turning the wheel?

I use it to move forward and backward in front of the house from time to time. I park safely away from the curb.

Luckily today I was paying attention after mowing the lawn, I backed it back in the place it previously was and lo and behold it wanted to turn the wheel ? The wheel was less than an inch away from the curb when I luckily stopped it.

Is this new? I had 0 issues before, it wanted to go tighter to the curb for some reason.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 mars 2019

It has done that a couple times on me, just got to watch it, like you did. Advance summons is suppose to let you steer the car so I just can't wait for the stories that come from not paying attention while that is being used.

M3phan | 20 mars 2019

Yeah, I’m not sure how advanced Summon will navigate parking lots when it cones to curbs. Surely that was factored into the equation. I will try it albeit very carefully and under watchful eyes.

thedrisin | 20 mars 2019

@M3phan. These are beta features. If you use them and get rim rash don't complain. Wait until the warnings are removed from the manual and Tesla is responsible. No point to advanced summons anyway. If your read the warnings, only practical in a deserted parking lot. Walk the 165', you'll get to toy cat faster.

thedrisin | 20 mars 2019

... you'll get to your car faster.

skygraff | 20 mars 2019

I had this happen at a restaurant.

Showed my parents auto park at a parallel spot about 30 feet from the door. We ate, it started raining (freezing to a sheet on the sidewalk), I decided to show them summon since the spaces between it and the door had cleared. As it started forward in the dark rain, I got a little spidey-sense moment and stopped it.

Went up to it and noted that the car had almost given itself another bout of rim rash so I ushered my folks into the car and shrugged about how it was a feature that would improve.

Don’t know if it turned the wheel during summon or stopped at an angle during the parallel parking but, either way, curb sensors need to be a part of any smart summon software because those wheels are curb magnets.

M3phan | 20 mars 2019

Oh without a doubt it’s still beta! I ain’t letting that sucker go anywhere I can’t see. (Which defeats the real purpose of advanced summon. : /) But I will be curious to see how that tech develops.

Hal Fisher | 20 mars 2019

They need to use those little wire curb feelers for detectors. They could just flip down when going slow. They also need the anti pothole sensors that pull the wheels up instead of allowing them to sink all the way into them. I saw two tesla, and another car pulled over by a huge pothole that suddenly developed in the fast lane. I was in FSD but just slightly turned to avoid it, so little so that AP stayed on.

thedrisin | 20 mars 2019

@M3phan. Advanced summon has to be used within line of sight. A big RC car.