Tesla doesn't have the supporting system matching its growth

Tesla doesn't have the supporting system matching its growth

They should, they should have known beforehand, they believed its true. Fix it first.

Earl and Nagin ... | 28 janvier 2019

@El Mirio,

The title of your post is pretty obvious. The post demonstrates your ignorance or sense of self-entitlement.

Tesla is starting up. They have limited capital to spend. They must, and have, carefully balanced their spending to use their money wisely and efficiently. Clearly, it won't be 100% smooth in all aspects.

Tesla is producing hundreds of thousands of the most awesome automobiles ever built. I think that's a pretty good first step instead of blowing everything on getting everything lined up first.

When you have started a company as challenging, competing head-on against and over-turning entrenched competitors with a century long head start, $billions, and legal protection, I'll take your useless criticism, without proposed solution, seriously.

Go Tesla!

Yodrak. | 28 janvier 2019

"Tesla doesn't have the supporting system matching its growth"

I agree. Once known for excellent support, many people feel it's gone downhill at least at certain sales centers and service centers, and in some on-line activities.

Tesla is having to make some difficult decisions in order to continue growing without continuing to lose money in the process.

Darthamerica | 28 janvier 2019

The OP is absolutely correct. This is a major issue that needs urgent attention. I think this is an especially difficult problem when you’re struggling to show quarterly profits. You can have the best product in the world but if the support and maintenance infrastructure are bad that will ultimately doom the brand.

SO | 28 janvier 2019

I don’t know why people think Tesla could have staffed up and built out with all the necessary service centers BEFORE they sold the vehicles. They needed the cash flow. The only other option would have been to raise more capital again which probably would have hammered the stock.

I suspect it will take another year for Tesla to build out the infrastructure needed. And I think they will. Look at how many times over the last 15 years people kept claiming Tesla is dooooooomed if they don’t do “X”. Tesla pulls through albeit a bit slower than their initial estimates. | 28 janvier 2019

@Yodrak - Thanks for not declaring issues everywhere. I continue to get great service (Sunnyvale) and just a few weeks ago, got an appointment online less than a week out for the intrusion module installation.The last two service visits I've also gotten Tesla loaners, where it used to be rare to get one. So all I've seen are improvements in the last year. That's in a state (CA) where I expect 1,000+ Model 3s are being delivered every week for months now.

I also notice no more forum complaints on the phone lines, which use to be a major beef a few months ago. So they seem to be staffing that area up as well.

With hundreds of sales and service locations, there are going to be rough spots on occasion. It looks like Tesla is still doing a far better job overall than just about any dealer. So I'm not giving Tesla a pass for being a startup - they are already better than most alternatives in most areas.

Darthamerica | 28 janvier 2019

@SO a year? Try at least 3 years. They could have scaled the service level with the number of cars sold. They tried but I think they underestimated the magnitude of the task. Automation was supposed to greatly simplify production and that didn’t happen. Where did they get the additional headcount and where did it go? It went by the thousands to Model 3 production. Now they have to play catch-up because the bad reviews will be frequent and loud this year as Model 3 owners start encountering issues requiring service.

SO | 28 janvier 2019

@Darth - We shall see. You may be right for some locations. So far, my service hasn’t been negatively affected. | 28 janvier 2019

@Darth - So far Tesla seem to be well ahead of the curve from the start. Just because a couple of people had problems, doesn't mean Tesla has a problem for everyone. It appears most owners have service as good if not significantly better than ICE dealers. I've seen service expanding from one to now 6 service centers within 30 miles of my home. More than most other vehicle makes. Mobile service, which has been dramatically expanding works great too - who else offers that? Cool that Mobile service is now using a customized Model S for the techs to ride.

Tesla-David | 28 janvier 2019

While there may be problems elsewhere, my 6+ year experience here in Seattle has been positively excellent. I had 3 mobile service visits last year to fix my MS, all outstanding, and 2 Seattle SC visits, again outstanding. I personally have NOT witnessed a reduction in the quality of service.

Darthamerica | 28 janvier 2019

I'm not saying Tesla is bad. I think any firm trying to sell autos would suffer like this over a decade or two before this go BAU. Tesla is clearly in the middle of it. This is why almost no new auto firms survive. I can tell you that they REALLY have a long way to go with regard to service and support. With persistence and a little luck Tesla will make it. But they are far behind in manufacturing quality, service availability and customer support. I can't stress how much as an American it makes me proud to be their customer. I desperately want to see them succeed.

Darthamerica | 28 janvier 2019

Serious question not AGW related for Tesla-David. I've got to drive up that way next week from SoCal...What are the overnight temps like from a Vampire loss perspective?

Tesla-David | 28 janvier 2019

We are getting temps down to low 30’s right now in Seattle/Edmonds, and my vampire losses are around 4-5 miles/day for our MS85D.

Darthamerica | 28 janvier 2019

Not so bad... Thx

tstolz | 28 janvier 2019

Rapid growth is hard. Personally, I think Tesla is doing quite well as evidenced by their success. Name any other auto company that has done what they have in this timeframe in the past 100 years.