Yearly registration fees in CA

Yearly registration fees in CA


Does any one have received or aware of their annual Model 3 LR registration fees in CA? Wondering how much will it be since we don't pay gas tax.


ncancilla81 | 23 février 2019


lilbean | 23 février 2019


apodbdrs | 24 février 2019

Aside from the actual Registration Fee, there is a $100 fee which replaces the gas fee the state is no longer collecting.

jjt2122 | 24 février 2019


Firewired | 24 février 2019

In California is there a different inspection fee for ICE compared to EV? I was surprised Texas charges less for EV due to no required emissions test.

RP3 | 24 février 2019

$611 in San Diego 2 weeks ago.

lilbean | 24 février 2019

@RP3 Does that include the vanity plate?

AmpHog | 24 février 2019

@Firewired - In California, older ICE cars are required to undergo a biannual Smog Check. There is no annual vehicle inspection program as there is in Texas. .

jerrykham | 24 février 2019

Actually @apodbdrs is incorrect. California currently has no such extra $100 fee. They will have - it starts in 2020 and existing vehicles are exempted. So no vehicle that you own now or purchase this year has that fee. As of 2020 there will be an extra one time $100 plus an annual $25 to $175 extra depending on the value of the vehicle.

The_Flash | 24 février 2019

Depends on where in CA you live.
$626 for me here in San Jose.

rmg007 | 24 février 2019

$550 in San Diego, just paid.

charles.a.braun | 24 février 2019

Did my first renewal in November for my early VIN Model 3. $622.

RP3 | 24 février 2019

@lilbean - yes, you’re right. My $611 includes classic black vanity plates.

rxlawdude | 24 février 2019

Around $630 here in the OC.

Patilatul | 24 février 2019

Thank you all. Much appreciated for sharing the details.

lilbean | 24 février 2019

@RP3 Thanks! Mine was $618 with the plates.

Resist | 24 février 2019

Anyone else upset about California charging us this outrageous DMV fee? Like we don't pay enough taxes in this state as it is! For whatever reason Californians love to vote in more taxes, it's just insane.

RES IPSA | 24 février 2019

Does the registration we pay during 2019 specifically mention the $100 extra fee?

charles.a.braun | 24 février 2019

Didnt California send you 25 years worth of the $100 annual EV tax?

Shut yer piehole and pay your taxes like a good little citizen. It's the price you pay for being part of the 5th largest economy.

billlake2000 | 24 février 2019

I always laugh when someone says piehole

ColonyGolfer | 25 février 2019

Why doesn't CA divert the excess you pay in utility tax for charging your car to the highway dept to cover what you don't spend in taxes at the "pump"

slingshot18 | 25 février 2019

@Resist I am not upset. Life is good. Choose to be happy.

stevenmaifert | 25 février 2019

$542 San Diego.

Per CA SB1 "a new $100 annual vehicle registration fee applicable only to zero-emission vehicles model year 2020 and later, with an inflation adjustment," It's annual, not one time.

Again, per CA SB1. In addition to the regular registration fees, an annual "transportation improvement fee shall be based on the market value of the vehicle"
(4) Vehicles with a vehicle market value range between thirty-five thousand dollars ($35,000) and fifty-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine dollars ($59,999), a fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($150).
(5) Vehicles with a vehicle market value range of sixty thousand dollars ($60,000) and higher, a fee of one hundred seventy-five dollars ($175).

If you voted no on Prop 6 last November, you have no reason to complain about the additional fees. Personally, I don't have a problem paying my fair share for use of the public roadways, but by legislative language in SB1, about 30% of the additional revenue collected is earmarked for things that have nothing to do with building or maintaining the California roadways. It will be going to high speed and light rail, bike paths and vocational training in the construction trades just to name a few.

billlake2000 | 25 février 2019

I like money for bike paths. The potholes will be fixed when pigs fly.

apodbdrs | 25 février 2019

@jerrykham, is correct the $100 starts in 2020, not now. The ICE people feel it is only fair EVs pay a fee since EVs also use the roads. Anyway, interesting information in the link below:

lilbean | 25 février 2019

Not fair when you are one person with two EVs. I can't drive both at the same time.

stevenmaifert | 26 février 2019

@apodbdrs - That article is in error, "Those vehicles will have one-time $100 registration fee upfront". It's not one-time, it's annual.

posinator | 26 février 2019

$542 san diego county, got the bill yesterday, due in may

lilbean | 26 février 2019

778 for the x

lilbean | 26 février 2019

778 for the x

rsingh05 | 26 février 2019

$791 for the P3 in the Bay Area. I don't see a separate $ 100 line item.

jvcesare | 26 février 2019

$540 in North San Diego County.
BTW California lawmakers are proposing every-other-year vehicle registration

lbowroom | 26 février 2019

Well lilbean, I guess they should implement an algorithm that takes into account miles driven at a given weight, adjusting for whether you tend to drive in the asphalt or concrete lanes on the highway, what kind of rubber you're running with on your car, whether you drive on hot sunny days or when it's raining. Or maybe they can take data from a sensor mounted the front and back of your car that evaluates the road surface and how much actual damage you've done to it as you are driving. Just to be fair.

lilbean | 26 février 2019

Yes! :)

lbowroom | 26 février 2019

Thank you for having a sense of humor.

lilbean | 26 février 2019


Evie3 | 26 février 2019

$625, Orange County :/

dj-tesla | 2 mai 2019

566 model S

Fredvanngo | 2 mai 2019

$566 for 2nd year , Due now ,

Mikael13 | 2 mai 2019

Holy crap. I had no idea the registration for a Model 3 is that high in CA. Are EVs more expensive to register than ICE cars (same year, maybe like a BMW)? I seriously am clueless. I just checked my registration form. $593 Nor Cal (Sac area)

cpeppey | 2 mai 2019

in Illinois we get a discount two years for 135$

plugzin | 2 mai 2019

Remember, we have double the fun here in our single party dominated state:

1. "Expensive" car registration surcharge that runs from $25 to $175 per year. Apparently, any car worth more than $5000, is deemed expensive, and worthy of extra taxation, regardless whether gas, diesel, or electric.

2. EV surcharge of $100 per year, starting in 2020.

I have a problem with the first one, and much less a problem with the second, as it is simply in-lieu of gas tax, and is actually still favorable by comparison, for most drivers.

Of course, all these extra revenues are advertised as going for roads. In reality, they pay for everything EXCEPT roads!

plugzin | 2 mai 2019

And, yes, there has been discussion of both "congestion pricing" for certain areas, and an additional tax based on miles driven. The fun just never ends...

billlake2000 | 2 mai 2019

Roads not being fixed. The answer is clear. Pigs are simply unable to fly at this time.

-TheJohn- | 2 mai 2019

$75 for 5 years of registration here in AZ.
Yes we're backasswards in many ways but in this one shining spot we're ok.
Totally going to need to go with a yearly infrastructure tax soon with any luck though as EV's become the standard. Which they will. Please. My daughter really likes polar bears and walruses.

hpn | 2 mai 2019

Car Registration

$585 due on May 24th. 2nd year . Orange County. S.Cal
Rwd long range.

hpn | 2 mai 2019

speaking of Names....
My 2013 BMW F10 M5
Registration renewal last November was

$548. Orange County S.Cal.

innovason | 3 mai 2019

$772 in Coronado enjoy!

stevenmaifert | 3 mai 2019

@plugzin - The good news: Per SB1, that EV surcharge of $100 per year will only apply to model years 2020 and later.

The bad news: Per SB1, the amount of the registration surcharge that is based on the market value of the car will be inflation adjusted each year.

firemanjul | 5 juin 2019

Just bought a used 2015 tesla s and received registration fees for C.A.. $906.00..... So much for gas and carpool savings...