preowned Model X HELP!

preowned Model X HELP!


I am new to tesla and this forum. I am looking at a preowned X and have been told by the used car dealer that it is in valet mode and all systems cant be checked? that once I purchase it and get setup with tesla I get a code that will allow all functions. this seem weird, how am i to check everything out? how do I get this setup? and can it be done before I give them the funds?

my sound like dumb questions but I am new to this.

any input would be helpful!


rjrc | 28 janvier 2019

Not sure how this works. But I would not fork over a penny without all systems go. Final answer!

jimglas | 28 janvier 2019

Have tesla unlock the car before you buy it. Can be done remotely by them.

Redmiata98 | 28 janvier 2019

Need more info to help you. Is this a “used car dealer” or is it from Tesla’s car sales? If the former, be careful with the purchase. Most “used car dealers” lack the familiarity with Teslas to provide accurate info on the vehicle. If it is from Tesla, they can very easily enter the deactivation code for your test ride, it is only a password. If it is a nonTESLA seller, I would also get the VIN and check it against salvaged and retitled vehicles, your insurance company can probably help you with that. (There were a lot of flooded vehicles totaled by insurance companies and disreputable folks not sharing that info with potential buyers!)

Vawlkus | 28 janvier 2019

There is a Valet mode on all Tesla cars, but this is sounding really sketchy to me.
Grab the VIN and ask Tesla about it. I’ve got a nasty hunch you might be looking at a salvaged and ‘repaired’ vehicle.

bleydet | 28 janvier 2019

Thanks, I have the car fax on it and appears to be ok. i assume it would list it as salvage or flooded?

it is not a tesla dealer it is a used car dealer.

lilbean | 28 janvier 2019

I would never buy a Tesla from a used car dealer.

burdogg | 28 janvier 2019

Do not fork any money over until the car dealership gets it out of valet mode. That is stupid what they are saying. If they own the car (which they should :) then they are the owner and can contact Tesla themselves to get any problems resolved. It is pure laziness or worse sketchy salesmanship...because someone (not Tesla) would have had to put it into Valet mode.

raffidesigns | 28 janvier 2019

I agree with everyone here. If it is not on Tesla’s Used link on their website. DO NOT BUY. Standard dealerships do not know what they are doing. They don’t have chargers. 90% of the time the car sits without charge for days, weeks.

I know that dealerships would price theirs differently, but I strongly suggest to visiting Tesla’s website and click on the used inventory.

Redmiata98 | 28 janvier 2019

Don’t assume anything. You are going to get it insured and you have the VIN, ask your insurance agent to run a check on it. They usually will be happy to provide this service to their customers.

ZGFerris | 28 janvier 2019

I don’t see what the problem is, after all used car dealing is widely regarded as one of the most respectable and honest professions in the country, second only to that of being a career politician.

lilbean | 28 janvier 2019


bleydet | 29 janvier 2019

Great info, I have decided to walk away from this one.. Back to the hunt! thanks for all the input and the laugh!