Carmiq Connected Car service for Tesla Owners

Carmiq Connected Car service for Tesla Owners

Hey guys!

Not sure if you’ve heard of Tesloop, the SoCal Tesla only mobility service or not, but we have a new connected car service called, “Carmiq” that provides a lot of great perks like free LAX parking, cloud saved data storage, battery degradation information, and offers monthly credits toward peer-to-peer Tesla rentals, tire services, etc.

It’s FREE to sign up for the first 2 years and $9.95/month thereafter.

Please visit: to learn more about the service if you’re interested and tell ‘em Darrell sent you. :)

Hope to see you connected!

Darrell Diaz

darrelldiaz | 24 janvier 2019


eventecausa | 25 janvier 2019

Thanks for sharing this information. the whole dream is tesla. everyone dream toy. keep sharing with us.