TuneIn Premium on the Model 3

TuneIn Premium on the Model 3

I signed up for Tunein radio Premium to get some of the Staions I listened to when I had XM radio in my S. I was specially interested in CNBC and a couple of the news stations that Tunein premium offered. I placed them in my favorites in my tune in account on my computer. When u logged into my Tunein account in my M3 I could not access the tunein premium stations. I ws told the Tunein Premium was only available on certain "device's" and the M3 was not one of them.

Has anyone else had their problem? Has anyone figured out a work around?

Info | 11 janvier 2019

Does anyone have Tunein Premium?

Sunergy-NJ | 11 janvier 2019

I tried it for a few months.. Does nothing at all about taking aways the ads, which is what you're supposed to be paying for. They still run on the audio but not on the phone screen - so you still have to hear a million ads for music I and sports shows I won't be listening to. And since I don't stare at the phone screen while I'm driving I don't care if ads show up on the screen. I went back to the free service and I'm just as happy for free. For sports fans you might be interested in all the extra sports programming on the premium but I'm not. Does nothing for sound quality. I really only use it for CNN and used to use it for AM and FM radio stations, but they pulled all the ones I listened to.

kwm2a1 | 13 janvier 2019

Standard TuneIn now has the CNBC TV channel. Also the Bloomberg TV channel.

mrburke | 13 janvier 2019

I got it mainly for sports. I'm happy overall.

Info | 13 janvier 2019

Kmw2a1...Have you been able to get CNBC in your Model 3? I can get it on my iPad and computer, however, I cannot get it in my 3. If I search in TuneIn in my 3 it does not come up. Also does not show up when I browse.

janbromberg | 11 mars 2019

Any better news on using Tunein premium - I’m tired of the endless interruptions for news from Nashville, or sports events I’m not interested in. I was hoping the premium version would fix that problem but it sounds like it does not. Anyone have any positive feedback on using premium Tunein with the M3?

jithesh | 11 mars 2019

I think fixing TuneIn would be their least priority considering the number of people using it.

I use it myself, but happy with current version.

swisspass | 15 mars 2019

I just went to a TuneIn Premium account and still hear commercials on MSNBC Unfortunatly no one (either Tesla or TuneIn) have an answer to this. I do not understand, because there are times when TuneIn is doing a promotion and the commercials on MSNBC are cut out and replaced with excerpts from different MSNBC shows. If that can be done then why can’t it be done on the Premium account? I would appreciate any comments on this.

jmmcfarla | 15 mars 2019

If it doesn't work through the M3, a workaround would be listening through your phone (if you really want CNBC)

swisspass | 15 mars 2019


swisspass | 15 mars 2019


steve | 31 mars 2019

How do I get tunein premium in my Model 3? I’m interested in getting sports that I don’t get on the tunein basic.

trevorrichards4 | 31 mars 2019

You can listen to CNBC via their app just need to sign in with your cable provider credentials

calpilot7 | 31 mars 2019 thanks