NEMA 6-50 Adapter?

NEMA 6-50 Adapter?

Has anyone heard when Tesla will have the gen 2 6-50 adapter in stock? Calling support was not helpful at all.

donharvey2323 | 18 février 2019

I think they discontinued them. Here are some options on ebay.

Bighorn | 18 février 2019

Sometimes sold old items are available from the brick and mortar showrooms or service centers.

Bighorn | 18 février 2019


DanFoster1 | 18 février 2019

Evse adapters .com

Joey.fernandez | 19 février 2019

Tried calling a local service center but no luck. I just ordered one on Amazon.

JPWhite | 19 février 2019

Wow I'm glad I ordered mine before the car came :-)

JPWhite | 19 février 2019

If this adapter is truly discontinued, then we can conclude that Tesla no longer wants their vehicles to be able to charge anywhere. The long awaited Model 3 CHAdeMO adapter may never make an appearance. One hopes the CCS adapter does appear.

It'll be a shame if Tesla abandon the concept of making their vehicles capable of charging anywhere there is reliable electricity.

Bighorn | 19 février 2019

They only started making them a little over a year ago, so I’d be surprised if there are any major changes. Adapters have always been difficult to keep in stock. I wouldn’t read too much into it.

djharrington | 19 février 2019

@OP, is this for charging at home? If so, a few other things to consider if you can’t source a 6-50 adapter:

1) see if the wiring supports a 14-50 already (I’m in this situation as I originally installed a 14-50, but then changed the outlet to a 6-50 ... neutral is still there so I could easily switch back)

2) pull new wire to allow a 14-50 if you’re missing a neutral (if it’s not far, and in conduit, this could be simple)

3) install a HPWC at 40A (as it should have the same wiring requirement as the 6-50)

hammer @OR-US | 19 février 2019

This adapter goes in and out of stock frequently, it will be back.