Auto lane change hit and miss

Auto lane change hit and miss

When using auto pilot, and navigate on auto pilot sometimes the auto lane change works great other times it doesn’t want to change at all or starts aborts starts again , kinda scary ps weather was clear

Dramsey | 8 février 2019

I've noticed the auto lane change operates differently depending on whether you're using regular autopilot or "navigate on autopilot".

If you're using regular autopilot, you have to keep the turn signal on until the car is almost completely in the destination lane. If you release the turn signal lever too soon, the car will abruptly cancel the lane change and jerk back into its original lane.

However, if you're using "navigate on autopilot", all you need to do is a normal lane change signal (tap the stalk for 3 blinks) and the lane change will proceed smoothly _if you've been prompted to change lanes by the car_, i.e. "confirm lane change to follow route".

I've also had a couple of lane changes in both cases aborted when the car thought it wasn't safe. In one case there was a rapidly approaching car in the adjacent lane; in another, a car two lanes over suddenly started to move into the destination lane.

sentabo | 8 février 2019

Dramsey | February 8, 2019

If you're using regular autopilot, you have to keep the turn signal on until the car is almost completely in the destination lane. If you release the turn signal lever too soon, the car will abruptly cancel the lane change and jerk back into its original lane.

I've ascertained in my car that five ticks of the turn signal guarantees the lane change. Four sometimes works but not always, so I regularly do five.

EVRider | 9 février 2019

For Navigate on Autopilot, you don’t have to use the turn signal stalk to confirm a proposed lane change, you can pull the cruise control stalk instead, which I find more convenient.

scott | 9 février 2019

I have found Navigate on Autopilot largely useless in Phoenix. We get to use the carpool lanes here, but the line between carpool and regular lanes is a solid line, which auto lane change will not recognize as a line it can cross. Autopilot will not cross it when you use the indicator, and NoAP will never suggest moving in to or out of the carpool lane.

avesraggiana | 9 février 2019

I can count on Navigate on Autopilot to do two things:

Suggest a lane change into an adjacent lane that will actually slow me down behind another vehicle, even though the lane I’m already in is empty and clear in front of me by several hundred feet.

Execute a lane change that will certainly cause me to collide into another car merging into that same lane from the other side.

These two things just happened today, and in the second instance I of course disconnected the autopilot and took over.

It’ll be a long, long time before Autopilot or Navigate On Autopilot will ever be ready for prime time. Our driving environment is just too dynamic, with far too many “edge cases,” that no amount of computers and sensors and cameras could ever hope to match a human being who as a matter of second nature, routinely and accurately anticipates what other motorists are going to do.

Unless they’re really terrible drivers, or Asian. Like me.

inconel | 10 février 2019

I just did a 400 miles trip yesterday and NoAP on 18.50.6 was flawless for me. In previous versions it would wait until being slowed down by the slow moving vehicle in front before asking for a lane change, now it anticipates and suggests lane change ahead of time, then it asks to merge back out of the passing lane after passing the slow car. And it asks for these actions almost around the same time I would have done them, telepathic! If there are more than one moving car it tries to overtake them all before asking to move out of the passing lane.

@avesraggiana I think the problems you describe is because of not enough pro-activity from autopilot, it has been more reactive up to now but I am starting to see anticipation and I have no doubt it is a solvable problem for a powerful enough CPU. They can beat humans at complex "anticipate your opponent moves" games after all. Our brain anticipates by projecting into the future and this is something computers can do very well, they can simulate many possible future paths much faster than us.

inconel | 10 février 2019

more than one slow moving cars

amekler | 6 septembre 2019

when i'm in the passing lane on autopilot and i put the turn signal on do get out of the passing lane the car will often abruptly slow down before changing lanes
i have almost been rear ended by the car behind me
it seems to do this when going from the passing lane to the regular lane but seems fine going to the passing lane

TranzNDance | 6 septembre 2019

Yeah, I've noticed slow-downs for changing lanes in that scenario.

WmBeebe | 14 septembre 2019

Happened this morning in M3 on interstate, Turned it off & drove the next mile old school. I keep hoping next update will fix this issue along w/ jerkyness of TACC. I'm still running 2019.20.4.2 Nav data NA-170926-295.

Charsiubao | 14 septembre 2019

I posted a similar take on this related topic a few days ago on the "Auto pilot vs FSD..." when I use the auto pilot (EAP) TACC only, I only have to tap on the turn signal, left or right, (not all the way to have It locked in position) the car reacts flawlessly every time, when using NOA, I never have to initiate turn signals (I set it to automatic, no confirmation needed), I recently did a 3,000 mile plus trip and used NOA lots of times, never had a problem, the only thing I noticed was, at times, the car seems to be hugging the left of the lane, but never on or over the line even before my software version 32.1, now on 32.2 and seems to be very stable.