Dedham Mass Dealership problems

Dedham Mass Dealership problems

We picked up our car on the 31st of December. Even though we had a pick up appointment, it took 4 hours in the waiting room before we received. Here are the negatives:

There was no parking at the lot. We were told to drop one person off and circle until the car was picked up.

We were told if we switch our insurance with the liberty mutual reps who set up in the showroom, we would be out in 20 min, as that was the hold up. I have never had anything like this buying a new car. We went through the application and switch our car insurance to get our car.

Talk about bait and switch. This did not help us even a little. We were there 3 hours AFTER we signed up. During this time, nobody could give us any update.

The waiting room was like a canceled flight at the airport. Lots of chaos, different stories, and lots of frustratingly waiting. No food or water, people eating chicken wings from the Hooters next door. It was unlike anything I have ever seen.

We saw multiple customers walk off the street, and buy a car and then drive off. None had appointments. I guess since we were an "old sale" there was not as much priority.

Once we received the car it only had 30% batt and we had an hour + ride home. We were told to stop at a super charger. How hard would it be to give these with enough charge to get home? What a stressful feeling the first time driving an electric car.

Once home, we noticed a small dent in the car. We tried to get a real person, but kept being given a run around: Manager left company, he is out today, just bring to body shop.

Nobody called back, no answers to emails to multiple people.

When we went to submit state rebates, we realized they never gave us any paper work. We signed plenty, but we were not given a title or anything except a printout explaining the rebate steps.

Today is 2 weeks from trying to get our new car new and remove the dent. Nobody returns emails or calls.

Great car- horrible buying experience. I would expect more from carmax. Does Tesla even care after you sign and give money?

jordanrichard | 14 janvier 2019

Color me suspicious. I have never heard of Tesla allowing a third party set up shop on their property. Insurance is not an issue that would save time or hold things up. Tesla cares left, nor does a traditional dealership care who your insurance is through. You just need to show proof of having insurance and that is a state law, not Tesla's.

If the place was so busy with deliveries, they wouldn't have the time to do an impromptu test drive. Tesla makes their money once you take delivery. You know for absolute fact, meaning one of these "off the street" people told you that they didn't have an appointment, and then drove off with a car?
Tesla would not delay that to give someone a test drive. "A bird in the hand is better than two in a bush".

So the MA rebate is obviously important to you yet you left without making sure you had everything to apply for the rebate.......

Also Tesla doesn't have "dealerships".

spcusick | 14 janvier 2019

They were claiming the delay was with validating insurance, so they had another company there signing people up. They promised 20 min if we switched there. It then took another 4 hours.

The staff admitted that some people that purchased on the spot had their car before us. It was not me just wishing this to be true. We saw and were even told.

What do you call the main Tesla pick up in your state?

Color you suspicious.

SO | 14 janvier 2019


They don’t have “dealerships”.

reed_lewis | 14 janvier 2019

The Dedham store was quite overloaded in the past month. They have no parking, and you have to park next door (after the store) because it is a VERY small lot.

In my mind that is no excuse, but I saw it myself since my car is there for service (been almost four weeks).

jordanrichard | 14 janvier 2019

Well since you asked. I am in CT and they don’t have “dealerships”/stores. They have a service center and that is where I picked my car up.

spcusick | 23 janvier 2019

Received a call today, Jan 23 informing us of a schedule to bring it in. Feb 18th! Apparently the guy that does detail is there once a week only. I want to love them, they are making it real hard....I do love the car, just not this experience. I mean it took call after call after email to get a person to return a solution. 20 days to respond!

kcheng | 23 janvier 2019

They're going to detail the dent out? | 24 janvier 2019

Not an ideal situation, but note that it happened on the December 31st. The last day anyone could get the $7500 rebate. Tesla was trying to accommodate as many people as possible, including last minute buyers for inventory cars. Best not to schedule picking up a car at the very last minute of any year. I suspect ICE dealers with various promotions were also slammed, trying to get the most revenue for the year.

Uncle Paul | 25 janvier 2019

I totally understand your issue. I had much the same experience. I wanted to go to Times Square on the same day...December 31st.

I wanted to see the famous Ball Drop, and this is the only day they were doing it for some reason.

Parking was horrible and non existent. Police were everywhere, putting people (us included) into pens where we had no bathrooms available. No food service, nothing to drink except what we brought along. Bus Taxi and other transportation services all had long lines. Even Uber was charging outrageous fees and had long waits as well.

Did not want to be flippant, but you were there on the worst possible day if you wanted personalized service. Everybody was trying to jam as many deliveries into the final Tax Credit day.

I took a friend to the Costa Mesa (SoCal) delivery center, also on December 31st. They were delivering a new car about every 8 minutes. We got in and out within about an hour. Had a good chance to look over the car and a quick explaination of the controls and charging systems.

They had a valet service set up in the driveway so people dropping off customers could also come inside and check out the program. They had coffee, water and some snacks. Someone was working to constantly restock the little fridge. cups and napkins.

Some of our paperwork was screwed up as she had gotten insurance under one name, but the car was titled in another. Tesla said just take the car and they would attend to the paperwork with a special after delivery program that crosses all the Ts and dots all the Is. They did this adjustment 3 days after she got the car.

Of course people were nervous and lots of issues needed to be addressed, but overall the cars kept going out the doors with smiling new owners.

Staff was cheerful and professional, but you could tell they were under tremendous pressure to get all these delivered before the deadline.

As we drove out we saw a line of over a 100 brand new Tesla that the lot jockeys were shuttleing in, one at a time, as a showroom slot opened up. Huge logistics undertaking.