Powerwall 2 in Backup Configuration not Charging

Powerwall 2 in Backup Configuration not Charging

Has anyone here had an issue with Powerwall 2 not charging? I had my PW installed two weeks ago for backup-only purposes and after some initial wiring mixup with the Neurio, everything seemed fine. The Powerwall charge level after installation showed 87% and stayed at that level for about a day when i decided to trip the main breaker to test the backup function. Backup mode worked fine and after a couple of hours, the battery charge went down to about 76% so I reset the breakers... The next day, the charge had dropped to 74%, then to 73%... I called Tesla support twice and they twice told me that someone from their escalation team will call me back. But nothing happened. I restarted PW and the gateway but that did not help. Its now at 65% and falling... Anyone here who had a similar issue?

misc | 30 janvier 2019

Never mind - case resolved. Tesla got back to me today and it seems there was a configuration issue (Powerwall configured as part of a solar system so it was in standby mode waiting for solar power)... Charging now. Happy customer...

Tesla-David | 31 janvier 2019

Glad to hear it was resolved. I am also a happy PW2 owner/customer;0)

thedriver84 | 2 septembre 2019

my powerwall2 jumps from 16% to 100% then back to 16% keeps hovering at 16%

gregbrew | 2 septembre 2019

thedriver84, Sounds like a good reason to *call* customer support. Don't select "other issues", or you'll be in hold purgatory.

chankkenneth | 11 avril 2020

I installed the Powerwall 2 three days ago. it keeps hovering at 13% to 16%. Is it normal? What is I have a outagr? | 13 avril 2020

@chankkenneth - Doesn't sound normal. Call Tesla, they can often check it remotely and see what is going on and/or send a tech out to fix it.

gregbrew | 13 avril 2020

Tesla Customer Support - 888-765-2489

erneststephens21 | 14 avril 2020

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