Car won't turn off until door is reopened

Car won't turn off until door is reopened

Hi All.

We have had a problem (evident over the last few weeks thou may be longer) where the car doesn't always shut down when we exit. Instead the screen stays on as do the headlights until we open the door a second time and close it a second time. I'm not sure what the problem is or if it's hardware or software, but it's really annoying

Here are some of the data points I've collected

1. Car doesn't turn off until door is reopened and closed
2. Opening the charge port does turn off the headlights and will shut the car down properly turning off the head lights and turning off the display after you close the door
3. When entering the car the screen turns on as you open the door, but turns off as soon as you close the door only coming back on after you put your foot on the break


joe.lynn.atp | 23 février 2019

Are you walking away from it? How long do you wait for it to turn off? My car does not always turn off immediately as I exit, but does as I walk away from it.

gballant4570 | 23 février 2019

Open the charge port on the screen before exiting the car. That is what I do routinely, and then plug the car in after getting out. When the charge port is opened on the screen the headlights go out, and the car status changes. That will also happen if you just get out and walk away - just takes a bit longer for the car to determine that you aren't coming back.

When I get out of the car to get my mail, the headlights etc...stay on, but if I hang around the mailbox too long it'll start shutting down. starting with turning off the headlights.

If you have your phone set up as key, it'll do all that stuff as soon as you're a few feet away from it.

EVRider | 23 février 2019

Problems like this are often caused by people not closing the door all the way, which is easy to do especially when the car is new and the door seals are stiff. If you're positive that isn't the cause here, it might be a defective door sensor, in which case you should contact service.

lilbean | 23 février 2019

This has been happening since day one and I know how to close the door.

lilbean | 23 février 2019

Thank you posting this @mudba.

Rykemapo | 24 février 2019

Mine does this too. It also reconnects to my phone's Bluetooth, so I will miss calls all day long. I have to either reopen a door or force a lock with the key fob to stop it.

mudba | 24 février 2019

I still have not gotten a 2019 update so I’m hopeful it’s fixed with that release.

EVRider | 24 février 2019

@lilbean: Has Service checked your door sensor?

lilbean | 24 février 2019

@EVRider No

2015P90DI | 24 février 2019

Mine does the same thing. Annoying as hell. Have to open and close the door again to get it shut off. Appears several people have the same issue. Clearly something with the programming. Would hope Tesla will see that it's a recurring issue with many owners and offer a fix. I haven't taken mine in yet, but this issue will be at the top of the list when I do.

And yes, the door is closing all the way. I've just learned to always look in the window after closing the door to make sure the screen went off. It's completely random. Probably happens about 25% of the time.

lilbean | 24 février 2019

Mine does it almost every time.

lbowroom | 24 février 2019

Slightly misaligned door or door switch?

LadyGrey | 25 février 2019

We have two model 3's and this happens to my husband all the time in both cars, but never for me on either car. I have a half-baked theory that it is related to the pattern of grazing/pressing (or not) the accelerator/brake pedals on the way getting out of the car. Somehow the car still thinks there is somebody still wanting to drive it.

lilbean | 25 février 2019


billlake2000 | 25 février 2019

MadamGrey, maybe you could describe your pattern of grazing/pressing?

lilbean | 25 février 2019

Today, the car locked every single time without having to close the door twice. Weird.

billlake2000 | 25 février 2019

lilbean, you grazed and pressed like a pro :)

mudba | 10 mars 2019

Update: we think we figured it out.

Opening the drivers door with foot on the break: car does not turn off (screen stays on as do headlights)

Releasing the break prior to opening the drivers door: head lights turn off as soon as you open the door and screen goes dark once all doors are closed.

Still confirming this, but wanted to share and see if others agree.

lilbean | 10 mars 2019

:o) @billlake2000

This was figured out on another thread a couple of weeks ago.

ellislives | 6 janvier 2020

This has been bothering me since I got the car a few days ago, why on earth does it work like that, is it a feature or a bug?